How Shared Dreams Are Scientificly Possible.

I actually have figured out how Shared Dreams are possible. I’m enjoy reading new scientific discoveries and came across an interesting one that had evidence, Stong evidence, that the universe was a hologram. Meaning that every particle in the universe has the information of the whole. Also these particles can communicate with eachother instantly regardless of the distance between them. Even at 1000000000 lightyears away. Please kindly go to my site I have information on it and several websites where i got my facts from. Just when you get to the site just scroll down till you get to “The Hologram Effect” just read that and read the stuff on the links to the left of it. Very interesting.

PS. The brain is also a hologram and I think that it can broadcast signals… anyways read for yourself.

Just ignore the other stuff.

The holographic universe is certainly interesting and would probably help explain many paranormal things. I find it much more plausible then the materialistic view of the universe especially if that discovery with particles is true.

i have read an teory,that SD,or MD are on the same rule that you play Quake or Unreal on the net.our brains are PLUGED to one universe (or somthing like that :razz: )

It mentions certain circumstances i think they are talking about quantum entanglement which needs to be performed on the subatomic particles in a lab for there to be any relationship.
later when they say that

It doesn’t actually violate it because the information does not travel faster than light. If this were the case there would be endless possibilities. Note also that the author is unknown. They also say that it appears to travel faster than light.

I didn’t read the whole thing though and i know that the holographic universe is a good theory, but i don’t think it can be used to say that shared dreaming is possible any more than any other theory of the universe that i have heard of

Here is another link about the holographic principal, but it does not refer to dreaming. It takes a while to get to the actual theory (on page 4) about it but i found it interesting.

The particles communicate instintaniously no matter what the distance is. This proves that everything is literally ONE with everything. Kinda makes the universe more like a single point that we are all compressed into somehow thinking its larger. lol…

Anyways Einstien’s theory of relativetly says that no form of communication or anything for that matter can travel faster than the speed of light. And this communication somehow does. Really its getting into the concept that the universe is nothing like we thought. Instead of vastness it seems that everything is connected as if one with the other.

Pretty cool. Probably will allow our minds to broadcast signals too due to the fact that our brain is a hologram within the hologram of the universe…

I am going to try to find a link… Grr. Anyhow, I heard that, during the recent solar bursts, particles were measured moving 6 times the speed of light. Anyhow, it is only a matter of time before lightspeed is put behind us.

If anyone could find a link, I would be happy :smile:

We already know that the speed of light is not constant, and can be bent by gravity. Theories that is based on a static light speed are therefore wrong, either entirely or partially. :smile:

There IS faster than light communicating thingie…(Whatever).
Atoms can affect to others somehow no matter with distance and so on… I can’t exlain this in english very well… Point is, that there is way atoms affect others with communicating faster than light.

This is something even Einstein couldn’t explain.

einstein also had a problem with gravity, because, gravity effects everything without delay. that is not possible if you stick to the relativity therory…
so scientists just said “gravity is something special, a property of the space” witch is no explaination, just an excuse!

i just had to say that :content:

ps: sorry for my :uh: :crazy: :crazy: - englisch :content: i’m austrian, you know :happy:

lol damn cool stuff. well who can tell yet give it 2 - 3 years :happy:

If you want to find evidence of SD, then I think the best candidates are identical twins. I wonder if anyone ever investigated if dreams of twins are connected to each other.

I believe that sense they share a special connection with one another and often can know when something bad has happened to the other. (I know non identical twins and it is amazing) I believe that their minds are in sync and when a dramatic thing happens they unconciously send signals to the other. However, I think the only way to send signals to someone who isn’t your twin is through lucid dreaming.

BTW. Something interesting. I was dreaming and tried to go through the mirror into someone’s dream world. But once goijg through I got shot back. However, when going anywhere else everything worked perfectly. When i woke up fromn the dream (On purpose to see why it didn’t work this time) I saw the clock and since he is 3 hours ahead of me he was already awake and gone. I tried this before and I successfully entered another unusual area. However, this far we have not made any contact with eachother.

hmm i have read a study on that, but it was inconclusive… spelling… i give up :razz:


What board did you read it on. was it nicknamed the coffee shop project? lol Actually i’m waiting for my permit to go on the researches board and bring my project there.

Actually it doesn’t. It is hard to measure, but it is thought that the influence of gravity actually moves at the speed of light. So if our sun was suddenly removed, it would take a couple of minutes for us to feel it.
And Attilitus, did you read my first post on this topic? I think you might need a more credible source. The reason things can 'communicate at the speed of light is because they are entangled. This is a scientific word that means that you can sort of observe one particle and know things about the other, but i believe that it doesn’t violate the law of information moving faster than light. I’m not sure why, but maybe you should do a google search for entanglement or entangled photons.

