Lucid Long time ago???

I only heard of Lucid Dreams today. I’m 16 and remember about 8 years ago I went through a stage that I believed I could wake myself up from my dreams. Wether I could I don’t know. Anyway, this period lasted about 6 months untill it was all ended by one dream that ended everything. I decided I was in another nightmare and decided to wake myself up (in the dream) I woke myself up to another dream of horror in a different and more frightening situation (this was repeated to over 5 different situations). I can’t remeber wether it was durring or after the dream I realised it was just one long dream, but, I can deffinately remeber my persistance in the dream of trying to wake myself up; but this could have been unconciously caused by me having a strong belief I could wake myself up in the concieous form.

Secondly, I have poor Dream recall, and believe only to have a dream about once every 4 months (though this could be down to my recall skills) I hope to be able to reach a state of a LD as I feel it could benefit me; in relieving stress and making a state of mind that I am free to have my own oppinions etc. in my own way with out fear of social restrictions…

I also forgot to ask what is the difference between a really well imagined day dream, and an LD. Also, wouldn’t being in contorl of a dream be better without knowing it’s a dream… or is it that being in control of a non-LD you are still bound by your social restrictions in the same way as you would be being awake??

Day Dream = Awake
Lucid Dream = Asleep but aware that you are in a dream

To help, I suggest a short meditation session every day, maybe only 5 minutes. There are hundreds of ways to meditate, find one way that takes your mind from any stress of the day and continue to try it out for a week or so.
Before you go to bed each night try one of the many techniques posted on this site. Keep a dream diary and go to bed with the intention of remembering your dream. When you wake up, do nothing more than lie there for maybe 5 minutes trying to recall any small detail, if any that you can remember from your dreams. If something comes to mind, no matter how small it seems, write it down. Get into the habit of keeping the diary, a pen and a lamp within easy reach so you don’t have to get out of bed to record your dreams.

A big MUST DO, is to read the following 2 threads in the Lucidity Intro forum. They contain heaps of techniques that will get you started in your dream quest.

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Good Luck…and uh, welcome to the best forum in the world!

Just thought I’d say, I’ve tried it for the past 2 nights now, I’ve accomplished something - I can acctually remember having dreams both nights!! Which is odd for me; as usually I won’t remember a dream at all (I’ll proberbly remember one every 4 months).

What am I ment to thing about before going to sleep, and while in a dream - it’s obvious I ws in a dream when I wake up - because my dreams seem “Diss-jointed” like a game with a reeallllllyyyyyy slow frame rate. They also seem to go extremely quickly.

In the past 2 nights I’ve had about 6 dreams… must be a record!!

No sign of any control or realisation im in a dream though :sad: