How 'Obsessive' do I need to be?

Another LD newbie with a question, and since I can’t sleep I thought I’d post it. :wink:

I was wondering, how often in the day do I need to think about LDs (or DRs in my case). I have only been doing DRs for a few days but am paranoid that it’s only been working so well because I’ve been thinking about it pretty much constantly. If I keep on doing this though I think I’ll end up making myself sick of it which I obviously don’t want, but if I stop I worry that my DRs will stop also.

I know it will cross my mind when I do RCs, but other than that does everyone just get on with their normal lives until bedtime? Or do you have to have to think about LDs slot to give your sub-contious the hint?

You, only need to think about it a little, it only matters if you don’t keep a DJ.

That’s good to know, cheers for your reply by the way mask. :smile:

Looking forward to making some progress, then I can offer some advice to other people instead of feeling so in the dark. :content:

Recently I have read a book named “The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. I recommend everyone to read it because there are many useful things to learn from that book. The author of it suggests that you should recognize the real world as dream, because people need to cultivate their minds before they understant what the real world is. So during the day all events must be dream events. For example when you drink coffee in the morning you should recognize it as a dream coffee. It is a form of LL, but a little different. Dream yoga practitioners are “obsessed” with lucid dreaming all the time. They are lucid their whole life. Especially while waking. If you would read the book you would more easily understand what I wanted to say. It requires many explanations which to write would take at least an hour of my time.

It’s ok to think about it through the day, how much is actually on you. I would consider the normal amount is as long as doesn’t interfere with your daily doings. Although it’s ok to let your mind wonder and daydream from time to time. Brain needs to rest so if you do have time, meditation is really a nice way to give your brain boost and rest.

I think that thinking about it all the time will not hurt your chances to become lucid. This is a healthy motivation which is the best way of becoming lucid. You have all you need, now just practice and patience and that’s it!

Good luck! :content:

Thanks! I think I’m starting to realize that patience definitely IS the key…practicing hasn’t got me anywhere yet. :wink:

First of all, let me say that many things are involved when it comes to LD’ing, so it’s hard to say exactly… For me (and most people, if I’m not mistaken), lucid dreaming goes up and down, as in you’ll be obssessed with it for a while, then stuff IWL might distract you (tests, job, etc) and you’ll pay less attention to it… and then you’ll come back very motivated again. I find it’s natural.

So, obssession, is good, I believe, as thinking about LD’s will keep them on your mind, your SC might pick up on it, and it will motivate you to practice and read about it. BUT if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that stress and taking it too seriously can hinder you. So I’d say don’t be more obssessed as you want to, that is, think about LD’s when you feel like it. Don’t try to think “oh, I NEED to focus more, x hours a day, or I won’t get lucid!”. Taking things lightly and enjoying your progress is the best way in my honest opinion. Plus if you obssess too much, in the sense that you’re forcing yourself in any way, not only you may not get results you’ll get even more frustrated when you don’t get them. And frustration is the worst as it’s like a vicious cycle.

Personally, as I have the ups and downs, I’ll vary. At one time I’ll think about LD’s throughout my day a lot and type out my dreams in extreme detail, while others I’ll just try to keep my DJ and trying some techs here and there.

But in case this is all you wanted to know: not thinking about LD’s 24 hours a day won’t stop you from having LD’s :wink: . Lucid dreaming is more about perseverance day after day after day than trying to force it quickly, so the trick is to go at a gentle, stable pace so you don’t burn out.

Ok, enough rambling :lol:

and welcome to Ld4all! :wave: