How to Fight

Well, I’m sure the thread title really got you interested. Now hold on for a second: This thread is mearly for entertainment only, the information found here is not to encourage someone to go out and pick a fight. The reason I created this thread is of pure curiousity about talking with others of the art of fist-fighting.

Now, I myself do not fight anymore. I used to box for a year a few years back to lose weight and get into shape, which I did. This year I worked out at a gym and even more fine-tuned myself. I’m 167-169cm long and weigh 58.5 kg (no matter what I do to gain weight I just can’t anymore, since I consider myself under-weight even if I don’t look it).

What’s that you say? What did I mean by “do not fight ANYMORE?” Yes, I used to be quite a fight-fueled person around a year back, I even have a scar next to my top-left eyebrow to show for it (which came from a bottle but that’s another story). A while ago I noticed that fighting definately isn’t worth it, and it doesn’t solve anything. But damn, sometimes - there is no other option except TO fight, which brings us to this thread.

Personally, I have a “vision” of seeing peoples nerve-spots (places that would hurt if touched) and I’m not sure if it’s due to research I’ve done or simply due to some kinky biological mutation…

I’m sure many of you will post stuff like “I never fight and I think it’s horrible to even discuss it.” Now, I agree on the “it’s horrible” but being unprepared for something that will definately happen AT LEAST once in your life is ignorant.

But, reading this thread and peoples advice will not make you a better fighter if you don’t know anything about it beforehand. If this thread gets you interested in improving your physical well-being by going to contact sports such as Kung-Fu or boxing, then good for you.


Personally, my view is that no matter how strong someone is, their two main weak spots are their face and genitals, the latter which I try not to harm except if he really deserves it. To really injure someone on the chest or arms, you have to hit him with enough strength (or enough times) that his muscle becomes sore and hard to use, like after a hard work-out or something heavy falls onto your arm and it hurts to move it).

I also deviate from hitting anyone in the mouth, since I respect others dental hygiene (no, seriously… I think this is due to the fact that dentists drilled my teeth at a young age without pain-relieving injections).

I rarely kick in fights, due to the fact that it’s a hard thing to learn. I do use my knee at times to hit their abs and knock their wind out, because usually then we’re close to each other (if not supporting each others balances by holding each other from the elbow which I try and avoid… simply for limited movement). If you are able to kick someone in the head, then great for you - personally I can’t, so I resort to fists.

The key principle, in my opinion, with using fists is that you clunch your fist as hard as you can, with your thumb resting ontop of the other fingers tightly. When you hit someone, keep your wrist straight, aiming with your middle-finger knuckle.

Why much information cannot be given about what to do in certain positions is because it really depends in what position you and your enemy is at. Usually as they punch their kindneys are vulnerable to attack, aswell as their face. Don’t be scared to use your head to headbutt them, as this can be a very serious attack (but try not to kill them, just try and beat them that they leave you alone).

Always when fighting try and keep your stomach tightened, since a blow there can knock your wind out and seriously impair you from blocking anything they throw at you after that…

Getting out of locks is also an important thing. Many head-lock people when possible to quickly solve the fight (aka beat the hell out of the opponent). My primary defense is to squiggle my head out of the lock, when not possible you can bite their arm (hey, it’s his fault that he head-locked you, he should follow the consequences!), trip them, use your hands to squeeze his abdominal area (this is also good for then throwing him off balance), etc. it’s really more of how imanigative you are.

EDIT: Also don’t be shy to use fishhooks (using your index finger in their mouth to pull his cheeck upwards - lots of pain), or poking his eye with your finger(s), just don’t make him/her blind.

When someone is attacking you (like throwing a punch), the best is to deflect it with the arm opposite to his (he swings with left, you deflect with right), and immidiately swing back at hit with the other hand, straight into his nose.

