How often do you LD?

I am not a regular LDer, and I have only had one experience in a dream which might be similar to lucidity, but I want to know about you guys who have achieved lucidity before.

How often do you become lucid in a dream due to an RC? Are RC induced LDs more common for you than using outside techniques like WILD? Do you prefer becoming lucid in the dream rather than using a technique?

If you want to answer any other questions that I haven’t stated then go ahead :smile:

After years of learning I still have yet to have success with WILD although I feel like I’m rather close. Took a LONG time but I’m finally able to relax through everything and make it to some vivid HI where it’s similar in feeling to waking up.

RC’s though seem to be reliable, it’s just cultivating the mindset to remember to do them that’s tricky at times. I tend to have a lucid dream or two every month on average nowadays.

I have LD’s maybe once or twice a week most of them happen in the morning when I have to wake up but I don’t want to so I just slide back into a dream and become lucid. Though afterwards I feel bad because I didn’t wake up and lost precious hours of studying, I still do it whenever I can :happy:

Usually 2-4 times a night, although the past month or two I’ve been having a stressful time and lucky if I can even remember a single dream per night, I’m just getting fragments moment, with no recollection of whether lucid involved.

Rarely… As I am not a regular Lucid Dreamer and most of them are induced by RCs and some other techniques (DILD and All Day Awareness / Puffin’s DILD Guide on the Dreamviews forum). Reality Checks are reliable but not always work (only nose-pinching was the most successful to me), you should find your own technique you are comfortable to work with.

Since I’ve started LDing I had about 20 Lucids (all of them were about maximum 5-10 minutes) and few shorter ones (1-3 mins).

[size=100]I should practice the induction techniques more but there are some RL events that affects my sleep-awake cycles (and dreaming of course).

I try to get over them as soon as possible and get back into LDing again because I have a big amount of things that I want to finally make/do in them. [/size]

This motivation keeps me determined. :smile:

When I was first interested in lucid dreaming, and motivated, it was around once a week, more often once every other week. Then for some reason I just didn’t much care anymore. Recall tanked and with it lucidity.

I’ve had two in the two months since I rejoined the site.

I am not a regular LDer either by any means. I have only had one experience with lucidity in a DILD which occured during a nightmare. However it only lasted a few seconds as I lost focus from excitement.
I have tried many methods and have almost been successful one time at WILD where I felt a lot of energy in my body and felt like I was about to have an OBE but got too excited and woke up.

When i was really into lucid dreaming a few years ago I used to have them several times every week. Now I only have a few every month.