First post! a few beginner questions... please help!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to say you all seem really cool, positive, and caring…
ok, a bit about me.
About a month and a half ago I decided to retire smoking ganj for good. I have recently noticed my dreams have become for one, actually memorable, and two, pretty vivid, and can sometimes remember details I had never known before. Being curious, I chatted with a friend and he recommended this site to me. Very interesting stuff, and I’m looking forward to LDing and sharing my experiences.

A few questions…

I take 5-Htp every night before I go to bed, which has 100 mg vitamin c and 20 mg B6 as well as the 100 mg 5htp. This chemical is supposed to increase seratonin flow in the brain. I also take a rather pricey complex capsule that promotes cell communication. Could these be attributing to my much more vivid dreams? I realize that the b6 is supposed to help.

Next… Last night was my first night trying to get into a state of awareness while I was falling asleep. I ended up being very restless and felt like I was trying too hard. Any suggestions for a first timer for mental thoughts while laying there, and how to relax as I feel my brain patterns shifting?

One more question…
What is the average person’s length (in days or months) to their first successful LD?

You’re probably not Sam. No. Ignore what I just said.

Er, welcome to the forum,
that introduction should go:
(The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - Part 7)
that question should go:
(Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For The Aspiring Lucid Dreamer)

But since I don’t wanna be a flaming lamer,
the introduction: hey, good thing you retired the smoking bit… but did you know when you enter a LD you can smoke all you want?
the question: 1) Those vitamins may be helping, yes… I’ll go take my B-6 right now… 2) oh whenever I can’t sleep it takes me a looong time, perhaps over an hour. Maybe you can meditate before bed, or do what I do, forget LDing, think about the day and stuff, let my mind wander… just don’t force anything. Force nothing. If you find yourself coming back to LDs, don’t force yourself to stop. Usually I wander to stuff I could be doing while in an LD, although I try not to dwell too much on erotic fantasies because well, er, it keeps you awake. I’ll bet you know how. Have I been talking too long? Er… oh. The average is 1-3 months, but I’ve seen much faster than that.

Welcome Klip. :smile:
Once you have a few great LDs you’ll experience perceptions that no drug can provide. Enjoy! :smile: