The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part II

Hi foureyedsnail!

As you said, you “didn’t realize that lucidity was even a goal to be attained”. I suppose now you know it, wanting to reach this goal and just continuing practising what you were doing (RC’s and little mantras) will give you lucid dreams easily. :smile:


Well I had this "dream " .
In the morning i lay and stretched , falling asleep, waking up …
It`s wekend !
Then I had some dreams which I awoke from , I still could see my DB but more as something very vague . not Vivid at ALL !
When i rubbed my hands i felt the warmth and continued .And the DB became a little bit more in focus . But not much I kind off felt the warmth in my real hands ! :eh: My RB was in main focus , I Even movd myself to new positions and stuff .

My question is :

Is this very good fantasi or a LD `?

You mean you rubbed your hands after waking up? It could have been a FA in which you were both aware of dream body and real body. This is not uncommon, but can be pretty confusing if one doesn’t realize what’s going on.
From your account I can’t tell if it was a LD. Did you REALIZE you were dreaming, or did you just rub your hands in a kind of automatic action, without realizing what and why you’re doing it?

It wasn`t a FA .
I think .

I laid in my bed .
It was like waking up , but the DB was still there .
Kind off.
Ifelt my RB and everything , actually I moved too .
But I could still feel my DB .
I knew it was some sort of dream .
That`s why i rubbed my hands .(with the DB)
But I felt in my Real hands too !
I know this may be VERY confusing …

And there were no surroundings , just black eyelids and both bodies .

Either you woke up irl, or you woke up in FA. If you woke up irl, you must have noticed some SP sensations, but I haven’t seen anything of those in your account. Plus, you knew it was some kind of dream, leaving me to conclude it was some kind of FA. Why do you think it wasn’t a FA?

Well 2 of them cant I tell you that I wasnt in FA … :neutral:
But the last on had I right before raising from the bed and starting the day .
But I`ll start RCing in the morning .
It was really weird !

I had NO SP
Di`d even move .
But i still felt my DB…
And my RB .
I felt my RB the most ut I still could feel the warmth in my hands in the DB .

Perhaps they were strong hypnopompic hallucinations happening after SP was already shutdown. Hypnopompia are like hypnagogia, but hypnopompia occur during waking up in the morning. If that’s the case, you were truly between sleeping and waking, a state in which the mind is highly influenced by dream fragments, memory traces and hallucinatory visuals.

Thanks for all help !
The rare thing is that I could move my DB !
But , thanks for all the help !:thumbs: :hugs:

Can I post them in the competition For november ? :shy:

Well, during hypnopompic hallucinations, waking perceptions at that moment (these can be very simple forms of awareness, like your real body, your bed, or merely the sensation of lying down) can get mixed with dream perceptions. This happens when we make the transition from dreaming to waking. Some dream fragments or sensation can always linger on a little longer. So it might not be a rare thing to have the sensation of moving your DB :smile:

Personally, I wouldn’t include hypnagogia or hypnopompia to the definition of a dream. Likewise, becoming lucid during these hallucinations may be rare (some call it protolucidity), but it’s not the same as becoming lucid in a dream.

Ok .
Than you so much ! :hug: :hugs:

Lastnight I think I may have had a lucid moment, I’m not really sure.
I’ve only been doing reality checks and recording my dreams for a few days now, but I’ve found that I’ve been remembering them ALOT easier since I’ve started recording them.

In the dream I remember standing there in a flat kind of void (don’t ask me to explain this cos I can’t, lol). My dreams are usually in the third person, this time I was face on and sort of raised, as if I was standing on a wall looking down at myself. Then I seemed to realise it was a dream, and I stood there feeling very confused and not knowing what to do. I felt as though the darkness was engulfing me and I remembered what I’d read about spinning, so I spun.
It didn’t have any effect though, the darkness just completely swallowed me up and I had a normal dream after (which had nothing to do whatsoever with what I’d experienced beforehand).

