The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part II

I think I had my first LD(Well I have had others but I didn’t know it was LDing at the time).
It was kind of disappointing though. I just looked in the mirror and realised that I had grown a foot in height in a couple of seconds so I was just like"…I’m dreaming!" But I was too excited or something because I fell through the floor, then I hovered back up on…hover boots I think. I was just trying to get back into the room. Then I turned to the bed and God-handed it shouting “Let there be a willing women on the bed!”. Instead, the bed turned purple. So I span and it went all black and I went into another dream for a couple of seconds. I forgot I was dreaming, then woke up.

hi all im new to this site and found it quiet interesting lol, erm were to start really, was this an ld dream , or were these ld dreams lol.

rightio ill start here, since from about 1 yr ago every month almost ill ahve a dream in the dream i get out of bed walk out of m bed room slowly to the stiars which in real life go down 5 ft turn onto a small landing then down another 3 ft, but int he dream the stairs are huge and i trip over nothing at all and start falling for ages, even tho i know in the dream that the stairs arnt that high and that i cudnt be falling this long, i hit the wall at the end of the fst 5 ft wke up in a startle and thats it, i think this one has something to do with me being scared on heights lmao i know im a pussy lol.

the other one i have every couple of months is were ill be outside my house on a small patch of grass, knowing its adream becasue everything is stopped the peeps in there cars, the people walking dogs etc and i wud be standing there thinkign to my self fly fly fly, and after about 5 mins of thinkign this i wud be lfited of my feet and my body wud be turned bellie down so i was facing teh floor about 5 ft of the ground i wud sorta glide a few feet forward then fall on my face and wake up lol.

even after waking up
i wud know it was a dream instantly because inside the dreams i wud jsut know it was a dream because i cudnt talk or effect ne of my actions.

so what do u tihnk i dunno how im doing this or how my sub concious is doing it.

BloodE: Hover boots and purple beds… LOL that was a LD allright :grin: The excitement is pretty normal in the beginning. It will improve in time and once you gain more experience :smile: Congrats on the LD!

The criterion by which you can determine whether or not you were lucid in a dream, is to ask yourself if you REALIZED it was a dream through rational selfawareness. From your account I’d say you weren’t lucid, but prelucid. You knew something wasn’t right, but it doesn’t sound like you really realized what it was about.

That’s a clear lucid, because you KNEW it was all a dream; you didn’t just say it, you actually were aware of what it meant, and that’s what lucidity is about.

thanks for your reply much aprecciated, what would you recomend for me as the next step???

If you have poor dream recall, I’d first work on that (by keeping a dream journal to start with… various tips for remembering dreams can be found in this topic: ). If you already have a good dream recall, I’d say you practice with RCs during the day, and perhaps, if you feel up to, practice WBTB combined with MILD. But you have to keep at it… it can take some time before this habit of practicing gives some results. However, these are pretty regular practices which can work very good, especially in the beginning. However, much depends on your motivation and intentions. I’d first read a little more. For instance, check out these threads:

Newbie Advice
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Hope this helped. If you have any questions, just shoot :wink:

Good luck!

thnx loads already reading

which is gd and im reading the others

hey jim :tongue:

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here! I’m Brandon.

So I’ve been learning and thinking about lucid dreaming for a couple of months now. Well, finally recently I was closest to lucid dreaming than I’ve ever been! I was aways from home at a festival and…

In my dream I was on my computer and it started acting really funky. I picked up on how it was acting and realized I was dreaming. I thought to myself that being on the computer wouldn’t really affect me (the sleeping me). So I decided to try to float up through the ceiling. Once my head started going through it everything turned black and I felt like I was being shocked (withouth pain). So I decided to go into the kitchen. In the hallway I looked at my hands and they looked really fuzzy. Twas pretty wierd. So while in the kitchen I saw my mom and brother and ended up being right back in my room. So there, I remembered that I could now access all of he info in the universe so I tried to call out. All I could think of to say was “help me” and it sounded really electric and fuzzy. After that, I woke up.

So my question is, how close does it sound that I was in Lucid Dream state? Any tips?


You were in a LD! Any time you realize that you’re dreaming, (regardless of whether or not you did anything special) it is considered a lucid dream. Control will come in time, don’t worry. :smile:

You might want to introduce yourself in "The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” topic in the Gathering. :grin:

Happy LD’s! :fly:

Welcome to the forums!

And congrats on your first LD :content: I hope there are many more to come for you :wink:

Good luck!

Thanks guys!

No problem. It was a complete LD. Congrats! :clap:
And welcome to the forum! :wave:

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Do you guys think this sounds like the beginnings of an LD? I just remembered a 3 second “clip” of a dream last night(I took nyquil, the sleep seemed almost dreamless). It was very weird, I was about to go around a corner, and it was like I knew there would be a mirror when I turned the corner. When I actually turned the corner, I saw myself in the mirror and said in a very weird, unfamiliar voice “Hey, I’m dreaming”, then I woke up. The weirdest thing was that when I woke up I automatically did the nose pinch RC. It was like a reflex, and I haven’t even taught myself to do an RC after waking up, I just do them randomly.

Well you knew you were dreaming, so sure. You just didn’t get a chance to do anything fun! :tongue:

Hi Sal,
I agree with Wolf, it looks like the beginning of a LD.

Hi, I’m new here. Last night when I was dreaming I had an experience that I was telekinetic and could move things with my mind. The cool part was that I realized that I was doing this, and could freely roam around and show off my telekinetic powers how I pleased. So I found this site today and learned what a “lucid dream” is and thought that is maybe what I experienced.

Just wanted to share this and say that I am going to practice the things on this site and maybe soon be able to have lucid dreams often. :smile:

:wave: Welcome!

Did you realize it was a dream, or just that you could do those things? Either way, very cool. :cool: Probably a lucid too.

You might want to introduce yourself in ‘The BIG “Hi, I’m new here!”’ topic in the Gathering. :smile:

Good luck and nice meeting you! :grin:

Hi RancidMilk!
I don’t think it was a lucid dream. But it was perhaps a conscious dream, as it sounds like you had some free will in it. :smile:

Yeah, I guess it wasn’t really a lucid dream. I wasn’t aware that what I was doing wasn’t real, I just thought I suddenly developed telekinesis in real life. I was able to freely do what I wanted with it though as I would if I actually did have telekinesis in real life though. If would have known it was a dream, I would have done more than just lift books and furniture in front of people.