The BIG Reality Check Topic [part III]

This is part III of the BIG Reality Check topic.
Part I can be found here.
Part II can be found here.
Please post all your RC questions, techniques, etc here. Other RC topics will be locked and directed to this topic.

I started reading this topic right from the beginning last night(the first 3 or 4 pages) and got some vivid lucid dreams this morning :grin: RC’s were on my mind a lot more. The hand RC never lets me down :smile: I’m interested in trying ‘lucid living’ now.

I do remeber looking at my hand this one dream, but what I recall it looked normal. I at least Thought it was normal.

It’s an intresting paradox to do RC’s. RIght now I am 100% sure I am not dreaming, becouse my dreams are never like my ‘normal’ vision (that, and I am using an electronic device/pressing buttons/reading). Yet RC’s only work if you do them IRL too, becouse in a dream everything looks normal.

I think I will just try to find and use my dreamsigns. I kind of adopted orange as my dreamsign, becouse I saw it in 2 of the 10 dreams I recalled (when first writing them down). Everything I see something really orange I do an RC.
Is it smart to ‘adopt’ a dreamsign so quickly? Maybe I will see orange in my dreams more often now becouse I think about it more in the day?

Ive been using red as a trigger for me to do a RC, and I also wrote a little red “C” on my hand. This still has not worked after weeks. :sad: :cry: :confused:

Becouse you don’t see red in your dreams? Red kind of overflows you IRL. I allready began to get annoyed with all the orange on the way to school :slight_smile:

Maybe try random RC’s again steve…or a different RC-trigger. Or does red really have a dreamsign-meaning to you?

Red is not a special dream sign of mine, but im using it because it is a common colour. I also thought that subconsciously I would dream about red more than i did before, because it is on my mind more than usual.
I am doing RC randomly too.
I want WILD to be my main method of LDing, so once I get the hang of it I can forget about doing RC.

Hmmm, WILD is relaxt, RC-ing does make me feel a bit weird, all this just to have a cool dream?

But I think even if you would be able to do WILD RC-ing would be usefull.

I don’t see any problem. If you think it’s a good dreamsign. By the way, you can change it when you want.

How many weeks? Did you notice something strange about the red colour in your normal dreams?

Almost 3 weeks now for red, and 1-2 weeks for the “C”
And I dont remember seeing anything red in my dreams…This is the opposite of what i expected to happen. I thought I would begin to see more red, not less. I dont think this will work for me, i’ll just go back to random RCs with lucid living

I think it a good idea. Remember you have to question the reality when you perform a RC (“Am I dreaming?”) and you have to expect it to work IRL. Don’t just do it automatically.

That’s the hard part. If I do RC’s IRL I never really question or I am dreaming, becouse I know for sure I am not, otherwise everything wouldn’t be so ‘clear’…

But then if you do it in your dreams you allso don’t think about it enough and you just ignore it <=( \

I guess I have to try harder.

does RC

no dream :o

just took a nap, but i have to improve my DR cause i dont remember anything

I did something realy stupid a couple nights ago,I had a very vivid dream. I was on a train, and looked at a mirror. I decided to do a RC … So I looked at my teeth, they looked perfectly normal, ok this isn´t a dream i said to myself. :eh:

I´ve never done such a RC… but i probaly got it from reading about teeth falling out as a DS.

i think the best method is to pinch your on cheeks. i do this pretty often in my dreams, sometimes i control it cause i notice something is wrong but sometimes i just do it without any reason. Maybe its a dreamsign :open_mouth: or maybe its just cause i do RCs pretty often in RL also :o.
Well, and after i pinched my cheeks and i feel nothing (like my cheek was numb) i am like: “hey I’m dreaming!” and it pretty often leads to LDs then.

Thats pretty short time from making up a RC to trying it out !! :wink:

I set the RC picture in the shop as my background for my PSP. Everytime I go to the menu I remember to RC.

How long does one have to practice RC in RL before one starts doing them in dreams? I have been doing RCs for 3 weeks now about 20-30 times a day, but I still don’t remember to do them in my dreams.

But I do have things with writing pop up in my dreams (I’m using the reading technique as one of my RCs) but I never think to read it twice. It’s as I have these subconsciusly implanted signs in my dreams calling out to me, but I don’t recognize them.

I do RCs as often as I can remember to, especially every time I pass through a door. That works well for me. Sometimes I also like to answer that yes, I am dreaming…and then think of what I would do if I were.

Not to put you off - but I’ve done RC’s quite often over the past 12 months, and have only had three dreams where I actually performed an RC and became lucid.

One reality check that I heard about that I would like to warn everyone about is jumping. The idea is that if you try to jump real high and you jump higher than you normally would in real life then obviously you are dreaming. However, I did this recently and found that gravity was still holding me back. When I jumped, I jumped normal hight. I ended up convincing myself that I was dreaming anyways because I was in a strange house that I’ve never been in before and I tried again and jumped really high. I think its a good idea to have a few reality checks in hand because sometimes they might not work at first. :smile:

Some RCs are unreliable for me, but I’ve come up with a new one to try.

I need to wear glasses to see clearly. But in dreams I don’t seem to ever wear glasses.:cool:

New RC - can I see clearly without glasses? If yes then I’m dreaming :thumbs: