How to get started?

Title changed. Was “Advice?”

Ok so a few years back I wanted to learn how to ld and I started keeping the journal and stuff and started practicing. After a while I think I gave up and moved on.

A few days ago I thought I should give it another go.I randomly started checking sites and I dont know if I actually ever did really give up and stuff.I dont know if it was actually LDing but when I think about it in dreams sometimes I know I’m dreaming but I just go along with the dream to see what happens.But I actually know I’m asleep and dreaming.I didnt actually know alot of the stuff before like WILD and MILD and all that stuff.Are there any clear like explenations of what you do.From what I understand WILD is when you like kinda think about something which you want to dream of while your falling asleep then it continues when you sleep and stuff.And MILD I dont think I actually understand right.If WILD is anything like what I think it is, thats something I do every night, but it never seems to end up anything of what I dream of? Those nights I tend to remember the dreams very very clearly.

I don’t really know where to start with getting back into the whole thing.LDing confuses me alot.I understand it but I have no idea how to get started.

Anyone wanna give me any advice?

well, it would be best if you were (somewhat) more specific, WILD means that only your body falls asleep, in which case you would have to stay awake during your deep sleep too,
and MILD means a memory induced lucid dream

oh right.WEll that would explain something.I always fall asleep.

Hmm well I don’t know.I just want advice on where to start and how to get into it.When I read through the posts here everyone seems to know everything about it.Even the beginners? I’m like wayyyy confused.

Just basically need someone to point me in the right direction.

Lalala Thanks mateys.

well, not all of them do, and i allso find out new stuf daily,
i know a lot about it but i’ve never succeeded YET,
though now i’m using a new method: i’m using WBTB together with autosuggestion(in order to achieve WBTB) and then i try to do WILD, i (according to WMC) got quite far but i gave up yesterday, i’m going to try again, i’ve got another notebook for these “nightly adventures”:stuck_out_tongue:

advice? there isn’t much except: try all the techniques, try WBTB because it increases your chances, RC a lot at one or more events(like every time you see a certain colour, every time you’r alone, every time you walk through a doorway etc) and improve your DR(if you don’t remember ND’s
this is personal experience, with something from the site:
and don’t confuse what i call “wake dreams” with REAL dreams
real dreams tend to be way more clearly then wake dreams
wake dreams tend to jump back sometimes, real dreams don’t

id you want to learn about all the techs just visit the main site and look for the tab HOW :wink:



That fits VILD’s description. :smile:

Hi emface__x!

You had a very recent “What is actually MILD?” topic just a few topics before yours. :tongue: There is a link inside towards the complete MILD explanation on the Lucidity Institute website.

And you can find general information about the main methods on the LD4all main page. Click the “How?” yellow button.

Anyway, WILD methods goal is to fall asleep consciously. There are differents WILD methods, like counting, repeating a mantra, watching phosphenes, the Suneye method, the rope method, etc. DILD methods goal is to provoke lucidity in a normal dream. Main DILD methods are MILD, RC’ing, VILD, finding his hands, etc. Most of them have their BIG sticky topic in the Quest for Lucidity subforum, and you can find a link toward others in the “All new methods” sticky topic.

And we made a sticky “LD FAQ” where you can read:

It’s in this very section, just few topics above!

So please search through the forum before you ask such questions! :cry: