Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For The Aspiring Lucid Dreamer

I Made this one sticky and changed the title a little - feel free to add your own tips and this will become the lucidity intro - intro - :wink:
It also means that from now on all posts like : Do you have any tips on how to get started will be locked and directed to this one.

This post is to help newbies with advice from my own expirence.
First - Get a dream journal to show your interest in dreaming Be able to remeber one dream a night before moving on.
Second - Practice RC’s and MILD techniques to get used to check if you are dreaming.
Third - This method has worked for me abou 85% of the time. Go to bed for six hours then stay awake for one. Then go back asleep for two hours. While waiting an hour read about lucid dreaming or look over your previous dreams. And as you fall asleep repeat Im dreaming over and over agian.
Four - Dont give up. Practice every night and soon you will have it in no time.
I hope this helps.


thanks for putting them all together! :smile: I cant wait till my next LD (I hope it’s longer than a couple seconds :cool_laugh: ) I love LDing already :smile:

Great advice Fdroy!
If u dont mind, id like to add a few more pieces of advice^_^

  • have an intention(an intention to LD, do WILD…etc. If u dont have an intention, ex: flying in a lucid dream , u have no reason to do all of the above)
  • stay motivated because if u loose it, you wont ‘feel’ like exploring your dreams anymore
  • have FUn !!!

Hey there. I’m quite new in the LDing business, though I believe I’ve passed the first stage. My dream recall is pretty good, and I already have many dreams written down :smile:

I wanted to ask about the second stage. Do you think that MILDs should be practiced first, before moving on to WILDs? Or should they be combined, like trying MILDs in the night and WILDs in afternoon naps?
And also, is there a better way to remind yourself of having Reality Checks? I find myself doing them very scarcely…

Thanks :wink:

I personally am not sure which method sghould be tryied first, although I think MILD is easier to do. Do u know what WILD and MILD are? If not just ask and ill tell u the best way i can^^. Anyways, u can actually try BOth of them in one night! This is what u do:
-before u actually fall asleep, tell yourself that u will have a lucid dream. Tell yourself this every couple of seconds. Do this until u do fall asleep(this is MILD). That same night(before going to sleep), u should set your alarm clock for 5:00am. When it goes off, get out of bed, and wake yourself up. When u are back in your bed, find a comfortable position that u will not need to move from(not moving is very important!). Then, while your eyes are closed, countdown from 100->0 and every 5 numbers tell yourself u will have a lucid dream. Dont forget to be aware of your thoughts!! Eventually u will have vibrations and u will slowly enter a dream in which with any luck u will be LuCiD in!(this is WILD).
These two methods seem to be the same but they arent. MILD-> when u tell yourself that u will have a lucid dream. WILD-> when u enter a dream consciously
I hope this helped!!^

It did :slight_smile: thanks!

According to what I understand, MILD is when you “set” up your dream in your mind before going to sleep, or after waking up in the night and going back to sleep again.
I have tried MILD and talking to myself before going to sleep. I told myself stuff like “I will remember my dreams” or “I will have a lucid dream”, but it didn’t seem to work. I think the problem is that it usually takes me a lot of time before I fall asleep, because there’s always too much of noise in my house, even in evening-night hours. So it’s really difficult for me to try concentrating on falling asleep through self-commanding. I guess I kinda decided to stop doing it, because it got to be quite annoying, and I started doubting its effectiveness.

So should I try doing it again? Does it really help?

Thanks again :smile:

Yes i do think u should try doing it again. When and if u decide u want to give it anothey try, tell your family not not make too much noise! Tell them this keeps u up at night. Im sure without the noise, u will fall asleep faster^^. MILD helps because u are telling your brain to do something. Usually when u do this, your mind records it and does it eventually. If u do this regularly, u will probably remember your dreams without even knowing it because u were always telling yourself to remember doing this.
So again, id say u should give the MILD mehod another try, see what happens this time^
^. Alright? Good!

If your family is making too much noise i would advise putting on headphones and playing chinese feng shui music (i recommend the serpent music if you can find it) it really helps me fall asleep, and gives me some pretty interesting dreams :grin: . Hope i’ll be able to go to lding soon :wink:

My family makes a lot of noise, so I should think about investing into a pair of headphones and some mystical music.

