how often do you LD?

someday i’d like to be able to LD every night. Right now i average a brush with lucidity around once every 5 days. I’ve been actively trying for about a month now. so to all you veterans, how long does it take to make them more frequent? can it be mastered? or do even the pros only get it to work once in a while?

unrelated… the other night i had a dream that i was preparing my bed with special sheets to increase the chances of becoming lucid in dreams. not once in that dream did i realize i was already dreaming. very frustrating in the morning =/

I honestly woudln’t be able to put forth an average.

Sometimes I go up to a week or two without a single one (Usually when something important is happening to me at work) and other times I can have one or two a night for several days in a row.

Occasionally, after a particularly good LD I find myself thinking about it for the rest of the next day, which helps get your mind prepared to have another one the next night.

It all depends how much you think about it each day. I try to use most of my free time to perform Lucid Living (See the thread for more info) and generally keep my mind actively thinking about the subject.

It certainly does improve over time, providing you don’t lose interest :smile:

Wow. I’ve been trying for almost a year now, and I’m just beginning to start to brush with having some. I keep a diary, do RCs when I’m awake, and I have super dream recall, but I just haven’t had much luck. I even tried taking a little time off for a little while here while back then tried starting again… :sad:

I guess there isn’t really a miracle method of inducing LDs.

Most of my success I think comes from constant thought on the topic. No matter where I am I usually begin thinking about Lucid Dreaming ever few minutes, due to a mild obsession perhaps :wink:

If you have LDs on the brain, you can’t go wrong.

Cool, I’ll remember that. I appreciate it! :grin:

Atheist… I think thats where I am able to grab my LDs too. Just thinking about it all the time. I find that stopping frequently during the day, realizing that you are lucid right now and can make up your mind to do whatever you want helps. Look around you, notice things around you, how they are postioned, textures, shadows, light… consciously doing this helps your mind get ready to set that all up for you while you sleep. Then I sort of imagine that everything around you is a dream and that this is how clear things will look and feel. I also go over dreams that I had in my head and write them all down… read through old entries.

My first two LDs were months apart but I think I am approching closer intervals… maybe one a month? I think that sounds right. I won’t be happy until I reach one LD almost every night (I still like normal dreaming and think its a good thing to let it flow naturally once and a while). :smile: I think that the more you have the more often they will happen. Your brain has to learn that this is a desireable behaviour. I think as you start to set up the pattern of lucid dreaming it will come much more easliy for you. So just keep at it.

Atheist… Ironically enough, I had my first full-blown LD last night after we exchanged a couple of msgs on here LOL. I used the ‘How did I get here?’ method and it worked!!! YAY!!! :grin:


Good work! :content:

To follow up on my theory, I’d suggest that this happened simply becuase you spent a great deal of yesterday thinking about LDs. When you went to sleep, your mind was already stuck on the topic.

It’s great to see people getting something out of this forum.

Ironically enough, yesterday was the first day since Monday where I DIDN’T have a LD :smile:

Sometimes I’ll have LDs after telling a firend about them or something. Its like after I’v done that, I’m still thinking about them when I fall asleep or something, so I remember to become lucid when I’m sleeping.
Anyway, I have about 1 lucid dream a week. Sometimes two in the same night if I do some MILD or something.

Yeah, my LD’s are become more frequent now (I actually had 2 last night!), and I think it’s only because I’ve REALLY been getting into it lately. I try to read the book I bought by Dr. LaBerge almost every night, “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” (I HIGHLY recommend it), and I think about LD’s at least a few times during the day, or any spare chance I get – to the degree where it doesn’t actually interfere with my work.
I do really think that’s the most important factor in having an LD - to think about it as much as you can during the day, on the day you really want to have one (or as many days as you want). Today I’ve been thinking about it a LOT more than usual because I had 2 last night and they were amazing - I really hope that helps me to have one AGAIN tonight. I’ve already set a personal record having 2 in one night, this would set another, having a LD two nights in a row. :wink: Well, we’ll see what happens, if not, I won’t be discouraged - never give up, and NEVER say you can’t do it, because then you really won’t be able to! A quote from LaBerge’s book sums that up nicely… “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, either way you’re right.”


That’s a damn nice quote. In fact, I think I’ll use it as my sig :wink:

It’s completely true too. Do a little research on Self Hypnosis. I’m not talking about making tapes and generally trying to brainwash yourself, but just the pricipal. You see, every statement that you say or hear, your subconscious takes seriously.

If you say to youself “I’ll never be able to do this” your mind dosn’t take it as an opinion, it takes it as an order!

I think it was Henry Ford who said that way back in the day.
Anyway, I like that book too. I use for referance, BIGTIME. I just finnished reading it for like the 4th time.

Yep…I believe it’s called “auto-suggestion” – when you subconciously “tell” yourself you want to do something, can do something, or can’t do something, you are in a way programming your brain for that future event. (lucid dreaming is no different)… The only glitch to auto suggestion is, sometimes you unknowingly program your subconcious, as in the case of telling yourself you can’t do something, like have a lucid dream. Your subconcious then accepts that as truth, and disallows you to do whatever it is you had intended to do.

So, that’s the very reason why I NEVER tell myself I can’t do something - especially now that I know: in our world, combined with the world of lucid dreaming, anything is possible.

I read a book on hypnosis once. It was full of stuff on auto suggestion.

I finnaly got lucid last nite :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:
I only get very spontanteous LDs but I know where my problem is I think, I’m not very consistent at the RC’s, dream diary, MILD’s, Lucid Living etc. But yesterday I was talking to a friend about LD’s , something I rarely do, and I had a dream about me being at school and bang, I just knew I was dreaming! :grin: Although I didn’t do much in the LD its still very encouraging.

I agree with the general consensus here about constantly thinking of LD, but don’t forget the reverse physcology method - if you’ve been trying intensley to have LDs for a while and had no results, have a break and let go of the RC’s, dream diary and other methods and techs for a little bit and don’t expect anything. Nine times out of ten this may produce an LD, at least for the people’s accounts I’ve read of.

Still glowing with my LD from last nite :content:


While were on the subject, can someone tell me what Lucid Living is? I’m not familiar with that term.


I can actually see how not thinking (I mean never thinking about LD for a period) can cause one LD. By avoiding the subject during the day, you will eventually stumble upon it while asleep, given you have enough interest in it. I might actually give this a go sometime, but I’m running 1LD/week (for 2 weeks now with my first LD last week!) I do expect one more in less than 5 days so I have to work really hard.

I remember a post on LL…too tired right now to dig it up.

Josh Redstone:

look in this thread for more info about Lucid Living:


I usually get a lucid dream once or twice every two weeks.