How often do you look over your dream journal?

After about a week of recording all of my dreams, I can no longer memorize due to the overflow opf information. So I was just wondering how often you guys check over oyur previous dreams and when? I am starting to become more attached to my journal now, which I think is a good thing at least.

Every few weeks I look over dreams in the journal I’m currently using, and I go over dreamsigns, weird stuff, things like that. I have built up about 10 dream journals, so I dont look over all of them very often. Usually I just review the lucid dreams in these old journals.

I go back over my journal occasionally. I also mentally relive important dreams quite often, which I have committed to memory. Heck…After 4 years of actively researching my dreams I am definitely starting to believe my whole life is one! My mind feels like it is being put through a strainer at times…I focus on dreaming and things mental so much now, that I think I am suffering from a form of mental fatigue! Being “aware” of my dreams has become a full time job, though I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Lucidity is a worthwhile goal :smile:

i have a great memory for dreams.

I can still remember in good details dreams i had 5 yrs ago, the ones i really liked i mean or meant something to me.

I read my dream diary when i have the urge to remind myself of a particular dream, i have mine on a floppy disk for my old word proccessor so finding a particular dream is easy.

I love to read through my old dream journals, and do this every few months. Last year, I undertook the major operation of typing all of my dreams I’ve ever written down onto my computer.

I wrote some dreams down as long ago as 1989, but re-reading them I can still feel and see the images from the time. I’m sure they are all stored in there somewhere.

I just started a couple of weeks ago, but I think reading over the journal every day really helped me stay on point and focused.
Over winter break, I sort of stopped reading my journal, and didn’t dream lucid.
But just last night, I looked over my journal before bed, and I had 2 lucid dreams.
I think reading over and trying to memorize my dreams is a lot of fun, and I find myself remembering strange things and making mental connections and I’m not sure why… it’s a good kind of RC… it helps me stay confused.

I see you people being active with your diary, and I have a question for you: would you be interested in an online dream diary? I’m planning to make one myself but I’m afraid nobody will use it… :eh: for more info.

I dunno if I’d use it, but I’m sure there are lots who would. I think its a good idea.

Hmm, today I read something about this program called DreamAnswers. Anybody know it? You can find it here but it looks rather expensive but (over) complete.

Yeah, interesting. I’ve been thinking about how people interpret dreams recently. I wonder how much a software program could do. Found this cool interview with Paul Kugler in the Association for the Study of Dreams magazine (Dream Time) website. … kugler.htm


Since most of my regular dreams are nightmarish, I just rewrite the lucid ones in a permanent journal. I like to reread this journal during WBTB (my favorite method)and Im sure it helps me induce,along with the milk and bananas.

To bed to bed said sleepy head.

Thats a great idea! I would use it everyday. I hope someone gets this up and running, because this is a really good idea.

I see that everybody uses DDs to record their dreams. Is there any other way of remembering them besides writing in a DD and saying:“I will remember what my dream is when i wake up” (b4 going to sleep). ??

I dont say “I want to remember my dreams bla bla bla…”
I just remember them naturally, then I write them down, simple as that. You can recall dreams wihtout keeping a dream journal. I could always do it before I was an LDer.

I know ppl can remember them ‘naturally’…but thta’s not my case. I can hardly remember what i did yesterday! (as sad as that sounds)…how am i going 2 remember my DREAMS ?

…so why aren’t u a lucid dreamer anymore ?

i can remember a few dreams from over ten years ago, although strangly i don’t have very good recall


I’m still a lucid dreamer, I was jsut saying I could recall dreams before I was a lucid dreamer. Lucid Dreaming is too fun to give up on. :grin:

Hey folks, to get back on topic. I’ve done some user interface design and thought about the required functionality.

I made a screenshot on how it should like when it’s finished. Take a look and let me know…