Hey looky! It's a newbie! (hee, that rhymes...)

I just found out about lucid’s today. Someone from the www.squidi.net forums put the link up in a topic about dreams. he put it up cos one of the members had descirbed what a lucid is (he’d been experiencing them his entire life without thinking it even remotly strange) without ever actually hearing about them.

Well, I click on the link and found myself here. I’ve read about and have become very imspired - espiecially since I can almost relate to some of this stuff.

Recently (about half a year) I’ve developed the ability to wake myself up. In nightmares, I’d suddenly stop running, and have a sudden moment of clarity. I realise I am dreaming. I can then just open my eyes (i don’t say anything and it’s like i’m awake… but i’m not. it’s really hard to explain) - it’d never occured to me before to even attempt anything else.

But there was this one time - one time only that I almost reached the full state. I didn’t about lucids - or even if they were possible - but I knew I was dreaming. Just like that. it was a very strange experience. The dream was far more vivid then all but my most deisturbing normal dreams. I couldn’t fly or anything - at least i didn’t think I could. I didn’t try. But I had full control of my body and where I went and what I said. The next couple of days I went to sleep hoping it’d happen again, but it didn’t.

So imagine my surprise when I read about that sort of thing here. That made my mind up there and then. I would try lucids.

So, has anyone got any tips or useful links for the poor little newbie?

I’m a newbie too, but welcome. I havent had any luck myself, but hope I do.

EDIT: A good thing to do is to start a dream journal, a good site is in my signature, (it will link to my journal on the site)

welcome :content:

sorry to lock your topic but i hope you understand why after reading the 2 topics i will now mention: