Do you agree that without the technique “stalking” described in the books of Carlos Castaneda, it is almost impossible to dream consciously?

Sorry, but i dont know the theory of stalking and becouse of my geografical position ( Portugal), i cant afford that book…
Could you please do a feedback about that stalking thing :smile: ?

This is insane, I can’t take this anymore, this is a lucid dreaming forum so people can LD WITHOUT THE METHOD! I can’t believe you found this forum and think only one method works for everyone, can you READ? This is becoming to much, i’m sorry to be rude but PLEASE READ, and its also obvious that everyone doesnt have that book, so YES IT IT POSSIBLE TO DREAM CONSCIOUSLY WITHOUT THAT METHOD! Plus many here have reached LD without even KNOWING about that book, including myself. Sorry for coming off mean… just please RESEARCH before posting something like this.

Well, I’ve read some castaneda’s books, and it was my first contact with the LD world. But I haven’t used this tech ever, and even so I got my first LD some nights ago.
Castaneda’s literature can be very interesting when you’re looking for some answers of the OTHER world. Yes, at least for me. I’ve confirmed that the dreamworld is another REAL world, in which one can feel all senses and some other more.
The Nagual has much to teach us. We just have to be open to learn.

My friend from Portugal, I guess their books are available in your country, since there is a portuguese version of the collection. Look for “A ERVA DO DIABO, UMA ESTRANHA REALIDADE, PORTA PARA O INFINITO” and some other more. For further info about Castaneda, go to, a great brazilian forum.

Peace and Light

What excactly is the technique of stalking?..if you dont mind me asking.

I’m confused, what exactly is “the method”?? I’m curious if I can add another method to my list… and teo, please look around the sticky topics in “Lucidity Intro” for more on how to lucid dream with other methods than the one you have learned… and Salu_Lucid, he’s just a newbie, jeeze! I understand you’re frustrated about people not reading before they post, but don’t explode like that… it’s bad for your health.

please use these links to learn more on how to lucid dream with other methods: Lucidity Tips… MILD, a method to use. WBTB, a method to use.

A brief description of MILD and WBTB to get you started before reading the topics:

MILD = Telling yourself you will have a lucid dream (in your head, not aloud) before you go to bed for at least 5 minutes. Use a repeating phrase such as “I will have a lucid dream tonight”.

WBTB = Waking up after 5-8 hours of sleep, getting out of bed and staying up for anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours and then going back to bed! It’s preferable that you browse this forum or do something else related to lucid dreaming during your uptime, but it is not required. This is best combined with MILD, most people have amazing results with this combination. WBTB Significantly increases your chance of a lucid dream, and using MILD in conjunction with it puts you at pretty darn good odds if you’re planning to sleep an hour or more after your WBTB session.

I am copying this for future purposes so I don’t have to type this PIECE OF CRAP again.
Anyways, heres a few more techniques you can use if the above MILD/WBTB combination doesnt work out good (try it at least a few times)

Reality Check = Check if you are dreaming. HIGHLY recommended for all beginners to do once every hour or so… the more reality checks the better chance you will do one in a dream! Examples of reality checks are:
Holding your nose and then trying to breathe through it (my personal favorite)
Reading something, then looking away, then trying to read it again to see if it changed (clocks work with this pretty well)
Turning on a light switch. Light switches rarely work in dreams for some reason.

You are researching these topics on your fudging own:

WILD = Going into a lucid dream directly. (Staying conscious while you are sleeping until your lucid dream starts.
VILD = Pedro’s version of WILD… many people who can visualize things well have had lots of success with it.
That’s all I remember for now, except if you happen to be a girl I think Ria (maybe Rio??? or something like that) proposed masturbating repeatedly until you can masturbate no more, drop down into an involuntary swoon, and enter a lucid dream… but er, I don’t recommend that because no one else besides Ria has confirmed its success… looks like a pretty sweet deal with or without the lucid dream…

ah yes, check out the lucid dreaming WIKI! … light=wiki