How Often Do You Lucid Dream?

And is it possible to LD very night?

It is possible to LD every night, yes :smile:
At least I think so…

Usually I had a LD once a season. This month I’ve had 4! :woo:

It varies, I have more LD’s on the summermonths and the autumn :cool:

The worst months are the wintermonths :sad: Ive not had an LD the last weeks :cry:

ֵeverything is possible.
You can have 4 a night if you really put your mind to it

thanks for the answers
now i know its possible i guess its just a case of mind over matter.
and ghostie i have the same problem :sad:
i guess everyone just more at ease in the summer than in winter so our minds can just chill and do whatever

Haven’t had my first one yet, but I feel “close” to having Lucid Dreams like twice a week. :smile: