How often?

I’m pretty new to the LD thing, and I think it sounds pretty cool to get ‘good’ at it. I’ve 2 questions for the pros :wink:.

  1. How often can you enter LD status? I mean, every time you dream, or just sometimes?

  2. What is the easiest way to get into a LD for newbies? The WILD thing sounds cool :wink:.

  1. I LD rather rarley but im pretty noob, it also depends on how motivated i am. Althopugh most people hav it rater rarley although some über pros have it like every nitght.

  2. I would defentatly say DILD(When ya do an RC in a dream). A good tip is to start doing WBTB. It realy increases the chance of having DILDs. But WILD… na i dont think its über likley that your first LD will be a WILD wild takes a long time (for most people) to master.

Welcome. :smile:

  1. having them everynight is very rare. In my case, in a good month I can have 20, but it’s more between 5 and 10 per month.

  2. The easiest way is surely not WILD. It is an efficient way when you master it, but usually it takes some time. MILD associted with RC’s is a good way to start… :content:

I think 1 has already been answered.

  1. Depends on the person. I’ve had my first few lucid moments doing RC’s. However, I’ve had my first real LD (as in it lasted long enough to actually say “I’m dreaming”) using WILD. I had my first one about 2-3 weeks into practicing.

Of course RC’s are definitely a good way to start, and I’d recommend them to new LD’ers, but you could have different ways of getting there! :wink:

It depends on how much you practice, just like any sport, you need to fine-tune your skills. :cool:

Yeah, WILD is fun, though a lot of people find it hard. Why not start off with autosuggestion or MILD? Those work pretty well. ^^ Like Ne0 said, MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR RCS!!! :content:

Welcome to the forum, by the way! :hurray: Next chance you get, go ahead and introduce yourself in The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic in the Gathering. :wave:

  1. Depends on how much you want to practice, if you remain persistant in your RC’s etc. You could have one a night, or 2 one night etc. You get out of LDing what you put in to LDing.

  2. When I was really in to lucid dreaming, I used auto-suggestion and or MILD. They work really well as long as you continue to do your RC’s and you keep that dream journal up.

My biggest tip is remember that lucid dreams dont “happen” you yourself have to remember to actually discover your are lucid.

Lately I have not been doing mantras or anything so I have only had like 1 a month lol. Which just goes to show you, even people who have been doing it a while need to continue their RC’s and techniques or they will lose it :wink:

Good luck!

i do it a lot lately. im in a big cast all the way on my leg, so I seem to wake up at like 6:00 or so (WTBTB) and go back to sleep and lately I’ve had one every other night or so. :smile: I do a lot of reality checks during the day though.

Every night, if you’re good. Every dream, if you’re great.

For me, I try WILD when I initially go to bed, yet it causes me to have a DILD in the morning. Of course I do my own custom WILD method.

As for me, just sometimes. Last year, I managed to have about 2 LD’s per week.

DILD’s methods (autosuggestion, MILD, RC’s, finding your hands in dreams) are generally easier than WILD. In average, they are easier to learn and they give you more LD’s. Now you can still try to practice WILD in order to know if you’re gifted with this method or not.

WBTB!!! Tell yourself you’ll wake up in 6 hours. Go back to sleep. If nothing else do that.

I had my 1st LD only a few nights ago. I had my second 2 days later. And both of them seemed to happen by chance.