How to attain higher lucidity?

I am able to WILD almost whenever I want, but the LD isn’t very vivid. I have to think about what everything in my dream is doing, so it’s more like a really vivid daydream, but not nearly as vivid as a ND. Can anyone give me some tips on how to attain higher lucidity? Thank-you. -obi

I heard it helps to scream stuff like “INCREASE LUCIDITY!” or “Lucidity x1000!”

I’ve tried that before, and it didn’t help much, but thankyou anyways. -obi

Try taking a lucid pill? Or drinking lucid cola?

I know for sure that eating bananas gives you increased realism in your dreams - I believe it was the b6 vitamins in it.


What exactly would a lucid pill be?

Vitamin B complex taken before bedtime gives me strange dreams and vivid dreams, but I’m not necessarily more lucid.

I have used hand clapping and snapping fingers in dreams to increase clarity. I snap my fingers while doing something else in the dream. If I focus too much on the snapping or clapping, I wake up.

This actually helped me in a couple of my dreams… basically in your dream imagine you are reaching for a pill in your pocket - put it in ur mouth and swallow. Simple.

The main idea with lucid pills/cola is the belief factor that it will work. other then that I assume the more awake your concious is the more realistic the dream can be.

Yea, I try to do mental math before bed, like 234 X 4 and stuff like that. It definitely worked last night, I didn’t want to fall asleep at all!

Well i’ve got this problem. im not able to create a lucid pill, i always try to reach it in my pocket and it simply isnt in there :meh:

thats wierd!?!?!?. lol

Zephyris you will have to believe tht it will be there, if you don’t it won’t be there.

I find that eating anything in a LD helps, even if it’s just a candy bar or a cookie. Same idea as the lucid pill or cola, only focus on the feeling of chewing and the taste it gives you.

try doing simple maths in your head, just don’t start randomly saying numbers like i did once :lol:

It’s curious. What you describe doesn’t look exactly like a LD. Are you immersed and present into a 3D landscape, or are you just seeing things in front of you? Can you move and grasp things? Or events are just happening before your eyes?

Well you can have lucid dreams which aren’t 3-dimensional, although unless they happen to be 4D+ I think these lucid dreams would be rather boring. Remember a lucid dream only implies one is aware they are dreaming - even if you have no control and see nothing but pitch-blackness.

Yes but don’t you find curious that, though obi wan 177 says he can WILD at will, all his WILD’s are looking like daydreams?

Well is there such a thing as a Lucid Daydream? I dno.

I might be wrong but perhaps you are not calm enough when you become lucid - Worries can distract you from focussing propperly and then the dreamscene will fade. Also it’s important to plan in advance what you want to do in your next LD. I often lose my lucidity because i can’t think of anything to try - Remembering is much harder when your brain is having to keep the dreamscene going as well.

I think maybe when obi wan 177 described it as a vivid daydream, he was talking about the low stability of his Ld’s. Like with a daydream, the details only exist for as long as you’re concentrating on them and the scenery in an Ld works in a similar way