how to escape the void if your trapped within it

i have found my self here alot of times, once i even slowed down time which was kind of a mistake, because i soon found my self within the void with extended time! the void can be peaceful at times but also extremly spooky and scary.
the void is like a dememsion of darkness that extends forever.
well anyway, when i found my self there with extended time, i somehow managed to bring a few dc’s with me aswell… and because of this one particuler dc who somehow had a lighter in his possesion, tired useing it, and i watched as the lighter quickly Extinguished, and watched the sparks fly off in all directions. the dc
disappeared, and i was alone.
i do not know how long i was there, it felt like a few hours to be honest
but i did a meditation while there and soon got extremly bored! and wanted out!!!
but i wasnt sure how to get out i was trapped!!! i tried willing my self out i tried teleporting!! nothing was working.
i then remembered the lighter…
i started to think, where did the sparks go? were they rejected from the void?
i didnt think it would hurt so i tried transforming completly to fire.
i heard a very strange wooshing sound, the next im on the outter rim of the void
i hope this helps, this works for me, but it may not work for everyone.

This seems interesting, yet scary at the same time :scared: I’ve never experenced it before.

Is the void like a vortex? Or is it just blackness surrounding you?

not many people even find themselve this deep within themselves…
its like not even existing at all and then suddenly your back… and then ur juss like dubTF… near death expeirences will bring you here, the void that iz…

I have definetely been in the void after a lucid dream. One time I was there for a very long time and I became convinced I had died in my sleep and this was the end of it all. Not a pleasant experience at all and I was very glad when I finally woke up after quite some time.

focus on your third eye, the eyebrow center, will yourself to come into body there.

All this talk of the void is making me curious.

The “void” is probably a lucid experience in non-rem sleep :cool: At least, that is what my own experience makes me believe, i would like to see some scientific material on this. I can find myself in a black emptyness after a teleport that goes wrong in a LD, or while falling asleep in an insomnia period where the lucidity can be perfect. The most effective way i have found to wake up, also from this, is to blink my eyes hard and force them open. It can result in sleep paralysis, but that only lasts for a few seconds. It feels almost like the environment “failed to load”…does that make sense?

Could it be that the experience of time is different in non rem sleep? We don’t usually know how much time has passed after waking up from sleep. A sleep ycle lasts for 90 minutes, would that also make it physically impossible to stay in the void for longer than that?

wow! a new topic — :woo: i just don’t stop learning in life! hahaa!!! thanks for posting and i don’t know if i wanna try it cuz seems scary to be stuck inn Void… it is also cool that time can be sloweedd :wink: life is too good to be true! haha

This, my friends, is glitch city.
As siiw pointed out, “The environment ‘failed to load’” maybe, you go out of bounds.
Have you ever played a video game, and fall out of bounds, into, a usually black void? That may be it… maybe…