The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part III

I have a slightly different question… does it count like one or two LD’s if you’re in one LD, then you wake up but soon discover it was a FA and become lucid again? confused

heh, not sure if it counts.

last night i was having a very random dream that reminded me of a film. it didn’t make much sense, and wasn’t anything exciting. the last minute or so was very different though; it was more like a horror film.
right at the end, i started to run away from something, then thought to myself ‘hang on, this is a dream though, i can just wake up instead’. and indeed i did. no FA unfortunately, i did remember to check.

pity i didn’t think ‘hang on, this is a dream, i can do what i like’, but it’s better than nothing :content:

Olesia, do you mean if it counts 1 or 2 LD’s for the Competition Rankings?

Too bad you lose an occasion of having a full LD, LizardKing. :sad: Anyway, it counts as a lucid moment. :smile:

I had this weird dream last night. I think I took a nap in it and had a lucid dream in that. It is also a little closer and more common im dreaming of what I want. Does this mean I’m starting to become succesful?

…What the hell does that mean? No no I don’t understand? Why wasn’t this topic locked?

He say that he took a nap in his dream. And in that nap (in the DREAM) he had an LD.

I think that is called a FLD (False Lucid Dream).
I haven’t had one, but I don’t think you can count it as an LD, but you’re probably a good step closer to your first good LD :content:
It’s also quite common that people dream about subjects relating to LD, but they still don’t get it (like me)!

He also say that he dream more frequently of what he wants, isn’t that by using autosuggestion? Then I guess he can try to tell himself to wake up in his dreams.

If you’re motivated enough, try WBTB

I’m saying lock this because this topic is a month old, he hasn’t been on since over a month. No one posted back to him, probally because no one understood him.

I just asked this last night

Anyway that sounds like what happened. Thank You.

Not for the Competition Rankings, but yeah, just for my own records so I can keep track of my number of LD’s. :smile:

You’re welcome :wink:

Maybe you want to have your own Dream Journal? You can just start a new thread, call it whatever you’d like and start posting your dreams :smile:

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ah! late reply! for some reason i thought that my post got deleted because i had done something wrong, i was so confused :confused: and thought id check it one more time :smile:

thank you basilus!! :happy: :happy: :happy:

If you can no more find your posts, you can use the “View your posts” link on the forum index page. :smile:

that is very handy to know, thank you :content: ive much forum knowledge to gain!

I’m not exactly sure if this was an LD or not… I was sure of it while I was dreaming but everything about it was so foggy when I awoke:

I thought I entered lucidity near the end of the dream. It started out with a war, which pretty much consisted of me, my family, and a few others (one I remember was Lash from Advance Wars XD) against everyone else. So, this mysterious person thing later kills off about three quarters of my allies, one of which included my 7-year-old sister.

I go back home and start eating dinner (strangely, with no trace of the war around), then see my sister who had previously died in the war was sitting at the table. Now, because I wasn’t lucid and still recalled the previous events, something in my mind clicked. I thought, “Whoa… is this a dream?” I looked at my fingers, and, sure enough, I had a sixth between my pinky and ring fingers. And the three were webbed, too. I plug my nose and try to breathe through it; no problem. I was sort of excited and confused at the same time… I ran up the stairs and turned into a room I haven’t seen before, all painted blue with some unidentified guy sitting in a rocking chair. I tried flipping the light switch; it worked, but with a 5-second delay. From there, I walked around the house. My aunt was there too, trying to get a Game Boy Color/CD player hybrid to work, and I could hear the CD I was listening to before I fell asleep playing. Now, the dream was starting to fade, and so I wanted to try something different. I suddenly changed the dream so that me and three others were playing a competitive video game The game was StarFox Assault, for whatever reason. I simply willed my opponents HP drop to 0 and it happened. From there, it faded completely.

For some reason, I didn’t try anything too extrodinary (like flying), but it was rather interesting. When I woke up, the whole thing was sorta foggy, and felt like it was just a regular dream. For that reason, I’m not exactly sure if it was an LD, or if It was just an RD of an LD. Could someone please clarify for me?

i am no expert by far, but from what ive read on this thread there is no such thing as an RD of an LD? is that correct? if youre dreaming youre lucid, youre lucid, thats what i gathered.

i dunno, hearing from the 5-star people/moderators is much more encouraging :tongue:

I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere about it, I believe the term was “False Lucid Dream”. I’m not 100% sure either, though.

EDIT: Looking back, I think I may be referring to the “Pre-Lucid Dream”, but it might be two different things.

Some LD’s aren’t clear but if you had all your concious thoughts and realized you were dreaming, it was a LD. You can probably try to increase the clarity in you next LD.

(btw, I’m Demonic Wyvern from Variety Villa :cool: )

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Since you realized you were dreaming, it was a LD. The problem you faced happens rather often. When you don’t wake up immediatly after a LD, because your LD fades and it transforms into a normal dream, it may happen that your dream recall is not so good, so the dream looks like foggy. It’s just the same thing, in my opinion, when you try to remember a (real) event which took place during the previous seconds or to remember which took place an hour ago.

Theorically right, but sometimes pratically wrong. It took me many months to understand why some people said they had dreams in which they dreamt they “were lucid”, but they felt it was a normal dream. I suppose now it was because they just thought “I’m lucid” but being lucid was a fuzzy goal, they didn’t know exactly what it meant and it was not truly associated with the realizing they were dreaming. So it’s better to say: “If you realize you’re dreaming, you’re lucid”. :wink:

:look: my, that is a difficult distinction. :content:

Yes indeed, it took me months to understand it. :smile: