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I did WBTB for two night and each night had 1+ LDs… for the past four or five days since then I have woken up naturally for a few minutes at the same time and experienced 2 or more LDS each night.

I find that after WBTB it is VERY easy to WILD. I can tell I am in a dream and I just FA straight into a LD.

This has been by far the most effective method for my LDs… and it is very easy.

The effectivness may be because i haev been practicing LDs for half a year, and have had good luck any way, but I am just amazed at how well this works. I think spending 20 min out of bed a few nights for LDs is something every one shoudl try!

Macrophage, something similar happened to me. I had FA where I was floating up towards the ceiling and it was very dark and I was afraid for some reason. I kept yelling “increase light” and when I woke up I heard myself mumbling “light”.

Well, right now I just woke up a few minutes before my alarm clock went off. I’m not sure if this was actually due to having gogtten into the mindframe that I actually wanted to wake-up after 4 or 5 hours. Now, I’m just reading some more dream stuff until I feel sleepy againa and then heading back into dreamland. The dream I had though was semilucid? For some reason I felt somewhat empowered but not fully. I did have a dream though and wrote that down. It took place at my old elementary school.

Darnd’it. No lucidity. However, I did actually have dreams that were clear which is OK in my book. I had about 3 dreams. Good stuff, and I’ll keep trying now. :grin:


That’s great. You will find that as you practice LD your normal dream will get more interesting.

Take it easy and keep trying…

That’s one of the best things that has happened tome since returning to lucid dreaming, it’s the fantasic dream recall. Even if I’m not lucid (and I’m usually not) I stil have very vivid dreams, which are a reward in it of themselves.



I compleatly agree. :smile:

Some times we forget to enjoy our ND as well.

I have found WBTB to be successfull for inducing LDs two out of the past three weekends. The clarity of the LDs haven’t been as great as with WILD - but I haven’t had a true WILD in a while.

I think the main problem with WBTB when it involves a significant amount of time awake (1 hr+) before going back to ebd is that it is not realistic to use this technique for most of the week when you can’t afford to wake up late. Just my 2 cents.

Hi pleban :wave:

When you used the WBTB did you stay up for an hour or just a few minutes.

There is no such thing. If it works for you that is all that matters.

Don’t worry about the clarity that improves with time. As soon as you find yourself in the dream use a stabilizing/prolonging tech that should improve the clarity.

Ok, in the midst of my trying to induce a WILD, I got to the point where I could not feel my body at all. I couldn’t even feel my chest move while I was breathing. The only things that still seemed to be kept awake was my hearing and my eyes. For some reason, no matter how long I stay focused, I cannot see images or hear sounds. My body falls asleep, but I cannot see anything except darkness. The same thing happens when I try a WBTB. I go back to sleep and get to the point where I cannot move my body and cannot feel my breathing, but I still cannot get quite into the dream state. My mind is too awake I guess? Any suggestions? I guess if it were to work I would need more focus, but I’m not quite sure how to focus when I get to this null/paralyzed point. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Actually you are most likely too focused on something and thus keeping yourself too awake. You got down into SP so you are getting close. Now you just need to let go a little more. This is hard to explain but you want to get to a point where you are only slightly focused on one thing. All other thoughts are quiet. If you can visualize you can try to visualize a simple object you create in your mind. If you are not good at visualizing focus on a white dot in the center of your forehead. It does not matter if you really see it or not just keep your attention to that area.

You can also create a falling or spinning sensation.

Do not focus on anything in your environment or your real body. You want to let that world go.

To crossover you have to let go of almost all your awareness and stay focused on one small thing. Read the big WILD topic part 11 for some more tips.

Accidental dubble post. :grrr: computers

You’re absolutely right. The entire time I was tyring to invision too hard. I was trying to crate a whole environment around me. Have you read that VILD topic? That’s the reason why I was trying to focus. I was tyring to incubate a scene I had made. Maybe I was doing it too early? I’m not entirely familiar with the stages of entering a dream and knowing exactly when it is you can start creating environments, etc. Oh, thanks for your reply. You’ve been extremely helpful. :smile:

Unfortunately I don’t know that much about VILD. So I can’t give you a definite answer on that. I have run into a few people that want advice about VILD but, noone seems to know enough pedro’s technique to give advice.

Hi Milod :grin:

How’s it going?

When I use WBTB combined with MILD (the past 3 weekends) I stay up for 1 hour. During that hour, I just drill LD thoughts into my head, look at my dream journal, do RCs every few minutes…then go back to sleep and intensly do MILD until it’s the last thing on my mind before falling asleep. This has worked well…the only problem is that I can’t do it during the week.

BTW - I do not think LaBerge explains why WBTB is a truly effective technique in EWLD. He presents the method as a way of getting enough quality REM sleep while waking up early to do whatever chores one needs to do to fit into the day. It seems to me from my own non-scientific observation that WBTB works for a different reason. If dreams are the mind’s way of reconfiguring events experienced in the near-past - i.e. the past day, then waking up early and intensely focusing on LDing then going back to sleep, perhaps resets the mind’s focus on past events to almost exclusively LDing. MILD has never worked for me when I don’t do intense WBTB so that’s my best theory.


It’s just frustrating because I don’t think it was a WILD.

Yes EWLD is lacking in some areas. Like explaining what you will experience when you WILD !!! Scared the !@#$ out of me the first time I got close because I was not prepared for what I would experience.

I believe that labarge’s theory is that you can increase your chances of LD if you manipulate your sleep pattern. For example: You go to bed at 11:00 pm then wake at 5:00 am. ( you have slept for 6 hrs so far).
Now you stay up for 1- 2 more hours Lets say 2 hrs. So you are going back to sleep at 7:00 am. I believe that Labarge’s theory is that even though you only slept for 6 hours so far, your mind is tricked somehow into believing that you are now 8 hrs into your sleep cycle and you will have a very active REM activity. (At least I think that is his theory) Keep in mind that he devised this method for MILD I believe.

I find that if I do WBTB/WILD I only stay up for a few minutes at the most. I can do WILD much more quickly that way than staying up for an hour and my sleep is not disrupted at all. If I could I would not even get out of bed. I would prefer to just allow myself to consciously drift back to sleep. Unfortunately I usually have to go to the bathroom when I wake up.

Happy Dreaming

I have a problem - I can’t get up while WBTB, I wake up only to turn off my alarm clock, sometimes I don’t even remember my waking up…
any suggestions?

I assume that you have tried to just tell yourself to wake after every rem period and that did not work for you so that is why you are using an alarm.

I use WILD with WBTB so I usually just go right back to sleep after I wake anyway. If you are doing WILD you may be able to use this to your advantage. After you turn off your alarm just lay back down and think about the dream you just had. Then just try one of the WILD inductions that you feel comfortable with. I find that when I go right back to sleep I can slip through the hypnogia much more quickly. As an added benefit my sleep is not interrupted because I was only awake for a few minutes as apposed to being up for an hour + with MILD. If you are using MILD maybe try WILD and see if that works for you.

Good luck

Hey milod789,

In the past I’ve only used WBTB/MILD and have begun experimenting with WBTB/WILD. What is your favorite WILD method when used in combination with WBTB?


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