How realistic/absurd are your dreams?

Do your dreams basically consist of realistic things? Going to school, going to the store, talking to your friends…

Or do you have crazy ordeals with flying orangutans, books that eat people, and words floating in the air? (I wish I had that.) If I dream anything like this, I’m usually watching a movie.

I find that all my dreams are realistic, and therefore, pretty boring. There’s usually very little to distinguish it from waking life besides the fact that a dream in school might make me realize this is summer and I am not in school. I wish there was some way to change this. Maybe I should think about more nonsensical things.

Does anyone dream mostly absurdly? I guess it makes sense to dream more realistically because your brain will be going over what you actually do in real life… Anyway, I’m curious how this goes for the population here.

I would kill for a realistic dream every once in a while.

My dreams, aren’t usually outlandishly crazy, though they are fairly random. Just last night, i was having a great dream, i had met these two girls and we were chattin and everything. All of a sudden, ashlee simpson comes past and starts a huge fight with the two girls. I try to break up the fight, and in about 10 seconds, literally before i realise it…

i have broken up the fight between 3 mice… yup, the girls turned into mice. I didn’t SEE them turn into mice, it was just before i was aware of it, it just happened.

This is not the first time i’ve had epic things turn very boring and it really annoys me. :tongue: Yup as i said, you are lucky to have realistic dreams, they are waaaaay less frustrating.

I would sooooo want a normal and realistic dream for once! Some people says stuff like “Oh, I wish my dreams were as crazy as yours, then I would have no problems getting lucid”, but the fact is: “THE CRAZIER DREAM, THE MORE IT MAKES SENCE!”, yup, I would like to have a normal realistic dream for once in which I could easily spot abnormalities, cause if everything is "#¤%&/( then you wont really make such a big deal if all your dead relatives would come and dance salsa in a bucket of fried nutshells.

Sometimes they’re normal and boring. But sometimes they are exciting and fun. Last night, I was doing something weird, like chasing after dogs, or they were chasing me or something. But then after that, I was randomly with my friends at some Harry Potter convention thing.

My dreams are realistic, but in the most fun ways possible : )

I think no matter how boring or realistic the dream is, your still going to believe it.

My dreams are usually realistic but there are signs which make it really obvious I’m dreaming.

Completely random.

Completely random too. :gni: They’ll usually have some sort of “plot” though. (There’s a paradox for ya.) What I mean is everything is completely random and weird, but there’s usually some sort of story to go along with it, like there wouldn’t be flying spoons there for no reason, the antagonist of the dream would have sent them after me. :nuu: LD or not though I almost always use powers…I love epic dream battles. :grin: My mom was making us clean the house the other day and she heard me say; “I wish I had my powers right now!” :tongue: Then she gave me this face—> :crazy: :gni: I’ve gotten so used to my dream powers that I’m all dissapointed during the day when I can’t use them. :tryfly:

It is a lot easier to tell if I’m dreaming if everything is realistic, you notice if things are out of place more easily. Like if everything else was normal and the dog was purple, I’d be a lot more apt to notice that in a realistic dream then in a crazy random one. :yes:


things like going to school/work n stuff are dreamsigns, learn to recognise them, when your at school/work do reality checks.

definately, if you want more random dreams, you need to become open-minded, become interested in things that aren’t so normal and mundane, try to find the answers to the big questions.

If you read books and play video games, or watch a lot of anime or sci-fi, then you’ll have more randoms.

I’ve often found myself as a soldier shooting people like its counterstrike, its funny becoz when you die, you just respawn and continue on, lol! I’ve also been a character like Neo in the Matrix fighting people with kick ass kung fu

Most of the time my dreams are just odd, strange, non-realistic. But, sometimes I’ll start off having a normal dream that shifts to a non-normal dream; for example I could be at school going from class to class and suddenly zombies break through the doors, then all my friends go to their lockers and pull out body armor and laser guns and a UFO takes the roof off the building or something so we go into a sub-basement filled with hand tools like saws, wrenches, pliers etc.

hmm yes the zombies, argh one time i couldn’t fly away, and another time they flew after me!

Zombies aren’t supposed to fly… :eek: That would suck for me, I never have problems flying but I’m terrified of dead people and if they could chase after me that would just…suck. :eek: I forget, how are zombies supposed to be killed? You know, like wearwolves and silver and vampires and the sun. wants to be prepared in case she has any zombie dreams :tongue:

Zombies are killed by destroying the brain or severing the head. Such as a headshot from a gun etc. Of course, if you ever meet a zombie…don’t trust this information as it is just what books and movies say and it could be something completely different.

Oh, and flying zombies would not be cool.

My dreams are pretty realistic but they usually involve absurd scenarios. Last night I had a dream I was at this smoke shop where the owner gives me discounts on everything but the smokeshop was massive and it ended up being part of my house and all my family and the owners family were hanging out while I was looking for a new piece. Then for some reason I was hanging out with pornstars. So it was an absurd scenario but realistic-ish.

Completely and utterly absurd. My dreams generally follow a storyline, but lots of facts are wrong or made up by my SC (check my DJ for carnivorous cakes, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. artifacts that make you explode, nightly swims in huge tubs of custard, etc). The only thing that seems to stay realistic/normal is the physics.

Also, crazy dreams seem much more beleivable because so many things are wrong that one more thing out of place won’t be noticed.

Plenty of strange things in my dreams, though the level of absurdity varies. There’s always something abnormal though.

smokes and pornstars what more could you want.

sometimes my mind works against me in a dream, if i fly away from a zombie and i think to myself “hope they don’t fly after me” they’ll end up flying after me.

the thing that scares me the most is when im having an alien dream, and sometimes if my dream goes black for some reason i will be frantically looking for a lightswitch, then i’ll start thinking about all the monsters/aliens that could be around. Those grey aliens creep me out, i often force awake when it happens and end up in SP which isn’t much better.

I’d say mine are inbetween mostly. Pretty realistic but pretty weird too. Lots of incosistencies but not that crazy. I wish I had more crazy dreams, they are alot more fun. I don’t think it’s any easier to realise I’m dreaming with either realistic or random dreams. It’s easier to realise i’m dreaming in VIVID dreams. But I guess realistic dreams are not as confusing so it’s easier to think.

what the hell? :eek: what drugs are you on and where can i get some? :tongue:
I think its easy to become lucid in random dreams because its easier to notice that its different from ordinary waking life.