I've been trying to LD for a bit now, but can't do it.....

I started remembering my dreams and now im trying to do the WILD method of LD. But I can’t do it, usually i’ll keep counting 4eva, but last night I got to 70 and fell asleep. Also I don’t get what you mean by tensing your body, I also dont understand why you need to do it… help … please.


Tensing your body is just…hard to explain. When you make a fist and do it really hard, that’s tensing, you can do it with all your muscles.

Then, when you release it, it is a relief and helps you relax.

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If you can’t WILD, then just dont. Try a different method, like MILD (+ WBTB). Read on the main site about these methods and on the forum if you need more info on it. Also, stick with a certain technique for a long time before you give up, dedication is a key factor to get LD’s! Good luck :smile:.

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Since how much days are you trying?

It’s a relaxation method. There are other ways of relaxing your body, for instance just paying attention to your breathing, or imagining a wave going up and down along your body, like if you were lying on a beach.

Yhe haaw my one month birthday !!! :happy:
And i still have had only 2 crappy LDs and that was during the first week. But keep on trying one day it will come like a fish in a shoe.

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/me takes note to use this in the future.

Yeah, it took me a while to get my first one. Once you get it though, you shall be doing a dream happy dance!

“YES! FINALLY!!!” :boogie:


Hey sweetie698 :wave:

WILD is not really the easiest way to learn how to LD. It’s probably easiest if you learn it step by step, starting with the simpliest techniques, and working your way up this way to more difficult techniques. DILDs for instance are usually easier to get… try to make it a daily habit to test your reality by means of RCs. Be critical of your state of consciousness during the day, and if you keep at it, this critical attitude will also enter your dreams at some day, thus hopefully triggering lucidity. You might also want to check out the WBTB and MILD topics.

Also, here’s a VERY useful thread which helps you to choose your technique: https://community.ld4all.com/t/how-to-choose-your-technique/21714

Happy dreaming :happy:

ok thanx everyone!! I haven’t been trying lately because I just started school and have been going to sleep late, waking up early lol, but tonight I will possibly try. Oh and another ?.. I have tried MILD, I dont get it, I just fall asleep…lol I really dont know how to do this

It’s not a problem if you fall asleep during MILD because it’s an autosuggestion technique. Hence if you autosuggest and fall asleep immediatly, it’s better than autosuggesting then thinking to another stuff.
As MILD is an autosuggestion technique, it generally doesn’t work on the first night. You have be a little patient.

I, too, strongly suggest that you focus on another method besides WILD to start off your lucid dreaming career. WILD is a difficult method to grasp (probably the most difficult), and some previous LDing experience beforehand will help immensely. For now, I’d strongly suggest you use MILD, as others have said, and, if possible, WBTB.

If you’re unsure as to what either of those are (though it seems like you have a fairly good idea of what’s going on, so I may be wasting my electronic breath, but in case there’s something you’ve missed this may help), I’ll describe them. MILD stands for Mneumonic-Induced Lucid Dream, and is performed by repeating something to the effect of “I’m dreaming.” or “I will have a lucid dream tonight.” repeatedly in your head while falling asleep. The theory behind this technique is that by continuously repeating the mneumonic of your choice, the phrase will eventually become planted in your unconscious, at which point it will manifest itself in your dream (via anything from a sudden realization that you are dreaming to a disembodied voice speaking the words out loud) and induce lucidity. It does generally take a few nights to work, depending on the person; some people have reported instant success with it, while it’s taken months for others.

However, there is a way to increase your chances of success; using the WBTB (Wake-Back-To-Bed) method. This method involves setting your alarm clock to go off 5-7 hours after you’ve gone to sleep, and works by waking you up during your REM cycles, after your body is already finished with continous non-REM deep sleep. It is usually done in conjunction with another method, such as MILD or WILD, as the fact that when you go back to sleep you’ll drop into REM immediately or almost-immediately, depending, allowing you to influence your dreams more directly. To use this method in conjunction with MILD, simply use MILD while falling back asleep. If you like, you can get up for a while and read LD-related literature, browse the forum, etc., as this helps some people gain the level of mental clarity they need and/or help induce LDs by virtue of information consumption. However, others (such as myself) require an absense of movement and outside stimulus in order to fall back asleep, and as such move as little as possible upon waking. Do whatever works for you.

As a side note, It is generally considered necessary to perform WILD in conjunction with WBTB, as otherwise you would be attempting to drop into a non-REM cycle lucidly, which is supposed to be impossible. However, I’ve heard numerous reports of people capable of doing WILD without WBTB (both DM7 and Jeff, on this forum, have reported success with this), but all are very skilled. If you are trying WILD, do it in conjunction with WBTB; otherwise, you’ll have a very difficult time, to put it lightly.