Lucid Practice?

I was forum surfing and one of the pros said thay practise, is there a way to practice for lucidity?

Doing MILD and things like that every night.

WBTB every night and then WILD, ummm routine RC’s throughout the day help alot.

Just different things like that is probably what that meant by “practice”.

This whole forum contains lots of information about lots of practices to become lucid. I guess you’re new to the subject, so first thing you absolutely need is a good dream recall. Some might argue this, but if you can’t remember your dreams, how then would you know you’ve had a lucid dream? I’d say you should at least remember one dream a night. The BIG Remembering Dreams Topic part 2 can be found here (there’s always a link in the first post of that topic, referring to previous parts):

Next, you should start with basic LD induction techniques, such as doing reality checks, WBTB and MILD. Here are the BIG Topics about these practices:

Reality checks (part 2):
WBTB (part 2):
MILD (part 2):

Also check the Newbie Advice Topic, with helpful hints (part 2):

Browse the forum a little and if you need specific information about a specific technique, you could also use the “search” function (all above). Ofcourse you could also ask us if you have a question :content:

Good luck :smile:

Ok Thanks For all the help

Well, I can not add much to mystic’s post except to say that it is important to take all the exercises seriously and stay consistent.

Write something in your dream journal every morning. If you cant remember any dreams then write down what ever feelings you have when you wake up.

Do RC’s honestly. Seriously question if you are dreaming then use the RC to prove you are not.

Practice an induction technique every night.

Practice and you will see results. Lucid dreaming is not as hard as you think it is.

Good luck