The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part III

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It was an afternoon nap after two days constant reading about LD. In a dream I was listening to a radio and they were saying that it’s important to invite nature to your home. Then I covered the whole living room with grass. I went to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror.
Am I dreaming, I asked myself. Well, that grass in the living room is pretty weird. :smile: Oh, I’m dreaming! I was that excited that I could see my face change so much with emotions that it became weird. I tried to calm down. From all that excitement I lost my sight, I could only see through a narrow tunel. I tried spinning but it was so realistic that I almost fell down. It didn’t change the place but I could see again.
I went through the door, to a meadow a tried to fly. It was great for some time but suddenly it wasn’t from first person view anymore but third. I was still in control but it wasn’t so exciting anymore.
Why did this happen? Was it a lucid dream? Later on in a dream I even lost control and wasn’t aware that I’m dreaming anymore.

why did the excitement go down? this may have been due to the level of lucidity going down slightly or the first flush of excitement at being able to decide what to do what better than actually doing it …
It was a LD since you knew you were dreaming and even had control and LDs can fade in and out of normal dreams

Hi, moogle, thank you for answering. You made me happy :smile:

I’m new to this. I began reading about LD less than a week ago and probably had that LD because or constant reading about it. When you set your mind to something…

The thing that was strange about that dream is that sudden shift from first person view to third. That’s when the excitement went down. I didn’t feel myself anymore but watched everything from above and contoled what happens. It wasn’t my expirience anymore and it wasn’t realistic.

Do you think that shift happend because level of lucidity went down? Can I prevent it the next time by calming down, rubbing hands or spinning? The problem is when it’s from the third person view those things don’t help because it’s not me doing them but that person (me) I see from above. How can I get into that person again and expirience a dream from first person view? I don’t know. Do you?

i was reading up a bit on WILD technique, and i figured i would try it out, so i layed on my couch and kept counting from 1 to 76 (76 seems to appear a lot in my dreams) and pretty soon i started hearing a loud buzzing, and at first i was goingn to get up to find out what it was, and i couldnt! i have heard of SP so i wasnt too freaked out, and i tried to focus on the sound. then the sound stopped and i fell of the couch. im going to try again tonight, but is this the onset of a LD ?

Rita, I think you don’t have to worry about this third person view. It’s not sure that it will happen again.

s8acrine, yes, it looked like the onset of a WILD. I can’t give you any advice, I’m not a WILD’er.

thanks Basilus, tried again last night, but to no avail, oh well, these things cant be forced.

i know there is a “was i lucid” topic already, but it is locked so i decided to make my post in a new topic. Ok im still new to lucid dreaming but last night i think i had a lucid dream.
I was in a car and all my cousins were there with me. We stopped at a red light and for some reason I asked my cousin Rachael if we were dreaming. and she looked at me like i was crazy and said '“No” so i said “Well look at my hands! They are weird!” and she didnt reply. So i waited for the car to stop because i didnt want to jump out and prove it while we were moving and when we got to a store i tried to fly but it didnt work so i tried again and i began to hover above the ground. I looked at the sky but it looked normal. I tried to make it light instead of dark but i didnt want to yelll out a command and embarass myself so i didnt try anything. Inside the store i remember asking myself if i wanted to make one of my friends appear but once again i didnt becuase i didnt want to embarass myself. After that i just woke up! But the reason im asking if it was really a lucid dream is becuase when i woke uo it felt like just an ordinary dream, nothing eventful happened except me flying around. I was kind of dissapointed since it felt that way and almost wanted to give up on lucidity because of that. So was that really a lucid dream? :bored: :help:

Sounds like you were close to a lucid dream, some people call that a ‘pre lucid’ dream.
At any point were you sure you were dreaming? That would make it a lucid dream.

To me it sounds like you knew you were dreaming.
why would you be embarassed if you were dreaming?

thats is what im confused about myself! That is one of the reasons why I wasnt sure or not. If i was having a real lucid dream i wouldnt be embarassed with myself but I was in my dream

It sounds like you didn’t fully realize you were dreaming. So it was either a prelucid dream or a dream with very low lucidity.

By the way, the old “Was this a LD? - part 2” topic is locked, but not the new “Was this a LD? - part 3”. I’ll merge your topic in this thread.


I didn’t have a LD yet, gr. However, i did get REALLY close. I had a FA, False Awakening. The dream goes like this, i lied in bed to memorize it in detail.

I was sitting at my computer watching a flash cartoon. Actually i think it was an advertisement since it was at the top of the page surrounded by text. A promo for a game.
anyway, i saw an airship flying around with music playing. I recognized the music it was from “neverending story” (excellent fantasy book and flim check it out sometime). I stood up and left the room. My cat runs in front of me, next to the dining room table. I went into the bathroom, sat down and relieved myself.

The first thing i notice is that i can feel my bladder being drained. Second, everything is really realistic. Third the bathroom is very clean. fourth, my dad wears BIG underwear and he left it with equally large shorts on the door.

I get up, wash my hands and go to bed. I was lying in bed for about 5 minutes, with my eyes closed. I must have fallen asleep. I got up again to use the bathroom. I sat down on a different toilet, this one adjacent from the first. This adjacent toilet doesn’t exist IRL.
I saw the same underwear and shorts, this time hanging from the towel rack. I washed my hands and went back to bed.
I woke up.

I realized that was my opportunity! I didn’t practice my RC’s enough or else the instant i sat on that new toilet i would have said “wait a minute…”
I was soooo close!! :cry:

I’m going to get into the habit of looking at my clock when i leave my bed, because i want to try and make this FA my moment to lucid. I’m going to set up about 5 RC’s to do, hopefully i will get lucid soon.

When i did get back to sleep, about an hour later i was so wired after the FA, i remembered MILD and WILD but i think i wanted it too much so i didn’t get lucid or even a dream similar to the bathroom experience. SHUCKS!!

Am i doing everything right?

I think you’re doing everything right. This kind of dreams (prelucid dreams) show that you are close to a lucid dream. You probably will have one soon! :smile:

Yesterday night I had a FA, and I did a RC, holding my nose and trying to breathe and it worked, I breathed. At first I was surprised, it was very realistic, I thought “no way, this can’t be a dream…” but since I could still breathe I figured it MUST be a dream, and decided to fly. So I started hovering above my bed, hovering out into the hall and for some reason thinking I’m invisible. My dad was in the hall too, he didn’t see me, but he could sense me. Everytime he came close to me he was looking suspiciously into the air (where I was).

Then I flew into my living room, talking to my sister, telling her that I’m in a lucid dream, and for some reason I wrote it in a note to. Then, I became bored, and decided that I wanted this one particular person to enter my dream, so I figured that if I turn around and tell myself that they’ll be behind me, and then turn back, they’ll be there. But when I tried, it didn’t work at all. I tried several other things, and I got some weird “ghost” thingie, like it was them but they were transparent and very far away. I don’t understand why I had basically no control in my dream, I couldn’t make anything happen (except for the flying thing)! Is there anything I can do about this? I’ve tried this (making another person appear) another time too, about a week ago, and it didn’t work then either! It’s getting frustrating… lol.

And another thing is that, my mind still didn’t seem to “make any sense”. I knew I was dreaming, but my logic was still weird and I wasn’t thinking like I would IRL. Would this mean that I had a very low level of lucidity? Because I was pretty much aware that I was lucid throughout the whole dream, but I mean, the thought that I could go out and not be stuck in my apartment didn’t even hit me, and what’s up with the note? For some reason I thought that if I wrote a note in my dream I would later find it IRL. It just doesn’t make any sense… why can’t I think like I normally would, even though I’m lucid?

Dream on. // Olesia

:yes: yes, fuzzy dream logic/thinking.
I remember one of Atheist’s LDs and because it was winter … he turned on his heating in the lucid dream - so it would be warm when he woke up! :tongue:

Hi Olesia!

I can’t give you a lot of tips about control. If you can’t control something, verbal commands works generally well. Then it’s perhaps a lucidity level problem.

In most LD’s, your mind is in “dream logic” mode. It doesn’t mean it was a very low lucidity level, your dream had probably a good one. You can increase your lucidity level by shouting “More lucidity!”, or by performing simple mathematics, like counting or making additions. Thus you may reach, with a bit of chance, a thinking similar to waking life.

LOL! Perfect example of dream logic! :happy:

Don’t worry :smile: That’s very common, no matter how experienced a lucid dreamer is. In RL we don’t have to focus on our surroundings to keep them from disapearing because they’re just ‘there’. But in dreams, everything you see only exists for as long as you’re paying attention to it.

When i start losing lucidity i find looking at an object in the dream, taking in all the details of colour and pattern helps me to get back again. It doesn’t always work though :neutral:

(I should have asked this a long time ago but I guess I kind of lost motivation and interest… )

I think I have already had LDs. Right now, I think I’ve had 3-4 LDs. Anyway, in the dreams, I did realize I was dreaming… so I guessed they were technically still LDs. But I didn’t experience what I always read when people get LDss. There wasn’t an increase in vividity and apart from that, I don’t think I became that excited either. There was no feeling of amazement or anythiong along those lines. It still felt like an ND. (I think because of that, I lost my motivation to try for them.)

I don’t recall them much anymore… maybe they ‘were’ vivid and I did ‘feel’ excited and what not but I just couldn’t recall it that well because of extremely poor recall. I don’t think so though…

Thanks for your replies. :smile:

Yeah I think I’ll try to do some math in my next LD (at least if I can’t think of anything better to do lol) and I’ll definitely try saying verbal commands. I can’t wait for my next LD, I have so many things I want to try…

Dream on. // Olesia