How to differentiate between HH and dream?

So, just a quick question: Is there any way to differentiate between HH and actual dreams?
I’m asking because sometimes I don’t know for sure if what I remember are only long and vivid HH or really a dream…

the answer is simple, but I’m not sure it’s enough:

  1. A dream has much more immersion than HH, you can feel you there, inside the dream scenario as you would feel being immersed in the real world.
  2. HHs are usually limited to hearing and sight, in real dreams, you can have tactile and taste senses.
  3. In a real dream you can move your body as you would in real life, you also have sense of equilibrium and is able to tell when you are standing up or sitting down.

HH are similar to watching a TV, but they can have interactivity.

You will feel when you are in a dream. Being in a dream is a total different sensation than just watching HH. As Tggtt said, senses like touch, taste and smell are good signs that you are inside a dream. You will also notice that you have a dream body, while during HH you don’t have a dream body.

Thanks a lot :smile:
I can’t do much with the “all senses are present in a dream” since I experience them rarely but when I think now about it after reading both responses, I’m always DO in my HH’s. I’ll pay more attention whether I have a dream body when I have trouble to differentiate again :content:
Once more, thanks to both of you!