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I’ve had three dreams now where I say to myself in the dream “I’m dreaming,” but I don’t really… REALISE it. I say it but it seems to mean nothing to me in the dream. For example, from my DJ, “Weirdly though as I walked around I was thinking “I’m
dreaming, i’m dreaming, I’m invisible because I’m dreaming.” I ate a prawn thing and thought “This
must be a dream because I wouldn’t eat this in real life” but for some reason I just accepted it.”

I also had a dream last night where I couldn’t exactly control the dream, but I could change things - what I did was, for some reason, wish to be a faun in the dream and it happened. I later tried to make something else happen but was having difficulty, so I closed my eyes and said “I’m dreaming, so I can do this,” but before that I think I only had the vaguest idea that it was a dream. I think the faun dream was very low level lucidity, but what about the other dream? Was that lucid or prelucid…?

In the first dream you didn’t actually realise you were dreaming so it would be classed as pre lucid or a FLD (I prefer the prelucid label)

(hover over FLD with your mouse to get the definition)

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Haha I am something of a lurker, indeed O: Thanks for the welcome! And thanks also for telling me I was prelucid… now I just have to work on actually KNOWING I’m dreaming! I feel all enthused now that I know I’m quite close. Woo.

I sometimes have dreams twice. Sometimes, this leads to a sort of lucid state, when I think “Wait, I’ve had this dream before”. I do things different to the first time, but I’m not sure if I’m truly “lucid” in the sense that I can just stop and go somewhere else. I go with the flow, but I am aware of what will happen next. Can anybody explain if this is lucid or not?

It’s not really a lucid state. This kind of dreams about dreams, about recalling dreams, about lucid state or lucid stuff, etc. is called prelucid dreams cause it’s not so far from lucidity. In a LD, you fully realize that what you’re experiencing now is a dream.

Those prelucid dreams are useful, they are close to lucidity and they may be changed into LD’s. For instance, your having dreams twice is a dream sign and it can be used, for instance by autosuggestion or MILD, in order to make you realize, next time you experience this, that you’re dreaming.

Just had another one, this time I realised I was dreaming, so I tried to do some stuff like fly, but i couldn’t, so I thought “Well, is this a LD or not?!”

Congrats OfficerPotnky, that’s a LD :content:

Flying isn’t that easy to do in the beginning for a lot of people, because people don’t really believe it can happen. Things you can do in waking life are often easier to do. We still realise somewhere in our mind that it isn’t possible to fly, because the laws of physics won’t let us. Try again and try to really believe it’s possible. You can do everything you want when you’re dreaming, as long as you believe you can. Keep reminding that you’re dreaming and it is possible to fly. Check this topic too for flying tips.

Recently I went to Paris with school, and I had what I think is my first ever lucid dream on the way back. First let me say - it is truely nothing you can describe in words. It is just a blissful feeling being able to swim through the air and do everything you’ve ever wanted.

I’m not going to say how the dream went, but I was in a country village and everyone I knew was there. I could interact, so to say, with my dream. I was thinking, “I know this is a dream! I’m doing everything i’ve ever wanted! I can fly!”. I could jump up and tried to fly like superman, but it didn’t work. Thankfully I remembered the swim-fly technique from this site when I read it about six months ago and it worked, I couldn’t go very far, but I flew! I absoloutly 100% knew this was a dream when I was in it. Was this a lucid dream or is my mind just tricking me into thinking it was? I give my thanks to the maker(s) of the main site for compelling me to read it and helping me know what the bleep was going on in that mad dream.

I also have a quick question: Is it normal to not experience the dream in first person, but remember it? I actully was in the dream and was controlling it in my mind, while I was asleep aswell as remembering doing that. Wait, I just realised I’m just remembering controlling it. Leave it in anyway.

Thanks :slight_smile: (So Happy!)

Edit: Oh my god, how long did this post get? Sorry, i’m just so joyful! It is a truely unexplainable experience. Wheather this was a LD or not!

since you were thinking this while actually dreaming … it was a Lucid Dream :yay:

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Hi Yamas, welcome to the forum! :smile:

Theorically, in a LD, you experience the dream in the first person, just like IRL. Now it’s possible that you didn’t wake up immediatly as soon as your LD ended, and for instance had a ND just after, so that your LD was a little blurred in your memory when you woke up.

By the way, it’s not incredible or abnormal. Just try to remember now what happened during the 5 last minutes IRL and if you even can recall it, you’ll find that it’s blurred too.

I’m going over my dream journal and finding that in a few dreams between February and April it looks like I got brief moments of lucidity. Nothing seemed special about them, and it’s been a while since I even got that. I’ve been feeling discouraged, but maybe I’m doing better than I had thought! So, are these dreams that break off in moments of LD?

I’m trying to figure out what may of happened, details are sketchy.

Either last night or the night before I remembered, while going to school today just out of no where about this experiance I had. I remember that I felt as if my eyes were closed then I opened them and I tried to step into my dream world but I felt excitment and fell out of it into blackness and either woke up or had a ND. I cant remember.

Could this possibly be my first successfull WILD? (Trying everynight for about 2 months) and I just failed to remember it untill today or could it have happened as a ND?