Earplugs work well for me. Even when there isn’t really that much noise in my house they make me feel more contained in my head so that it’s easier to get into a meditative state. Hard to explain but I think you know what I mean.

My advice to anyone new is to read as much as you can about LDing. The way I got my first one was by reading Patricia Garfield’s Creative Dreaming before I went to bed. She made lucid dreaming sound easy so I had one that very night, the first time I heard about them. I think it helps to take an additude of, oh this is something I can do, no problem.

The other thing I like to do is dream incubation which is when you tell yourself what you’re going to dream about. This is how most of my LDs happen. I just relax and then tell myself for example “tonight I will dream about cake.” Then I will have a dream about cake. I do the same thing with, “tonight I will have a lucid dream.”

i have been lucid dreaming since i was 10.i dont do reality checks it’s just when things get 2 far fetched like using dbz powers against a giant baby then i realixe what happening and get on with the lucidity.i’m gonna use it for pratice on asking a girl i like out.

Damn it !

I woke up right after I became lucid last night…

Maybe I was just too excited or something.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening ?

i read the MILD and WILD stuff but still don’t get how to do them at all…

I mean seriously how do you know what you are doing is what you’re supposed to be doing? I think there should be like more detail in the explanations… I keep seeing them but i don’t get any of them except the waking up in the middle of the night thingbut I can’t do that or my mom will get mad at me for setting the alarm.

Hey do DreamBurgers taste good?

LOL. Most definately! Try a trip to Europe for breakfast then fly on over to a South Pacific Island for a sunset BBQ on the beach and have a feast with family or friends along. If you are into occasional fasting, these are nice suprises if they are dreamt…you are satisfied when you awake and the fast is easier to handle “one more day”.


fdoyon, i already have a topic about staying asleep. its called, well, staying asleep? . hey elvin, tell us what happens! :wink:

Hello fellow dreamers…
Looking for advice… for about 7 months (with occasionally breaks), I have been reading and working on LD’ing, and seem to be doing most everything according to most of the advice out there… lots of RC’s (recently I’ve had my watch set to beep every half-hour to trigger them), MILD, naps, dream journal, NovaDreamer… but not much success so far… anyone have any “get unstuck” tips?


hey Sruthan :slight_smile:

It looks like u have done just about everything there IS to ensure that u have a LD soon. All i can say is BE PATIENT and have a really good intent of having a LD. Dont try TOOO hard…just let it happen. Continue what u are doing (which is absolutely GrEaT BTW) and sooner or later u will have a LD…trust me…i know. B4 u go to sleep do MILD, have a good intent of having a LD and think of what u might do in your dream if u get Lucid…and with luck u Will become lucid.
I wish u the very best of luck…and remember…it has to happen SomeTiMe^_~

Well it depends on the reason you woke up. It may have just been that you were near the end of the dream and about to wake up anyway. If it was that you were too excited, then staying lucid is as simple as staying calm. Its get alot easier once you’re a bit used to it, most people wake up soon afterwards like you did when they first start out, so just keep at it and you’ll be there before you know it. :smile:

My problem that keeps me from having lucid dreams right now seems to be that everytime i realise i am dreaming (which happens about once every week) the dream immidietly blacks out and i feel sort of like i am floating without any gravity. And after a couple of seconds of that i wake up :sad:

Lastnight i dreamt i was in a clothing shop. And the manager or someone who worked there said loudly: “It is 22:00”. Considering the weird time to be in a shop like that realised i was dreaming. Then it blacked out and i woke for a sec before falling back to sleep.

What do you think, am i waking up because of the LD or am i having an LD because i am about to wake up? Maybe i should aim to have LD’s earlier in the night? I think the ones i get now is in the morning right before im about to wake up. Or do you think there is anythign you can do in 2-3 secs that brings you back in a visual scene again?

Hi ancient_pretzel_monster^_^

Hmm…thats weird. Well what i suggest u do as SoOn as u become lucid is try and rub your hands together. This increased lucidity. Also, u might want to try spinning in your dream too as soon as u become lucid. If thats not enough then maybe u should search this forum for ways to increase lucidity.
Hope this has helped^_~
Good luck :content: