How to create things while lucide?

First let me introduce myself. I’m optimize and I was active on the Dutch forum some while ago, but stopped posting there because the forum is inactive. I started practising lucide dreaming a few months ago and now I have about 2 lucide drems a week. Sorry for the bad English, I try my best and I hope it’s readable for you. :tongue: Please don’t use too many complicated words in your answers.

Here is my problem. No matter how hard I try, it seems impossible to create things or people in my dreams. Even very simple things like an apple is impossible for me to make. I tried saying to myself ‘‘this is a dream so everythings is possible’’ and concentrate very hard but it just doesn’t work.

I can do WILD, MILD, flying, walking through wall and closed windows and I can’t figure out why this doesn’t work. I hope you people can help me because this really ruins most of the fun of lucide dreaming for me.


Maybe because in almost every LD you weren’t able to create things, you do not believe in yourself anymore. You know you can do ANYTHING in a dream, because it’s just your imagination. Maybe you shouldn’t try too hard. If you want something very bad, it may not happen. So my advice for now is: just let it go, don’t think about it too much. Do other stuff in your dreams, and try it again in a few weeks/months.

love, Lillyth.

I think you’re trying too hard. There’s a big difference between believing something will happen and wanting something to happen. Whenever I create something in a dream it’s effortless. A good way to make it effortless is to tell yourself the object will be behind you, or around a corner which means you don’t see it being created so your mind accepts that yes, it could very well have been there all along.

Hopefully it works for you.

Lately with objects and people I’ve been verbally telling my dream to give me the object or to do whatever it was I wanted it to do.

In one LD I changed a DC’s appearance. This DC had appeared when I was looking for my subconscious, and he had appeared as an old guy. I’d really been looking for how he appeared the first two times I met him, so I decided to tell him that I didn’t want an old guy like he’d showed up as in some low lucids. After repeating it a few more times, he became a brown-haired teenager. He didn’t look like how I’d first seen him, so I commented on how his hair was short this time. I told him a few times to make his hair long, and finally he agreed. Still not satisfied, I told him he’d had a ponytail before. He started looking for a hair tie, but there was one on my wrist, and I gave it to him, and he pulled it back.

In another FLD recently I had an empty bucket from a golf course. I didn’t want pay for the golf balls that would fill it, so I hid around the other side of the building and told my dream that I wanted golf balls in my bucket. I was even looking at it as I saw the bucket suddenly become filled with golf balls. Later in the dream some random DCs took those while I was hiding, so I created a new bucket and more golf balls in the same fashion.

I’d never wanted to verbally tell my dream what I wanted, but even in FLDs I’ve been doing so now. It’s been working pretty nicely the few times I’ve tried, so I’m planning to do so more in the future. Since it’s working while I’m even looking where I want things to appear, I’m planning to use it for some environment changes as well (that is, if I accomplish my birthday goal tonight).

So in your case, if I wanted an apple, I’d probably say something like “I want an apple” or “Give me an apple” and watch my hand.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :content:

Spawning them right in front of your eyes can be hard. Expect that they are at a spot then go to that spot, like in a box or behind a door.

Thanks for all the experiences and tips. This motivates a lot to keep investing time in lucide dreaming. I will keep you all up to date on my progresses.
Tips and experiences are still welcome!

In a not so much, ‘creating objects’ but more like ‘finding objects’, try accessing your ‘hammerspace’
Basically what hammerspace is, is an area somewhere on or near you that you can reach into and pull out an object, any object. so caled hammerspace because in cartoons people pull giant hammers out of their pockets. In this way you could try thinking more about finding an object around you than actualy making it from nothing.
Hope it helps you out. :smile: