How old are u in your dreams?

In my dreams I find I always seem to be in my 20’s maybe early 30’s. I feel at the peak of health and fitness.
I am now in my mid 40’s and after having my 3rd child at 41 I feel out of shape and like I’m in someone else’s body. I visualize myself being in shape all the time and it seems to transfer to my dream state.
How old are you in your dreams and how old are you in WL?

To be honest,my age does not specify in dreams.My age is just as I am right now I think,most rarely I would be around 18 but for now 12(my normal age)or 16.

Its weird really! :smile:

That’s a really interesting question to ponder on. In my dreams I don’t really have an age I think. Now that I think about it, I’m always somewhat disembodied in my dreams, like my ego or perception of the self is not very strong.

Interesting. When I was younger I was always the age I was at the time. I think maybe back then I wasn’t thinking so much about my age and my physical self. Now I miss my younger body.

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I’m usually very close to what I am in real life. I often notice that I wear the same clothes I went to bed with, like the same t-shirt and stuff. If I went to bed without a shower, I notice my hair is greasy in the dream too, happens surprisingly often. :laughing: But I do have dreams where I’m younger or very old or another person entirely.


I think I’ve always been the same age I really am in my dreams.
What I find really interesting though, is that I have a few reoccurring DCs that have appeared to grow older too over the years.

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It really varies.My body either tends to change for that specific dream.Say I am driving a car,i would either be a kid or 18.

Or it changes or stays the same

Off hand I can say I usually range between my current age, 27, and 22.
I’ve noticed trends where my age seems to be effected by dream scenarios, settings, etc. Also when identifying my age I notice changes in my mannerisms and frame of mind more than physical changes (shorter, reflection, less muscle, etc). Haven’t revisited some entries in a while. In some cases I tend to age during the dream due to the shift in paradigm or scenario.

So in dreams where I’m running with friends in my hometown, playing football, or back in high school, I’m more likely to be between 14-17 years. Don’t remember in too many cases where I have been older than my normal age.

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