How often do you have a Lucid Dream?

One of the things I like about this forum is that we have such a broad spectrum of experience with LD’s. A few people have had years on-and-off experience with LD’s, and many others have begun the journey recently.

I decided it would be interesting to take a survey on how common your LD’s are.

A. Haven’t had any LD’s yet
B. Had a few in the past few months
C. About once or twice a month
D. About once a week
E. A few times a week
F. About once a night (?!)


E. for me too :smile: .

Looks like I forgot to chime in.

E for me, as well.

Don’t be shy folks! :smile:

writing this post i forgot what was assigned to each letter but at least once or twice a month.
if i may add a few words though, i am noticing a significant increase though.
first it was once every countless time period. then up to maybe 1 a month and that went for a while. currently i’ve had 3 within a month.
i know i’ve had more than what i mentioned in a month but to calculate it is too questionable to the idea.

Usually “D” if I’m lucky. Was once a month, but they seem to increase in frequency with practice.

Yes, that’s a definite encouragment for LD’ers. I like to keep a log to chart my progress. It’s a little unpredictable in the short run, but in the long term there is a slow, steady increase.

I have had a couple so far over the last month, but if you asked me at the beginning of the year they were less frequent. My LDs are on the increase and the length of the time spent in them is increasing as well :smile:

D. i used to have ld’s easier than before i went to this website. Just last night was lucid, but really weird. The dream started and someone was giving me a ticket, and i have notice this dream before, and i took control, but the wierd part is, the dream started over, and the same situation happened again. I t went on about 3 times, very weird, i never had that happen before.

My first year of LD’ing is now over and I think there’s about 70-80 lucid dreams recorded, so about 1/5 of all my dreams are lucid ones.

You don’t want to know how jealous I am!! C for me :eh:
…i don’t really work on getting them though :cool_laugh:

Interesting results there… Over fifty people wrote that all their dreams were lucid? Those crazy folks. :wink:

The amount of lucid dreams that I have has increased heaps in the last month, I used to only get a few a month, but lately I’ve been having at least one semi-lucid dream a night, its great! :cool_laugh: .

:neutral: I feel left out… I am only getting maybe one lucid dream a week and I haven’t even been able to record my dreams since school started (this tuesday)… :sad: All I have time to do is RC and practice prospective memory…

kmcdonald, I don’t record any of my dreams, I never have, because of school aswell, and I don’t do RCs either. All I’ve been doing lately is thinking about lucid dreams, and really implanting my intent to remember my dreams as I’m going to sleep, and then every time I wake up from a dream, when I’m still in the half asleep state, I remind myself about lucid dreams a try to remember to notice I’m dreaming. It sounds really basic, but its working great for me.

Different things work for different people… I find that I have the most lucid dreams when I discuss lucid dreaming with others IRL, people who do not know about it, maybe 2 or 3 a day.

If I’m paying attention to lucid dreaming, I have them about once a week. If I’m not, I have them very infrequently.