  • As a side comment, I’d just like to say that if you’re in a fight trying to recollect this stuff like “Ok he’s hitting me with the left so I should… POW!” As you see, it just doesn’t work. Fighting is instinctual and sometime to be practiced over and over to become good at. -

Fighting is also a great deal psychological. If a man is big and appears strong, he’s intimidating. That might not make him a good fighter. The fact that he might of studied kick-boxing for 9 years doesn’t matter. He might of been the shittiest fuck they ever saw there and never advanced during that 9 years, but it’s irrelevant. If you go into a fight head-high and compose yourself properly than you have the upper-hand - especially if he starts the fight and you’re insulting him infront of others about the stupidity of the situation but mockingly.

If you hold your arms like the old Brits did while boxing and generally waltzing around like you have no idea what you’re doing he has the upper-hand.

Always stay in place, face your enemy, and be ready for anything (even if his head flies open and a UFO comes out… seriously).


Group fights are a league of their own. They’re usually so ridiculous that its not even really a fight. 2-20 guys with one or two leader figures who they themselves are chicken shit (this is pretty obvious when they bring more than one to a one-man fight), so if they come with a group and you’re alone then don’t even bother, just run away.

Now if there’s… let’s say 5 of you and 7 of them and you’re fighting. There’s so much going on it’s impossible to realize what the fuck is going on. My advice? Just fight em one by one, don’t try any Jet Li/Bruce Lee stuff by attacking three at a time… doesn’t work like that.


Here was a very brief and not very thorough explination of fighting from me… definately this information is very coarse and not easily adaptable but hey, it’s meant to start a conversation - not be one on its own. Questions are always welcome, I’m happy to go deeper into the subject, but if confronted in a real-life situation and your only fighting “experience” is what I posted here - just run, do my concience a favor.

Using any of this information to your advantage can get you in trouble with the law, relatives and friends so I suggest you don’t, and if you choose to use this information to your advatage, you take your risks - I am not responsible for anything that results from using this information.

I find that anyone who wants to fight is usually just trying to show off, and just be a macho ***hole. Example - last year in school, I was on the second floor and dropped a pen cap. . . The little tiny thing on a pen, and it clipped the soldier of somebody on the bottom floor. He and his “thugs” came upstairs immediately and started saying stuff like “yo you messin’ wit my crew? Cause if you messin with my crew, you messin with me! You wanna go bitch?” and it just kept going on for a long time. I generally like to insult the intelligence of these people, and throw logic in their faces, but in truth it doesn’t help me out at all. I prove them wrong and make them feel stupid, which increases there desire to punch my face in. Thats about the point when I sneak away.

Good going - people like that really piss me off.

If you want - pull a dope-fiend! :happy:

Go up to him, look down humbly and start explaining how sorry you are and when he least expects it - pull an upper hook jab into his face.

I never fight and I think it’s horrible to even discuss it… (joking)
Although I don’t fight (because I probibly wouldn’t survive 2 minutes) I see how it can happen. I mean really, something as innocent as a pen lid :alien: that was really funny, but I think I probibly should take some sort of self defence course soon just so that I can fight if I have to.

Luckily never had to fight in my whole life. And I hope this will stay so forever. But you never know, I can think of situations where self-defence is the only option available. One day I’ll probably try out the tips described in this thread in a personal lucid dream self-defence course (no real damage possible in LDs :cool: ).

Iv’e never had to fight before… some close calls, but reason usually prevails.
One close call was when some Stoner came up to me said, “Got any money?”
“No” I said,
He started getting aggresive, insults (you know, standed stuff like “You mother Fer" and all that) I just said, “Would you piss off?” he said, "Thats it im gonna get my boys and beat the s out of you” And he walks off and I never see him again. I don’t know what came over me, I wasn’t thinking really, but I just had this feeling like this guy couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
Usually I fight with my freinds (purely for fun, not serious) and I find that if someone is throwing punches, the best thing to do is to just avoid them and wait for them to overextend themself’s, and when there trying to recover, just punch them in the back of the noggin’.
Also, putting your weight behind things is good I find.
Oh yeah, this is something iv’e heard about, the “Liverpool Kiss” basicly when someone approachs you, and you think things are gonna get phsical, while they are saying something, just headbutt them in the face and run for it, apparently it can break noses.