The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part V

Sounds like lucid dreaming. If you were out of your body and off somewhere you wouldn’t hear the radio in your room would you?

Yes you would. I’ve astralled many times and can hear the things happening around me in the physical world.
You can still feel, smell, and hear things while in the astral body, you are not “disconnected” from the physical. You are simply using another level of conciousness while your physical body sleeps.

So you are using a different level of consciousness. But the idea is that this consciousness is outside of the body? Does that mean you have dual consciousness?
You’ll have to excuse me I’m a sceptic, Just trying to get a grip on the concept. I thought you were suppsed to not be aware of your physical body and such. Silver cord and all. one is off on a different plane of existance. Does the body send the sensory input through the cord? Or have I got the concept all wrong?

If you knew that you were dreaming, then you definitely had a lucid dream.

I have had this happening quite a few time myself. It was frightning in the beginning, but then i learned to ignore it as i know it is not real. This usually happen for me when i am in SP right before i enter a dream or right after i woke up from one.

You can have dual concsiousness, yes, that is what it is (somewhat), although it actually is possible to be concsious of up to all of your subtle bodies, at once (dont know what subtle bodies are? look em up).
The silver chord, from what I have read and experienced, is only a mental thought, it is not really there. It simply represents the “link” from the astral body to the physical body. There is a link, it is not specifically in the form of a silver chord however we can perceive it that way.

Your concept is not so much, wrong. You will only lose 100% feeling to your physical body when you depart it completely (and die), not while in another body, such as the astral body.

In this topic, you can ask if a dream was lucid, and tell why you wonder if it was lucid or not. Other topics asking if a dream was a LD will be merged there.

This is part V of the topic.
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RULE No. 1

If you know that you are dreaming, you are having a lucid dream.

Lol! When I’ll split the topic, I’ll surely make this post the 1st one. :happy:

Anyway, welcome to the forum chickensam! :wave: And congrats on your lucid dream! :clap:

haha, thanks :content:

Thanks alot Basilus West! :content: I think I’ll count it as an LD- my LD count is hopeless, so adding it on will atleast do something good :grin:

lol. That made my day. :gni:

FINALLY I think that I’ve had my first lucid dreams, although they were small…

My first: I was in a glow-in-the-dark room. My best friend’s mom was there, when randomly I realised that I was dreaming, so I decided, “I won’t try to hard. I’ll just do something simple.” So I concentrated very hard on making her mother smile. And when I finally did, I thought, “Okay, that’s enough for one night.” and went on with my dream.

Second: I was in a drive in theatre. For some reason, when the credits started rolling I realised that it was a dream, and tried very hard to make something come up on my screen, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do it… =(

I understand how udderly annoying it must be for veterans such as you to answer questions to newcomers such as I, but I needed to know if they were lucid dreams or not. If so, it would help me.

yup, 2 LD’s, congratulations :yay:

the fact that you couldn’t control anything doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lucid dream. keep it up :smile:

I wanted to know, I always dream and sometimes i become kind of lucid but i dont do anything cause i cant tell if they it is a dream or not. I have never tried to have a lucid dream and i have had around 5 this year and until the beging of this year i found out about lucid is it normal to have lucid dreams without knowing they can happen

I was quite ill last night so I made no attempts of WILD. I fell into a dream quite fast. It was like my normal dreams in 1st person, with no attempts of a RC. Strangely, a while through my dream it switched to 3rd person with me watching over it. I was still in my dream, though I was watching myself. While I was in 3rd person I could control everything that was happening in my dream. Still, I didn’t realise it was a dream. I’m not sure if this classes at a LD or not. I kept switching between 1st and 3rd, only being able to control it in 3rd. It was really strange. Any suggestions? :confused:

In my opinion, I think it was an LD. I’ve only had a few 3rd person but they were not a LD or at least if they were I dont remember.They were when I was a young like 7

This was not a LD
To be a lucid dream you have to be aware that it is a dream while dreaming. You actually say you didn’t realise it was a dream.
So it was just a normal dream with control.

KingOmar … :yes: it is possible to have a LD with never hearing about them before
from a recent poll it appears about a third of our members had LDs as children and most wouldn’t have known about LDing at the time.

hello all, this is my first post, but i have been doing lots of reading on these fourms.

well yesterday i had my first lucid dream ( or so i think ) ive been trying to get one for a week or two, anyways i was in a plane i quickly did some rc’s and i could still breathe when i put my hand over my nose and i had 4 fingers.After realizing i was in a dream i quickly said “i’m dreaming!” but then i got this wierd feeling like my body was being pushed over and i was kind of floating then i suddenly woke up.

so was this a lucid dream? and what was that weird feeling?thanks alot!

:yay: :yay: Of course it was! You, in the dream, realised you were dreaming, and therefore you were lucid! :cheer:

yeah congratulations!! :thumbs:

Congratulations !

This strange feeling were WILD sensations. They may sometimes happen in a DILD.