I’m really not sure if I was lucid or not during this moment. The way I remember it is as if I was dreaming that I was lucid… if that makes sense and is possible. Is there a difference between dreaming that you’re lucid and actually BEING lucid? CAN you dream that you’re lucid? Either way I think I’m a step closer :smile: …well, hope.

Yes, its a ULD , if u were not really Lucid.

What you describe shows it was a lucid moment. It’s very common that, once you become lucid, you don’t remember what you planed to do.

Theorically, you can’t. Being lucid means realizing you’re dreaming. So, if you dream that you realize you’re dreaming, hence you realize you’re dreaming and you are lucid.
ULD or FLD are dreams in which you do lucid-like stuff, like going through walls, but you are not lucid.

So, I THINK I had my first LD this morning… but did I? It started as a normal dream but inside that dream, I realize I am dreaming and take over some control.

I remember I was at the top of badly lit stairs, looking at the remains of someone I knew in what looked to be a dog dish. I look again, and it turned into… scrambled eggs? Then I hear something approaching from the bottom of the stairs. It’s a scrambled egg person. :eek: I fight one off like I was in a game (the previous events were video-game like too but I can’t remember them) but I’m freaked out.

So after it disappears, now of all places I decided to do a RC! I guess the fear triggered it. I look down at my hands. They look normal. Five fingers, etc. I look again, there’s five fingers still… only this time my fingers look gnarled. The sudden change of my hands was enough to convince me. ‘I’m dreaming!’

I could hear the egg things cornering me so I scream, “Get me to another world!”

Everything went gray, like what I usually see when I close my eyes. At this part, I felt like I had to think of what world I was going to, but I already knew where I wanted to go. The image of Halloween Town from the Nightmare Before Christmas slowly zoomed in.

Everyone is singing, but none of it felt very real. It was like a daydream, almost. So I looked up at the midnight cloudless sky and said, “Increase lucidity! Increase vision!” I waited a little but noticed no change. Then I woke up. :sad:

Was this a LC? If not, what was it?

Hi Lina! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:
It was a lucid dream. Congrats! :clap: So bad the vividness was not very good, :sad: it would have been so fun to be in a real Halloween Town (I love the Nightmare Before Christmas :cool_laugh: ).
I hope the realism will be better in your next LD. And the “scrambled egg teleportation method” was funny too! :happy:

Thank you for the verification! Yeah, I hope my next LD is better, too. Glad to hear from a fellow fan. My current LD mission is to run around there. :content: I’ve tried to do some WILDs this past week, but I can never get to the HI. I’m sure I’ll be successful sometime!

Thanks for the reply Basilus West, I hope I can get much more than a moment next time.
Lina, I would’ve stayed in that dream with the egg things, I LOVE scrambled egg!

Sometimes, I get up in the morning, sad that I didn’t have an LD but I get over it :happy: I get back to sleep, but somehow, the moment I close my eyes I find myself somewhere else and I realise it’s not real! I can open them and when I close them again I am in that place once again.

For example, a few days ago, this happened and I was in an alley being beat up by a gangster. I realised it was not real simply by knowing that I was in bed because I was fully counscious (i could open my eyes easily, wake up and then close them and be back in the dream again). I beat up the ganster easily. It didn’t really feel as if I was there, in that alleway, but the imagery was vivid.

Was this an LD or just HH? I must stress, I did not feel myself in the dream, I just saw it happen. I felt in bed. I just controled myself as if I was controling a first person shooter game, like I was playing from outside the dream.

This sounds like the start of WILD through HI.

I get that quite easily after waking up too early, too. It starts like a daydream, but it can quickly become a real lucid dream with some patience. There is a certain point where the images become 3-dimensional, and after that, the other senses start working. Good luck!

Ok thanks. Well right now I am in the 1 hour wake period of an WBTB :happy: and I had one of those pseudo-dreams when I woke up.

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