How to better control myself in Dreams?

Well, over my school holidays, I took a break from my quest for Lucidity, as I got a lot less sleep, and if I stay up late, I have no dream re-call. Yesterday I decided to start my DJ again, and Lucky me I had my second LD!

In this dream I was walking with my friend. I had no Idea where we were, and kept having this feeling that he would disappear and I would be lost. I kept thinking I would get lost in a certain place - the place were I got lost in my first LD.

I thought, I must dreaming and did a RC to confirm this.

Now - in the first one I woke myself up purposly as I didn’t like been lost.

In this one even though I was saying to myself - Stay Calm ( as I knew getting excited would wake myself up ) my body seemed to have a mind of it’s own. I tried stopping myself but my body seemed to control me - Make me yell out to my friend "
Oh, my god Dude I’m dreaming!! I’m Dreaming!! "

It seems whenever I get Lucid, although I am aware I am dreaming, I still have no control, of myself, let alone the dream.

Anyway I can improve this?

Hello, Avo. If it’s something that commonly happens then I wonder, are your dreams long or do you wake up when you figure out you’re dreaming? Either way, you should look at this Dream Control Training Guide, which will help you to prolong and stabilize your lucids so that you are able to do all that you wish in them. It’s long but definitely worth reading. :razz:

There are many great advices that can help you too prolong and stabilize a dream, but also here is the factor which is more important and that is experience… The more lucid dreams you have you’ll find yourself more confident and more experienced and with those guides your chances are much bigger to stay calm in LD…

So it takes time to achieve partial control in lucid dreams and to process all this information that you learn about lucid dreams and then finally to transfer your knowledge into dreams…

So keep up and don’t give up! :wink: