Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For Aspiring Lucid Dreamers II

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I had been in a rut lately with dream recall too, so I put up little signs in several places I am likely to look if I wake at night or in the morning. I tried to make them dual-purpose, i.e. “Are you dreaming? JOURNAL!” so that it prompts a reality check and dream recall by journaling. It’s working so far… I had my most elaborate dream recall in several weeks last night.

I’m remembering about 1 dream per night now becuase i’m just starting up on my dream work. Hopefully I’ll be able to recall more. The more you practice, the more you’ll remeber. How many dreams do you guys remember on average, for those who just wake up and remember their dreams in the morning, not those who wake up every few hours to record dreams?

hshahahaha none. I know. I’ve been a bad lucid dreamer.

k… perhaps strange nitpicky question, but im trying to keep track of the number of dreams im remembering and…
how do you guys count the number of dreams when you wake up and remember dream snippets that may seem mostly unconnected. If I recall a different dream on a separate times of awakening, I can definitely call that two dreams… but if I wake up once, and remember what sorta seems like two dreams, I usually call it one because my dreams often change location/characters/etc in medias res making one dream seem like two, but probably continuous in time.
Perhaps im just making this too complicated, but do any of you ever deal with this question?


Actually, Sruthan, you’re question isn’t at all nitpicky. It’s important to keep your dream journal as accurate as possible. I only include two dreams as one only if I’m sure they’re connected. If not, I count them as completly seperate dreams. In my online journal, I have a section which I call Dream Fragments for dreams that are too short to stand alone.

I tend to divide dreams by subject. It’s extremely difficult (probably impossible) to recall which REM period a certain dream occurred in, because we aren’t conscious during the transition to and from deep sleep. So, if one dream changes setting, characters and plot, I consider it to be a separate dream – even if they all occurred in the final 30 minutes of the night, and were all part of a single REM period.

Anyway, it’s not about the number of individual dreams you can count, it’s how vivid each one remains in memory. You might only remember a single dream, but it could be huge and packed with detail, lasting for seemingly hours.

As a side note, if you find you can’t recall much each morning, I strongly recommend waking up a few times during the night (if convenient). Just scribble a few words down, and go straight back to sleep. At least you won’t entirely forget the earlier dreams of the night this way.

I’m extremely new to the concept of lucid dreaming…I just started looking into it a few days ago but my first night, I had very considerable success recalling my dreams, which I’ve never really done.

Before sleeping, I just repeated to myself that I was going to awaken after I dream and write them down in my journal which I had prepared right beside my bed.

Sure enough, I woke up about 4 hours later (no alarm) and I remembered 3 dreams in great detail. I had to piece them together because immediately upon awakening, I could only remember a few snapshots from each but after lying there for a few seconds in the dark and without moving, they came to me rather quickly. I then grabbed my journal and made my first entry. However, I didn’t remember any upon awakening with my alarm…or I didn’t feel like putting effort into it.

I strongly suggest going to bed early enough so you don’t have to wake up with an alarm. This will help you to awaken naturally and unstartled (unless it was a dream that awakened you!)

I have yet to have and LD though but today I’ve done more RC’s than I can count…probably about 20 so far…although it seems like I’ve been in a constant state of reality check, taking nothing for granted today.

Well, I’ve restarted on my dream journal and I’m back up to 2 dreams a night remembered. Usually whenever I wake up I try to write down key words (the keywords for this morning’s entry were “Milk” and “Mall” followed by something I can’t read. Always make sure you’re writing clearly in the dark or you’ll regret it. I remember the milk dream, but not the mall dream. Man. Never mind, just one dream a night. Recently I’ve been writing down only keywords for a dream and writing a full entry right before bed. Seems to work well as it focuses my mind on dreaming right before bed. 2 birds with one stone… the downside is that I have to make sure I remember the dream…

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ya, that would be tough for me unless I had already remembered the dream in its entirety at a previous time…

I do put on a little light beside the bed when I’m going to write a dream. Doesn’t bother me…

Hm… try scanning around your mind for memories. Don’t force it too hard, just think of some common dream signs. It’s hard to explain. I just let my mind go blank for a few seconds and then ask myself for some memories. Once in a while I get a fragment of the dream. Then it’s like Minesweeper, you know? think about what happened before and after the fragment and it comes back. Of course sometimes you hit a bomb and that’s as far as your memory goes. Half of the time I can’t go further than a fragment or two, but sometimes I get good stuff. Then i write down the signs. All of this takes me about a minute or two.

Dream Recall is a learned skill, at first it may be diffcult but relitivly soon it will become quite easy. Also with minesweeper thing you will also get better and better at it as you practice. It took me roughly 2-3 weeks and then I was remember 1,2,3 or more dreams per night.

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Usually when i wake up in the morning after sleeping straight through the night I remember a tiny bit maybe just a picture in my head from dreams earlier in the night, but i can remember the dreams from later in the night a lot better. I’ve found that setting an alarm of some sort and waking up in the middle of the night and writing about the dreams I’ve had, and then going back to sleep and waiting till the morning for more dreams helps to better account for all the dreams I have. If you just sleep straight through and hope you can remember them all, you are wasting away half of your escape.

My name is dom and i have been intrested in Lucid dreaming since i was about 5 when i had my first "I was dreaming and my dad was in this dream, then for no apparent reason i opened my eyes and shut them i was still in my dream, i told my dad ‘DREAM DAD’ i was dreaming i then tried opening my eyes again and shutting them i couldn’t get back in my dream…
years gone by i have had a few incounters with lucidity in dreams since but i awoke almost stright away. it was not till recently i cought the end of a program on tv i dont even know what the program was but it described the same sort of thing and also that they were called ‘Lucid Dreams’ it is from there i have been researching it iv had very little luck so far but ‘If at first you dont succeed try try again’ i would like to talk about it with people that understand the erge/obsession/wantingness! to dream lucidly…

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For the past 2 weeks ive been recalling 2-3 dreams per night, this is a big step for me because before this i really could not recall any of my dreams.
i want to thank everyone who posts here because it has really helped me along.

Well done DaturaSpectrum just me now then lmao any first hand tips for me :smile:

check my site out there’s a few bits on DREAMING!

nice site dom, you have more stuff on there than i was expecting :content:

well thankyou ‘No Poetic Device’ what was you expecting?
have you any info on LDing that i dont
would really help i feel stuck at the first herdle :smile:

Hello to all, I’m the newest newbie.

I have been interested in lucid dreaming for a very short time (about four days), as I just recently discovered its very existence. The past two nights I have remembered large parts of two dreams. How long would you think would be adequate for me to continue working on dream recall, or is that sufficient to be able to dream lucidly? (Sorry, I’m very anxious here :smile: )

Secondly, How well does the following reality check work? I write down the letter ‘B’ on my hand (the first letter of my name), and regularly look down at it, and say “B. Am I dreaming?” Again, my question is, how long does it take for this to become effective. Will it be easy to tell that I am in a dream?

Thanks to anyone who responds. This site is pretty darn cool.

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