How should I get more alert while dreaming?!

I need some help with LD’ing. I can do 25-30 RC’s a day (I ask myself If I’m sleeping without holding my nose or anything else, I’ve done earlier RC with holding my nose but I gave up after no result) but I can’t have a LD. Is it because I don’t have a good alert level while sleeping. Oh, I also have a dream book/journal. It’s not that I don’t recognize my dream signs, it’s just that I can’t seem to recognize that I am actually dreaming :[. Could anyone give me some tips on how to get more alert while dreaming !?or doing a better RC. Any help appreciated :-).

Well a good RC method to use is this. You do about 50 small RC’s. ask yourself how you got where you are. Then at the end of the day of somethime. Do one big RC, and it will be like you have 51 big RC’s. To be more alert, that just takes time. Sometimes it can take a long time to have a LD

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:smile: hello all you lucid dreamers and all other dreamers.

I’m new to this stuff, read about lucid dreaming for the first time for about 5 weeks agoe. Started the same day with an DJ and performing RC’s trough out the days. After trying both WILD an MILD, with some success, WILD felt werry natural for me so I’ve desided to stick with that one. I startet after a few days to have realy extreme audio halusinasions and freaked out totaly the first time :tongue: this felt realy wierd and my HI’s got realy clear. I totaly lost my dream recall, most likely because I’ve been in some stress relatet stuff latly.
But in the last two days I’ve got my dream recall back, and I can whrite about half a book every morning about my 3-6 different dreams troughout the night, Verry detailed.

My problem is that it seems that I dont think about doing RC an my dreams. :cry: I’ve been taking RC allot since I’ve started my training. allot of different ones to.

Anny ideas on how i can induce the awareness when I’m dreamin???

I’ve notice alot of my dreams that I have I’m in them but not interacting with it. like I’m just watching it. I have one lucid a month, and I know what my dream sign is that helps me become lucid, its walking. I’ve come to realize that its only when I have a dream that I am aware of my body. That I know its me,that I can feel myself. Not the watching things happen type of dreaming. That I become lucid.
RC don’t work for me. Maybe you can try thinking before bed about doing some kind of action. So you can have a dream where you can feel like your doing something. Or maybe a really good action movie before bed so you might act it out in a dream. This may help you to be aware of yourself in you dream, and the next think you know you’ll be saying " I’m dreaming " and you’ll be lucid !

Thanks for the info Chocobo. You were talking about a “big RC” could you tell me something more about it, maybe a MILD or something like that?

A ‘big rc’ is for example what he said- You can just freeze in the middle of the day and ask yourself “How did I get here?”, in a dream you won’t remember this, cos most of your dreams are made up just like that.
This RC is the only RC so far that has actually worked for me. I got in to a building, did some stuff, and then I went out, only to find myself coming out of a different building then the one I went in to in the first place. I stopped and asked myself “How did I get here?”, and slowly it came to mind “I must be dreaming! Either that or can teleport using my mind”. I knew I was dreaming before I did the normal nose rc, and it felt great :happy:

Another “big rc” could be if you, in the middle of the day just freeze, and ask yourself what time it is. When doing so, you’re forced to think back like “I had lunch at quarter to one, and that was maybe… fourtyfive minutes ago?”, it works just as the other “big rc” rly.

Are you doing any induction techniques? like MILD or FILD? Try them (or any other) and be patient if it takes some time… :wink:

Sounds like you are doing everything right. A good technique thought is this. If you have an eletronic watch that has a vibrate alarm, then set it, and do RC’s whenever it goes off. If you are lucky, after a while of doing this, when the alarm goes off during a REM, then it should trigger you to do a RC by habit. Your body will feel it and you will do a RC in your dream. I have tried this with pretty good results. :smile:

Oh ya, WillowZ, you could also try drinking milk or eating some cheese before bed. The Featured Experiment is doing something on that. I’ve been doing it for a while now with good results. It doesn’t neccessarily make more LDs, but it does increase dream awareness and dream recall.(or so it seems) :smile:

You could try tying your RCs to something. It would be good to look in your dream journal to see what comes up often in your dreams, then do an RC when you see whatever it was in reality. Hopefully that habit will carry over into your dreams and make you lucid.

Well thanks again for the info everyone, yesterday I had a mini LD without dreaming just before I woke up so I think there’s some progress. Mattiasdavis: Yes I have tried 3x MILD and 5x WILD, and 2x WBTB :[. MILD didn’t work, WILD is very hard to induce (I’d have to be “dead” tired to make it work), well and WBTB isn’t woth it… Chocobo I eat a lot of cheese everyday, I’ll eat some more before I go to sleep and see what happens xD :). MovieMe That big RC is worth doing, so far I’ve just asked myself if I am sleeping, now I’ll try asking “how I got here”,“what time is it” ect.

Thanx guys. I will try to do both off your suggestions… updates will come around