How safe is subliminal and Brain wave

How safe are the Subliminal programs. I really don’t want my head being messed with. I could make my own subliminal messaging program.

How would I go about creating my own program. I use Visual Basic, but have no idea wether it should fill the screen, how long I keep the message up. etc.

How safe are the Brain wave generators. I really don’t want to be having fits or anything.

Anyone with ideas or comments, or just something to say (well that is the same as comments :content: )?


I’d say they are safe as long as you are not insane. I don’t really think there’s any danger in using them, they won’t make you wake up one day and want to kill someone :grrr: Unfortunately, I wouldn’t rely on them too much as it is very possible to get dependent on them. If you tough it out and learn to lucid dream by sheer will, it will pay off in the long run because otherwise you would have to learn to stop being dependent on messages and such. I’ve used them a couple of times to see how they worked, but for me, I have difficulty falling asleep with any noise present, unless I am exhausted. But then when I’m exhausted, who needs recorded messages? By all means, give them a shot so you can form your own opinion. As for making your own, I have no idea. I know of no programs that are that good. There is a Lucid Dreaming Kit by Paul and Charla Devereux that contains clarysage oil, a book (of course), a portal card, and a 60 min. cassette tape with 2 inductions. It’s pretty hypnotising. You can find it on or probably eBay. That’s where I got mine. I even downloaded a few of the brainwave generator mp3’s once on Kazaa but I didn’t like them very much. If you search around you can find a few mp3’s here and there that cater to either hypnotising you, or actually placing you in a dream. Hope this helps :shy:

Oooh…I just remembered I found a subliminal message online.
Improve your self-confidence.
Improve your memory.
Improve your psychic ability.

The website is MindWorks.

I would like to make one for LDing…I know where to get the scrolling subliminal message script but I don’t know where to find the ‘spiral’ graphic.

Anyone know where I can get one?

If you goto and right click on the spiral. Goto Save picture as. No save the picture, and be sure to open it in a web browser. Do not open it in paint. The spiral should spiral.

So do the effects of all these things wair off. Which one on MindWorks do I pick.

Technodreamer :cool: :cool:

I’m sorry about draggin a topic that’s a bit older to the top, but I suddenly had an idea.

I’m not sure how you are using these subliminal programs - but it occurred to me, I spend a lot of time on my computer, and in my future education and job, I probably will too. Since I’m pretty forgetful, especially when it comes to doing reality checks, I figured - wouldn’t it be handy to have a subliminal program pop up a message every 20 minutes saying ‘Am I dreaming?’ or ‘Is this a dream?’. I mean, I don’t know how dangerous it is… but it’s really no different from watching your hands or checking your digital watch frequently. I have no digital watch, after all, but I do have a computer.

Then, I’d be looking for something that’s more like a message pop-up program than a subliminal one - I would just need to be able to set large time intervals (10 minutes, 20 minutes) and random messages. Is there anyone who knows where I can find that kind of program, or maybe have enough programming skills to make one? @_@

if you are running windows you can set up a scheduled task to run any program you want at specified intervals.
I don’t remember exactly how to do it since I switched to mac, but it’s not hard at all, you can probably do a search in the help library

If you would do that, it is important that you dream very often about working on your computer, not?


I agree. This is a good idea. But the aim is to contoiusly know that you’re dreaming. If you flask up a message you can’t even see it probably won’t even appear in your dreams. Am I wrong? You need to recognise it, and say, yes I’m dreaming. Then you do a reality check to confirm it.

Technodreamer :cool: Or does either option work?

Both options can work!
A message you dont see is still picked up by your subconscious :wink:
But you have to experiment whith the freq then or look it up, witch freq works best for the subliminal message.
And a message you see also could work…the last could be even better if you also would hear at the same time a message with your own voice saying “iam dreaming”


dreamcloud: well, since I HAVE found a program simply called something like ‘popup message’, if I could get it to run at intervals, that would make the idea work. I’ll go look in my Windows help files :happy:

JJJ: I do dream often about working on my computer. :content: I could also have the message prompt me to look at my hands, or my digital alarm clock - those are RCs I just keep forgetting to do. :3 So it’d work in two ways.

Technodreamer: my idea is to show a message for a few seconds, that you can read and think about… much like the idea of putting post-it notes saying ‘Am I dreaming?’ or ‘Dream or not?’ around the house or places you pass daily. Subliminal might work too, I don’t know.

Jeff: some programs do support voice messages, I suppose you could also set a music player to play at certain intervals through Windows. o.O; There’s many possibilities.