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So what is this MILD everyone keeps talking about?

Is it like telling yourself before you go to sleep that you will have a lucid dream? Totally confused and would love it if someone could post their MILD techniques here so I may get some help on this.

Look at the menu bar at top. Then click at ‘how’, select ‘inducing’ from the menu, and scroll down a little, and you have it!

Why can’t newbies simply just look through this site? It’s so annoying when they ask question which can be answered simply by clicking on the menu bar on top :grrr:

I think confusion’s question is perfectly reasonable.

The info at the top is useful but not necessarily the be all and end all of the matter.

One thing i’m not clear on is why MILD should work better after you’ve just been to sleep.
And what is the real difference between a MILD and a WILD - i can’t really see the difference.

In WILDs, you are consisous all the time (or almost all the time) from you fall asleep to you start to dream, but in MILD, you say to youself that you will know when you are dreaming, and then fall sleep unconsisously and start dreaming. And sooner or later, you remember your intention of knowing that you are dreaming, do a RC, and start LDing. :cool_laugh: It’s just like when you are going to the shop. Just before you leave from home, you memorize that you are going to buy milk, butter and bread. And then you forget all about this, but when you arrive at the shop, you remember it all again.

But I agree that MILDs and WILDs can be hard to differ, because sometimes MILDs can become somewhat like WILDs, and vice versa :wink:

And to add to LucidityX1000’s post: MILD is technique to get yourself lucid, if you succeed, you get DILD.
You can still use mild if you’re trying to get wild, it’s somekind of insurance… if you fail with it (wild I mean), you can still get dild later on after you have gone to sleep.
Or if you’re lucky you can accidentally wake up shortly during sleep, and because of mild, it’s still possible to get wild. You don’t need to be awake for long time, just few seconds can do it. Of course, in this case you won’t go wild though hypnagogics, but via obe-like sensations, which is nice. :smile:
I always wake up in the night (wild is impossible to get in the evening unlike dild) and I do the mild things (“Soon I’ll be dreaming, and I notice that I’m sleeping…”

is it neccessary to focus on the centre of ur head and stuff? cos i dnno… it just seems to be an added extra that doesnt help allot. Hopefully i LD 2nite, or come close, ill make sure i spin around. :happy: my main problem is, i feel a lack of actual power when things get fuzzy and stuff… its a confused state i get in and rapidly ‘drop’ from. (these situations are from BEFORE id heard of lucid dreaming, maybe ill have better luck now)

Well … i am not the specialist in this topic but from my point of view and from knowing what happened to me this morning (have a look at my thread …), to me it seems as if it was some kind of direct transformation to sleep. I did not tell myself that there will be a LD , than slept , then dreamed , then realised that it was a dream. This is what somebody here has written. What i experienced was a slow move towards dreaming and sleeping. At no time i slept without dreaming , and at no time i dreamed without knowing that i dreamed.

MILD’s, i think, seem to come second rate to WILDS. just look at the difference of replies for the wild topic. i actually prefer MILDS mostly because its been responsible for most of my ld’s and it can be used all the time. WILDS, on the other hand, in my experience, seem to be something you have to wait for, and trying to induce them is too much. thats not to say don’t take the opportunities as they come though. i few times i had gotten lucky enough it seemed that the most delicate occurrance can screw it up, even thinking the wrong way can conjure up some scary feelings. nonetheless, even when i do ride these through sometimes the WILD will just stop.

The way I used MILD was I would set my alarm clock to go off 4 to 5 hours after I am sleeping. The alarm clock would wake me and I would reset it to go off an hour or two later than go straight back to sleep. And do that a few times in the night. When going back to sleep each time I would go back to sleep wanting a lucid dream too as well. After about a week it became apart of my sleep pattern. I would wake up atleast 3 to 4 times a night and go straight back to sleep usually. That induced hundreds of DILD’s for me. The reason I believe this worked so well was because every time you wake up you can clear your mind and get lds back on your mind. So if you wake up enough and keep thinking about lds you are usually bound to having one sometime. I’m not sure if this works for most people or not, but it worked the best for me.

This technique usually works for me on the weekend, as I can stay in bed till 9:00. I will usually wake up about 3 or 4 times between 7:00 and 9:00, which leaves plenty of opportunity to try MILD, often with success…

The only lucid dreams I’ve had are as a result of MILD, but nobody ever seems to post here. What are other people’s opinions on this technique - and why does nobody ever want to talk/ask about it?

It’s not that nobody wants to talk about it, it’s just that I guess MILD is pretty self-explanitary.

When people are first learning about Lucid Dreaming, they can’t help but think about it while they are lying there waiting to go to sleep. Since this is really all you have to do, there isn’t a lot of oppertunity for home-made theories about how to make it work better.

Besides, MILD is something that you can do every night, regardless of how many other techniques you’re trying to stuff into each day/night.

It’s a classic method from Stephen himself, and you can find descriptions of it anywhere. What more do you want to know? :smile:

Well, what about developing prospective memory etc? MILD isn’t just as simple as lying there thinking about it, you have to remember to remember you are dreaming. Some people can’t even remember to do things when they’re awake! I think if people concentrated on developing their prospective memory, they could have incredible success with this technique.

i usually find that surfing this forum for half an hour or so before bed gets me thinking about LD’s and in dream serveral time something would remind me of LD’s and i’d do a reality check out of curiosity, and they usually work,

it the same principal than the way you usually dream about what happened during your day, if you think about LD’s alot you will become better at dreaming about them, which inturn increaces your chance of becoming lucid.

I do MILD every morning at 4:00 and this often causes me to dream about lucid dreams, or have fake lucid dreams - but not actually become lucid.

The problem I have is falling asleep with my mind concentrating on one idea - I can only fall asleep when I let my mind wander (in fact usually I can’t stop it wandering and then I fall asleep). Once, it worked because I managed to fall asleep with the ‘mantra’ as the last thing on my mind.

Can anyone give me any advice about falling asleep while repeating the phrase, or any modified versions of this technique which might be easier? Thanks

Obviously nobody wants to talk about MILD :sad:

Actually, it looks like all the sticky topics are getting a bit of a rest at the moment. If anyone has any questions, ask away!..please :grin:

I just posted a question, it’s the last post on page one. that’s why I made that comment - because nobody was answering!

When attempting a MILD, you don’t actually have to fall asleep thinking about LDs. It probably helps, but according to the FAQ on the idea is just to repeat for as long as it takes to ‘set’ your mind with the intention to have a LD.

If you’re dreaming about LDs and having FAs, then you are probably getting pretty close. It’s frustrating to be that close and still fail, but at least it tells that your mind is infested with the idea of LDs, which is always a good thing.

A study was conducted a while ago to determine the easiest way to get to sleep. They told one guy to count sheep, and two others to do different things (Sorry, this was posted here a little while ago by someone else and I can’t remember how it went). Anyway, the guy counting sheep took the longest to fall asleep because counting things (or repeating a phrase) keeps the mind active.

Just do it for 10 minutes, then relax and fall asleep.

The MILD procedures requires that your ‘intention is set’ - but what exactly does this mean and how do you know how long it takes/whether it has happened?

ALso - isn’t it possible to set your intention without repeating a boring phrase again and again, ie. thinking entirely about your intention to remembering you are dreaming instead.

I really want to develop this method because, although it seems difficult, in the long run it will hopefully lead to a reliable method I can use when I want.