Nsomnia, I think it could have been close … but you didn’t actually manage to step into the dream as far as I can tell. :eh:

izandal, it sounds like you are getting there, you seem to be having periods of lucidity in your dreams even though they seem to be low level … you just have to use the opportunity when you get the knowledge that it is a dream to increase your lucidity.

Ok, I got one thing last night, Ihad a string of dreams, technically, I remember 3 but I like to think of them as 4 since one faded into another story completely irrelevent.Anyway, after a fire, I was just thinking “I lost a lot, usually when someting this big happens, it’s a dream, maybe I can wake up” then everything started to feel less real, so I thought"maybe instead I can become Lucid". So I tried. I don’ remember much after that, but it was short, and i do remember knowing it as a dream, I just wasn’t able to do anything.

So, was this an LD?

izandal, Sonic922, I think your dreams were very low lucid moments. Next time, you should try to perform a RC and increase your lucidity level.

Nsomnia, I’ve the same feeling than moogle: you didn’t manage to enter a LD, though it seems you were rather close to.

This is the fourth day that I’m reading up on LD which means that this past night was the third night since I begun. During the first two nights I improved my previously non-existent DR a LOT - being able to recall at least one complete dream/night. During these days I’ve been doing at least 10 - 15 RC - most of them by pinching my nose and trying to breathe.

As I went to bed yesterday I kept repeating silently to myself “I WILL have a lucid dream. I WILL recognize that I am dreaming.” (in my native language of course). I kept repeating and thinking about this 'til I drifted off. Suddenly I felt a vague OOB experience where I saw myself lying in my bed and I got to remembering this exercise I read about on this forum;

I can’t remember the name of it nor where I read about it even though I’ve been searching for the thread for almost an hour…

Anyways, I imagined the bed starting to spin around, spinning as fast as possible. Then I somehow entered my body again and begun to feel strange vibrations and sensations all through my body. At one point I almost got a bit scared of it all and wanted to wake up. But the instructions had told me to stay focused and wait for something to happen. Suddenly, this spinning-bed exercise got me to a false awakening. It felt so real… I opened my eyes. My eyes felt very tired and dry, just as if I’ve been up for far too long into the night. Somehow I already had a faint idea that this was a false awakening - because everything around me - my entire existense there and then felt wierd.

I already had some control too - because I made myself sit up in my bed and I made myself do a nose-pinching RC just to make sure. Once I was absolutely sure that I was inside a LD I started to get somewhat excited but remembered not to get too excited since it can be dangerous to the stability of the LD. Instead I focused on what “magic” I was going to try first. I saw this huge carpet in the middle of the room and begun concentrating on the closest corner of the carpet. I thought “I want that corner to levitate!” - at the same time I see the corner of the carpet begin to levitate, approx. a feet above the ground, before I let it go and it fell down again.

I remembering having the biggest smile on my face feeling like a God of some sort. I went on with having beams of light shoot out from my fingers on my right hand, playing around with the light in my ceiling for a while. I also wanted to create a floating white ball made up of concentrated light - but instead I managed to make a soap-bubble with many layers appear (many soap-bubbles inside eachother). It had some green text scrolling around inside it but I couldn’t make out what it said so I popped the bubble(s) with my finger instead.

After that it all got dark and I found myself watching myself in bed again and managed to get, what felt like, another LD going on (more about that in my DJ).

Anyways - this must have been a LD because it felt so real and I could really think and act out of my own will… But on the other hand, it was my third night - was I just VERY lucky?? I mean, so soon - that’s why I am a bit sceptical to my experience. But whether it was a real LD or not, I am sooo looking forward to having a similar experience again!

Hi Swesent!

I don’t think you’re very lucky but it seems you are very gifted in WILD. It completely looks like a LD cause: it was a dream; you were inside it; it looked real; you knew you were dreaming. It was a great experience and I’m happy you had so much control on it. Congrats on your LD! :clap:

Guys, what do you think about this one?

I was certainly a conscious and controlled dream. I’m unsure it’s really a lucid dream, according to the definition. But some conscious dreams are as funny and vivid as lucid dreams. :smile:

Can someone tell me if this was an LD?Or maybe it was low level…
I remember…maybe I was awake or half awake before this and went back to sleep, but then I had a sort of FA but I couldn’t move, but I was able to do the holding nose RC, and I could breathe. Then I remember closing my eyes and being able to get out of my bed but every time I opened my eyes I could still see how it was with me lying in bed. And it was all messed up, like on a crashed computer. But I definitely chose to do that. Then I remember looking at stuff…like a magazine that wasn’t even meant to be in my room, and there were random words on it. Then I looked outside and it was day and I saw this man with his child in weird pink clothes walk past, then another father and daughter walked past exactly the same. But in this dream I remember remembering my ND before that…
So then I kept on trying to make the door appear to go through but it never worked and then I felt the lucidity going so I was spinning around…then I think I went into a ND where I was telling people about my LD and it was a Sunday when it should have been a Saturday. I remember all this like it was a ND, all fuzzy, but I certainly remember being able to control what I was doing. At the end of the LD, if it was an LD, I saw myself in my bed and poked myself and I woke up, which was really weird. Then I had a dream about this weird house where a rich woman lived with a messy garden…
So, yeah. Could this have been an LD? Maybe only at some point…