I’ve been reading theories on the string and quantum theories pretty thourouly. Also I have 3 sources there. All of which are pretty credible… well at least the last one is and all the others are in agreement with it. lol

Anyways it does defy einstine’s theory. Read the article on link 3 next to the paragraph on my site named the hologram effect. It says blatantly that it defys it.

Also gravity WAS something einstine couldn’t explain. He described it as a distortion of space time which seems plausible but when you really look into it you can tell that really it is impossible. Gravity causes distortion in space time. But gravity itself has never truely been explained. Also everything in the universe is pulling on us all the time. Gravity works faster than any known… well anything… just like the communicating particles it is very interesting.

Anyways… that is slightly besides the point. My sources are very credible for the most part. Link 1 and link 2 may not have name recog and might not be official but Link 3 pulls everthing together with the name recog assurance. Anyways… well i guess thats it.

Yea i read that topic… you just don’t seem to understand the article. It did not mean subatomic entanglement… i laugh at how you could make that conclusion just because it seems like a complicated principal yet by not even reading the whole article you are able to deduce that it is subatomic entanglement. The string theory has not been proven… YET… Actually there is not that much backing behind the string theory…

Besides the point though. The reason they included certain circumstances is because the most obvious signals that can be picked up only happen when there is a need for it. Also if you read the article it becomes clear that a whole bunch of science went into this. Just the simple fact that every particle contains the information in the entire universe is enough to support my cause. The fact that the particles actually show signs of complex communication is even more supportive. AND the fact that the brain itself is a hologram is even MORE reassuring… Now i’m not saying that my theory is absolutely right… but as of right now i’m thinking about a 1/4 chance that i’m right.[/code]

I didn’t read the article yet but if I recall well the theory is about holographic not light holograms.

Imagine a ghost brain… IMHO it’s difficult to really prove that matter is made of photons actually…

Ok i read the first thing and it doesn’t explain how we can get the information and percieve it as humans. HOW does it work. Why does it happen. It seems like they are just describing the possibilities IF it exists.

They do not give any specifics about the experiments. Only about the paranormal stuff. Which i am highly skeptical about. There is a million dollar prize for anyone who can prove paranormal phenomena and until someone takes that prize (because i know that they do through testing) i will continue to be highly skeptical of that paranormal stuff, so there is no point trying to tell me that the first article is credible. I do not know any good scientists that believe in that sort of thing. There are good scientists that test it however, as they rightly should, but thats getting off topic.

By the way the 3rd link on the site is the link i also provided earlier :smile:
I didn’t say that the holographic theory was compatible with Einstien’s theories, just that the certain aspect of entangled particles were. (I still have no other reason to believe that the first article was refering to anything different than this in experiments. And i didn’t say it with such certainty as you say i did, i merely suggested the idea from what i read. I couldn’t read it all because i had to go out, but now i did read the 1st and i have previously read the 3rd link)

Can you explain how you can tell that it is really impossible?

Can you quote this in the article. I see it mentioned, but i can’t find where it does defy it.
BTW i think that as science is expanding we are finding flaws with his theories like with quantum physics and string theory etc and the holographic principal may well defy it too, but i just couldn’t see where other than the fact that he didn’t think of it.
Also as far as i know gravity does not move at the fastest speed of anything in this universe, it moves at the SAME speed as light and other things without mass.

I wasn’t aware that the first site even talked about humans being able to send or recieve signals… I was simply making a hypothesis based on the facts that the universe is a hologram and the brain is a hologram. Thats really all I based it on. If one of the links also provided a hypothesis like mine well then I guess that makes me feel even more confident.

When you quoted me on the distortion of space time you should have quoted the whole paragraph. Anyone can be right if they quote just one sentence from an entire idea. Either way what I meant (And said) is that it was nearly impossible that gravity WAS a distortion in space time. Although there was no causen for the distortion therefore you must assume that gravity is a force that MAKES distortion rather than the fact that gravity IS distortion…

And this is really getting besides the point I find your posts getting a little beyond questioning and to the argumentative point. Please This is a theory there is only a 1/4 chance that it is correct in my viewpoint. But those odds in my mind are good enough for me to experiment with these ideas.

BTW… in the 3rd and 1st atricle it says clearly that it defys it because Einstines theory stated that no communication may exceed the speed of light.