How to change dream landscape

How do you change where you currently are in your lucid dreams? Like close your eyes and just be somewhere else.

That’s worked for me, most of the time. Sometimes though, I’ve gotten false awakenings from that, and lost lucidity. Others advise something like spinning around until the scenery around you blurs, and when you stop spinning you’ll be somewhere else-- or, you’ll really wake up.

Either Navigation In Dreams or The Dynamics of Dream Emergence by Stephen Berlin detail how the location follows your thoughts.

So… if you want to go to a beach, and you’re in a mall, then find something that looks like a shell. Your thoughts will follow.

Or you can fly, try lensing (my favorite), or just go “Beam me up, Scotty”. The Lucid Crossroads badge does something like that.

Sometimes when I want to change something I simply look somewhere else and then back at the thing I want to change, and it works. I also use it as a RC…
When I have a door that leads somewhere uninteresting I close it and reopen it, thinking about what I want to see instead. Usually works for me.

I prefer not to close my eyes in LDs. It never happened to me yet but I read some people woke up because of closing their eyes in the dream and I don’t want it to happen to me…

I get worried about that too. I’ve tried to change scenes by closing my eyes but it didn’t work for me. Although perhaps I was too scared I would wake up to be able to concentrate.

On the other hand, if you know how to fly you could change scenes that way. I know because when I become lucid, it’s a habit for me to just take off into the sky (usually if it’s a nightmare, to escape the scene) and I decide where to go from there. Just fly up, tell yourself where you will be flying to and imagine it as you fly back down to the ground. Fly to a nearby planet with the scene you want to be in. Fly through a portal. Be creative :smile:

I’ve not tried this but it strikes me as a potentially great way of exploring different dreamscapes.

You would first need to find ‘the subtle knife’ as in the dark materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman, and then use it to cut a window into another dreamscape.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the subtle knife is a knife has a blade that one side of which can cut through anything, and the other can cut a window between any of the multitude of worlds.

I guess you could imagine the dreamscape you want to enter as you extend the knife (as Will had to find and feel out the worlds with the knife tip), and when you have the dreamscape firmly fixed you make the cut in the air, or it could be used as a lucky dip.

I just thought of that as I love the books and I read a thread that pointed out that when using an object say a ring of invisibility, it could pay to believe that it’s the one ring from lord of the rings, and because you know how it works and are confident in its ability, its takes some difficulty out of using them. Hence the subtle knife for moving between dreamscapes.

Has anyone tried this? I will as soon as I can :tongue:.

Nice idea, Oak!
Thats totally gonna make it on my Lucid Goal list! :smile:

I personally start spinning around like a tornado, thinking about the new location I want to be in. Then, I stop spinning and (hopefully) I am in the location I wanted. That worked for me two times. Haven’t had enough LD’s to practice this technique frequently though.

Gotta say that your idea Oak sounds really exiting and i am going to have to try it sometime!

Heh, glad you like the idea :smile:. I just have to try it out now :tongue:. Maybe once you’ve found it, you’ll always have it in LDs, or at least be able to materialise it fairly easily, or maybe you could have the dream make Iorek Byrnison bring it to you :smile:.

I’m stuck on the same thing. There’s the usual suggestions that everyone’s posted, and I e tried each a few times, but still can’t change the scene. Maybe I’m not trying them enough times?

Ask it to change.

I haven’t changed the scenery by myself, yet. The dream usually just whisks me around to different places. It’s very exciting.
I’ve tried to do it by closing my eyes and spinning, but I woke up when I opened my eyes.

I know this sounds childish, but it’s fun. To change scenes I build up a fart, and when I feel like it’s built up enough, then let her rip. I rocket up to space and land in my desired location. :grin:

A cool technique that cosmic.iron shared on the SSILD thread is to imagine that there is a cliff behind you and step backward over it. I used that one to escape a scene of total darkness when nothing else was working.

LOL. I have never experienced this level of gastric distress in a dream. Sounds very entertaining, although I fear that your dream diet isn’t exactly agreeing with you!