How to get back into dream journal and LDing

So I kept a dream journal. Then i moved to a different place and for a while i didnt keep a notebook by my bed and my night light thing wasnt working. Now it is, and i have a new journal open saying Day 1 (for each dream I write the day in which the dream journal started), but i havent been motivated to wake up from the dreams, secure them in my memory and write them down

I had one night a week and a half ago where I had 2 LDS in the night. How do I get back into it? Do you think taking melatonin would help? Some nights I take it and sometimes I dont.

If your blockade or lack of motivation feels the same as procrastination, then the following may help.

We procrastinate because thinking about the chore or homework or dream journal entry is causing a stimulus similar to that of pain in our brain. So in order to avoid this pain, we simply don’t do it. What helps is to focus on the process instead of the product. Don’t think about the dishes waiting to be washed, think about how you will devote 20 minutes of your time, from 9:00 to 9:20, standing in front of the kitchen sink with wet hands. Don’t think of the annoying essay you still have to finish by Monday, think about how you are sitting at your desk Saturday and Sunday morning writing stuff up. Don’t think about your DJ that lies open with “Day 1“ glaring at you, think about how next morning you will be writing in it with the beautiful color of your pen.

Notice that I also linked a specific time with each process to make sure when it’s going to happen. If you form an intent with this specific detail laid out, it’s harder to postpone it. Also what helps is to think ahead a little: With which excuses can you possibly come up on the spot when you were supposed to write down your dreams that prevent you from doing it? Then counter those excuses well in advance.

Argh the pen is on the desk and I have to get up first to get it? Put it on your nightstand the night before.
The light is too dim to see anything? Open your curtain slightly before going to bed do you will have sunlight in your room the next morning (I sometimes do that).
I’m too sleepy and always prefer to roll over back to sleep? Make the alarm really annoying and put it far away from bed so you must get up to shut it down.

Anything to help yourself is fair game. Notice I said “help yourself“, not “force yourself“. Dreaming is fun. No force necessary. But a little aid certainly can only make things better ^.^

What stops me is often, 1)the dream is a nightmare or not vividenough so i dont care if i remember, or 2) the dream is amazing and i dont want to get it wrong like if i dont write it down at 2 am it will slip away

Ah, so those are your concerns. Seems my first post got it completely wrong :sweat_smile:

If you don’t care to remember these dreams, why should your brain bother remembering any other dreams? If you make every dream count in your dream journal, even those you don’t cherish, it will also have a positive effect on the level of recall for the dreams that you do care about. I don’t actually know whether this is true or not. From my observations that seems to be the case though. Leave at least a note in your DJ and make an effort to pull more details out from the sieve of memory.

There’s no right or wrong with dream recall. Maybe true or false, but that doesn’t matter I think. You can write down whatever dream story you want in your dream journal and at any time that you feel like it. Yes, all the guides say that you have to write it down in the middle of the night if that’s when you first wake up from the dream. But it doesn’t make you a phony if you don’t! I myself never do that. And my recall is on a level I’m really fine with.

Just try to remember something that was catchy about the dream or that made you want to remember it. Or think of a dream title already under which you are going to write it down in the morning. With a little bit of practice and luck, it will come back even in the morning because you’ll remember that you had an awesome dream and can search for it in the back of your mind.


I wrote down a dream last night! It was weird, I owned a dolphin and an elephant but it was a tiny version, and for some reason I was in a basement and the water was filling up the room. I remember the essence of the dream but not much of the details

I think you are right that I should train my mind to remember all dreams. I bet some dreams that are boring or nightmares are still possibly messages from God.