How Realistic?

In the few LD’s I’ve had, everything seemed kind of hazy. When you get better, do things look and feel realistic?

yup yup :content:

Yes indeed… Some of my LD’s are just as realistic as waking state, while some are really blurry and unstable… Majority of my LD’s is pretty vivid though, but i varies from dream to dream…

Some time when you have a good LD going, take the time to have a purely “indulge your senses” LD. Taste and smell are so heightened and are a lot of fun to mess around with. I know that there have been times when I waste a whole LD on eating just because it’s so cool (and I’m pretty hungry at that point). And the best thing is that you can go and steal food from anywhere! (Just joking about that last bit.)

hehe… i must admit i have had a few LD’s which i used for eating/drinking myself… I also have had a LD’s where i jump into the freezing ocean and ones where i put my hand on a glowing hot oven, just to see how realistic senses are… :smile:

Work on your dream recall. Your memory is fuzzy more often than it should be because you forget the details. Once I was in a lucid dream and I looked at myself in the mirror. I thought to myself, “Whoa this is more real than I ever thought it could be” but when I woke up the memory was fuzzy. And sometimes dreams are fuzzy themselves. You can stabilize it (rub your hands and concentrate on the rubbing while staring at the ground) and that usually helps you gain more lucidity and vividness to your dream.

But, you can steal food from anywhere!

I was just wondering about “dream fuzziness” myself … my dream recall has been pretty decent … at least 1 dream / night the last several weeks, but my memory of them seemed kinda fuzzy, grey, not too vivid. I wasn’t sure how much of it was due to memory vs. actual quality of dream.
I actually had one of the best LD’s I’ve had in a while a few days ago, mostly because of my very solid awareness and being able to prolong it a while. But I also noticed while in the LD that it did seem pretty non-vivid … kinda grey and dark … and I thought, well then, it’s not just my memory.
I’ve gone through other phases where my dreams seemed a lot more vivid and detailed … I’ve been doing all the dream recall stuff … journaling, etc … and during the LD, I tried all the rubbing, spinning, looking at my hands stuff too which helped me prolong it, but not make it much more vivid.
Anyone know what we can do to energize the vividness of dreams more???