So I can remember dreams.. Now what?

I have a formidable memory. It rarely fails me… And now that I’ve aspired to become a lucid dreamer, it does not surprise me that this morning I woke up and wrote out 4 dreams in heavy detail… covering about 3.5 pages worth actually.

But what do I do now? I tried MILD (I woke up after the first three dreams I was writing in my journal, then tried the MILD, then went back to bed), telling myself after I woke up that I WOULD be lucid and that I would remember my next dream. It almost worked, but my mom’s shouts woke me up before I could even attempt to remain lucid. It seems that during this waking up was when I became lucid actually. I tried flying and stuff but it just turned into me thinking about myself flying into the scenario I last recalled. I wrote about this in my diary…

What do I do tonight?

Thanx in advance…

:welcome: Valkor! Next chance you get, go ahead and introduce yourself in the Gathering. :wave:

Have you been doing Reality Checks? If you haven’t, you should get into the habit of doing them whenever you can. They build into a habit and help you get lucid in dreams. :grin:

Some info can be found here:




Good luck! :happy:


Thank you Wolf, and yes I have been doing reality checks. WBTB however I have not done. Thanks for the help!

Hi Valkor, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Now you have to choose an induction technique and practice it during a while. :smile: There is a How to choose your technique? topic. It may help. From what you say, I’ve the feeling that DILD techniques based on autosuggestion could work well with you.

Do WBTB. I wrote an extensive article about it in the Lucid Library, if you’re interested. It raises your chances of having a lucid dream by more than 50%. It’s well worth the effort.

Good luck!