The BIG WBTB Topic - Part II

Part 1 of the BIG WBTB Topic can be found here

Hio why do i haw to sleep 5 or 6 houres befor i go up?

Yeah, this works really good for me. By the way, I find it easier when I have set the clock to wake me at a specific time. I use to wake up just a minute or a couple of seconds before the alarm rings. Kinda weird feeling :eek:

Haven’t been to the ld4all in many months. I “moved on” to the seaLife forums. I am on a dream team there. It’s really nice.

Well, I just wanted to step in and share.

Two mornings in a row, I did the WBTB method and had great lucid dreams.

For now on, I don’t see why I shouldn’t always set my alarm clock to go off at 4 and half hours after I fall asleep.

After 4 & half hours of sleep(body still sleepy/mind relaxed,alert)
I get up and stare closely at a small object and say,“1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming…”
All the way to, “60, I’m dreaming”
Then I lay down and visualize the object and
“1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming…”

Then I find myself in a dream! This has easily worked twice in a row. Yes! I should do this all the time.
Thought I’d let you all know :wink:

:happy: Hi #six nice to hear from you!

You are doing well it seems with wbtb and lucid dreaming and with sealife team :wink:
yes your timing is good because of the 90 min in the sleep cycle every time.
And u had then already your share of deep sleep :smile:

Ok good to hear your progress!


Hmm, I’m gonna have to try that “1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming, etc.” technique.

Maybe you find it useful. I do

In his book “The Three Pillars of Zen”, Zen Master Phillip Kapleau described the way how to become fully awaked in just a few seconds.
It is so easy that I wonder how couldnt I find it myself.

It bases on direct contact of eye-ball with cold water (just few seconds).
(Of course eyes shoud stay opened in the water)
Just rinsing eyes with water is nothing, eyes must be fully immersed .
It works really good! when I am really unconscious in the morning, the feeling of instant rouse is… veeeery strange :smile:

Because then you are somewhat rested and not too rested to be able to fall back to sleep. If you can go to sleep after sleeping for 10 hours then you can do WBTB then, but I don’t think there’s that many people that can do that.

And it’s best to wake up during a REM-period because then you’re almost awake already. But it’s hard to do that unless you can train yourself to wake up without an alarm.

This is kinda like when you practice the Suneye technique. Suneye combines WBTB with concentration and visualization on the third eye. But you have to be FULLY awake for an hour or so. To establish that you must wash your face every ten minutes with ice cold water.
Yep works excellent. Gives a nice chilling shock :smile:

Does anybody have any tips for getting to sleep? I had my alarm set for 4:20, but I couldn’t get to sleep by 10:20. Then, I changed the alarm to 4:50, but I still wasn’t asleep. It’s probably because the last time I tried this, I had an awesome lucid dream. Maybe I’m just excited?

Anyway, how do you guys get to sleep?

I have a question: is there such a thing as a WBTB that lasts too long? For example, if I sleep for 4 hours and then stay awake for 2 hours, would that mess up my sleep cycles?

It’s hard to provide solid advice, but here’s a tip: Don’t move. Find a comfortable position, and just don’t move. That always helps me when I’m having one of those frustrating nights and simply can’t get to sleep. Also, I often find it difficult to doze off when I have something on my mind, like anticipation of an upcoming event, or reflection over a conversation I’d just had. Try to prevent your mind from forming words or sentences by concentrating on a picture or scene. Failing that, sometimes I find listening to a good self-hypnosis recording just before bed can make me quite drowsy. I have one by Dick Sutton that’s guaranteed to do the job.

If you stay awake too long, I guess you might find it harder to get to sleep. Particularly if the sun is already up by the time you go back to bed. Also, after two hours you might have trouble reiterating over the dreams you had earlier, so your MILD practice might not be as effective as if you’d only stayed away 30 to 60 minutes. Finally, a great way to spend the time during WBTB is reading about lucid dreaming, since it primes you for an on-topic dream upon returning to sleep - and in two hours you’d probably be distracted by a number of other topics at the same time. Just my thoughts, anyway.

WBTB did it for me last night. I just want to re-state how much it helps :smile:

I use a self hypnosis tape by Stephen LaBerge that does the job everytime. Getting a tape/CD like this from your library should be pretty easy. It relaxes you beyond belief :smile:

WBTB Method Tutorial

Excellent tutorial! I especailly liked the part written by that “Gameover” fello on Dreamviews :smile:

It serisouly is a good tutorial though

The way I use WBTB is :

=> Wake up several hours after sleeping however you choose to do so. ( set alarm, Tell yourself I will wake up after every dream etc.)

=> Don’t stay up too long. At most just long enough to jot down a few notes in your dream journal and use the rest room.

=> Go right back to sleep using either WILD/MILD or similar technique.

I found that doing WBTB in this way works great and does not disrupt my sleep cycle at all so I can practice every night.

I’ll have a try of that! Can we call it the #sixty technique?

Was it MILD or WILD ? did he enter LD state fully awaken?

i guess i will try WBTB then imagine dreamscape while MILDing

Doesn’t the morning sun light make us more awake, preparing us for the day…

So wouldn’t it be a bad idea to go outside like Squall says and get exposed to sunlight, or could be the other way around? The body is still extremely tired after just 4-5 hours of sleep but the mind is alert and you’re more likely to stay conscious when you fall asleep…

Today morning i had one of those rare chances to try out WBTB method once again. I had 6 hour sleep and after waking up i felt that it would take a bit time until i get sleep again. So i thought to use it for WBTB. So i read EWLD for 15-20 minutes, and tried to get sleep after doing some autosuggestion/MILD. After 45 minutes i finally got some sleep. My problem with WBTB is that if i stay up too long and go to bed, my sleep (what i finally get) is very deep. So what i remember is that i was in fighting arena and trainer hurried us up (me and DC’s) to start to fight. I acted like in LD trying different methods to put my training partner down. I think it lasted only some seconds so when i woke up (i think that it was FA - i was very tired, so i really don’t recall was it real awakening, or not), i was dissapointed for having so short LD. Then i got more ND-s, etc, until i woke up.

But trying to recall it, i’m 99% sure that it was only a false LD. In morning i read about improving your skills in LD from EWLD, and most probably it was ND where i saw myself acting out this skill improving method in fighting (although i don’t need to improve it IRL), and the context didnt actually looked similar to genue LD :neutral: