The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part IV

It sounds like your remembrance of this LD was rather fuzzy and it’s likely because you had a ND after it. You don’t tell if you realized it was a dream, so theorically it’s impossible to say if it was lucid. Anyways, I have the feeling that many decisions you took are only possible in LD’s. If it’s the case, it seems too that your lucidity level was very variable and you evolved from a LD to quite a ND, then back to a LD, etc.

True… :happy: Thanks for the help

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Hi All, I think i had my first LD yesterday. I did the hand tech, but i dont know if it was in the night because i got awoken at 8 by my mum and thats when i can remember it best.

I dont know if i dreamed about lucid or i DID lucid.


The first thing i can remember is for some reason doing a reality check, obviously looking at my hands made me do this RC, but i did it. Then i can remember being able to breathe through my nose i cant remember my emotion, but then i looked at a clock, and it changed. This is why i dont know if i DREAMED about BEING lucid or WAS lucid.

But anyway, the first thing i did was try to fly, i couldnt at first but then i tried the superman technique and i could, i remember though, only flying for around 2 seconds then id fall down, i dunno if that was normal lol.

So the next thing i remember was talking to this attractive women, i can, “Hey watch this” i flew i go “What you think”

Then she goes “Lets have sex” lol. So we went to her house and did it, then her husband came in i was like shit, So i made him choke on his coffee and i flew off (then landed down after 2 seconds).

Then i just remember bits, Like i made a light with my thumb, and i was doing stuff around the house using lucid, showing off alot.

But this is the strangest thing, Right at the end of my lucid dream, i remember some little shit i hate, and he was blocking my entry to the park, so i beat shit out of him and went through, the thing is though, i went to all my mates, “Hey watch this” I took a massive run up jumped got into the superman position, then i fell right back down into the mud, i kept trying but it didnt happen,

I didnt feel like i was going to wake up it just happened,

So was i lucid, or was i dreaming of being lucid.

Very strange.


Whatever it is, it sure was a straaaange dream!

It depends. If you were lucid : then at some point you told yourself or thought to yourself, This is a dream! I am dreaming!

If not then it was a FLD, a False Lucid Dream

Even if it was a FLD, it felt really good,

and surely, it is a sign of good things to come???

I would say that because of the fact that at the start of the dream, when you did the RC’s that you were definatly lucid. If you were not lucid, then why would you try doing things that you read about here? I would think that the main point is “knowing” that you are dreaming strong enough that you take control of the dream and do what you want. You could question how lucid you were, and it sounds like your level of lucidy changed durring the dream, but it sounds like you were lucid.

Pre-lucid dreams (Dreaming about lucidity) means youre close to real genuine LDs!

Well, You did so many RC’s that i am sure that you WAS lucid. You propably had a LD,b ut it was low-lucid. Anyways, congratulations.

Hi Jono333! :smile:

From this report, it really sounds like you were lucid: you performed RC’s, you tried to fly and you felt down, the first thing you thought about was having sex :lol: , you used lucid powers like making light, etc. All this shows so much use of free-will that it was certainly a lucid dream - though you don’t say if you realized you were dreaming.

Moreover, I’ve the feeling that FLD’s (which are rather rare indeed) are made by people who have had LD’s before. Thus I suppose it’s a lucid dream.

From what I understand, you didn’t wake up immediatly after it, but you got awoken many time later and in rather bad conditions for remembering dreams. That’s probably the reason why your memory of it was not very vivid and you wonder if it was lucid or not.

Anyways, congrats on your first LD! :good:

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Thank You ! Your post has helped me alot.

The thing is though, I dont remember actually waking up in the dream if you get me. I just remember it in the morning.

Maybe because it was such a late time i didnt remember much. I didnt really realise i was dreaming its hard to tell you. I only realised in the morning cause i remembered it

Its hard to explain lol

Thanks again everyone who has replied!

Do you remember what were your thoughts when you realized that your RC’s worked? If it was: “waw! I’m dreaming” it was a LD. If it was: “how strange! I’ve got super powers” or “my clock is definitively out of order”, it wasn’t (then it was probably a conscious dream). Now if you can’t remember, it’s certainly because of a bad dream recall cause when such things happen, you have a reaction in dreams.

I only remember doing the RC in the morning lol.

I remember just being able to breathe through my nose with my hand over them in the morning.

My reaction was i double checked the clock lol.

I wasnt excited, and i know that if i was LDing i would defo be happy lol. Thats what made my suspitious.

So im going to have another go tonight

But its defo a step forward.

Well now, I’ve also been asking myself if I’ve really had LDs or just NDs pretending to be LDs…pretty strange.

It all started some weeks ago, when I started to write a DJ again. It worked better than expected, I was able to remember 2 or 3 dreams every night, but it eventually got completely messed up Wednesday.

I remember not 2 or 3 dreams, but about 9 or 10 at all, some of them might even be partly lucid. I haven’t really tried to achieve any LD yet, I focused on DR since I thought it would take some more time to be trained enough and dare to enter a LD. But anyway there were loads of “problems” I encountered that night. I went to bet as usual, the only thing I had in mind was “Wake up after dreaming and write it in your DJ”. Strangely I fall asleep way faster since I’m writing a DJ, so I wasn’t able to think about anything else or aspects of LD.

The now following might be both dream or reality, I was like completely unable to differ:

[i]The first time I woke up was about 4:45am, after almost 5 hours of sleep. I remember my left arm was hurting (I got an injection the day before, immunisation). I checked the clock as usual, didn’t remember any dream and decided to sleep on.

The second memory is pretty obvious part of a dream. I am sitting in a train, next to the conductor. As I turn around I see a cat lying behind me on the floor, I recognize the cat and am convinced that it “should not be there”, thus recognizing I am dreaming. Unfortunatly that’s the end of my memories of the particular dream, I wake up - I suppose it was pretty much of a FA since I did not even think of the clock or my DJ. I was just pretty eager to get back to sleep and into my dream (to bad I did not know about the linking method by this time).

Then I’m suddenly back in the dream, the whole scene replays, although I’m not waken by anything but by my mother who rushes into my room. I wake up (it’s late morning, the sun is already shining). I ignore anything, go straight to my computer which is already turned on and start a conversation with a friend of mine using an Instant Messenger. This time I’m sure it was a FA, because it was neither day, nor is my computer turned on all night or my mother awake.

The next minutes are blurry, as if I had a blackout, but I remember seeing a blue dog (he looked pretty much like Tindaloo, from a Cthulu-related comic called “The Unspeakable Vault of Doom”) chopping it’s legs off. Instead of being surprised I start reading a newspaper, which has a black/white photo of the dog in front of me and a headline saying “…chops it’s legs off”. Nevertheless I seem to realise I’m dreaming again, but wake up.

After waking up I see the sun already rising outside but decide to give LD another try. But well, I end up in my room again, but remember doing a reality check - 6 fingers per hand, “So I’m dreaming again”. Once more I wake up, remember I haven’t noticed any of this in my DJ yet. Reaching for my pen I notice the casing is missing. I wonder how this is possible, search for it and find it lying on the floor next to my bed. After this I write down some notes in my DJ, about all the night. I remember anything from this part of the night, even how I got angry about myself for messing up the notepad like this (my script is kinda grubby at night).

Excited about the achievments of the night I decide, once more, to sleep some more hours. This time it’s just a “usual” ND, I’m standing in an oasis in Africe surrounded by some people I know (I don’t remember their names or faces). I’m going towards a nearby village, and notice I’m followed by a cheetah (for some reason I’m not afraid it might attack me); I wake up as I reach the village.

As I wake up there is a real surprise: my notepad is empty, except for the date etc. which I wrote down the day before. None of the notes I took this night where there, just an almost empty sheet of paper.[/i]

Now, that was one night. I’ve had a similar night today, although I’m sure I’ve had moments of lucidity, at least I remember trying to “beam” myself through the town. I failed, but ended up upstairs - woke up, of surprise I suppose. Anyway, this empty notepad “problem” occured again.

I myself believe I have had dreams which wanted me to believe I was lucid, although I wasn’t - it is not that easy to achieve a LD, is it? Anyway, I’m also wondering about these FAs. I do RCs frequently (kindly supported by a huge mirror just in front of my bed), but not in such…obviously real situations. You would notice if you’re writing with a hand with 6 fingers, right?

Btw, sorry for my crappy English, have had a short night (twist of fate, eh?). The whole text has gotten a little too long I suppose, but I have no idea how to differ necessary from unnecessary information regarding dreams.

Well on my first try i remember like i was in a brain and talking to the persons brain and i said what he was gonna do and he did it now i remember making myself look out his eyes and saying ITCH YOUR NOSE and he did and i was doing it myself is this a LD ?

Hi golradir,

You had many lucid moments in your dreams (and some funny FA too, especially you writing down your dream! :happy: ). Just keep it up, you’re on the good track! And don’t discourage, first LD’s are often very short. :wink:

IanP, I’m afraid it wasn’t a LD at all. It’s a LD when you know that you’re dreaming. Nevertheless, you managed to have some control on your DC’s in your ND, thus it was a controlled dream. It’s not so bad: controlled dreams are prelucid dreams, it means that you may have LD’s soon. :smile:

I am sorry to ask this question, but I am actually a little confused about the “status” of my dream.

Last night my cat woke me up several times, which turned out well because it gave me more dream recall than I have ever before had; I wrote down parts of 5 dreams. But one of them was a little weird.

I can’t remember how the dream started, but I was walking down a gravelly dirt road. For some reason I jumped forward, and I just kept floating. After a few seconds of this I said to myself “I am floating along the road. This is a dream!” But immediately it faded out to black. I tried rubbing my hands together (and I did get the very distinct feeling of rubbing, just like in real life) but I woke up anyway.

The weird thing about it was that it wasn’t a particularly vivid dream, and when I woke up I wasn’t excited or anything; in fact I went right back to sleep and was only able to write it down in the morning. As a child I had one LD, and I can still remember how vivid and realistic it was. So, I am confused. :smile:

Hi Tarendol, welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes it was a lucid moment. You had a good reaction when you decided to rub your hands. Now beginners LD’s are often short and I suppose it’s because their first LD’s happen just when they are waking up.

Vividness (or control) are not really related to lucidity. You can be very lucid in a blurry environment. :sad: I hope you’ll have more luck in your next LD. :smile:

A day or so after having first read about LDs i was lying in bed and decided to try WILD, it didnt work and i just drifted off to sleep. In my dream i had that night I was in a room in heaven with my best friend. We were stuck in the room and couldnt get out. I realised that this must be a dream because my friend has a broken leg. I was then able to teleport to wherever I wanted. Was this an LD ?

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Hello again everybody :happy:

Something very strange happened last night. I was in my room and I suddenly realized that I was dreaming. I heard some kind of orcestra- music and I got very exited. But I knew that I should keep calm so I tried the rub- hands- method. And when I looked at my hands, they looked all strange! Then, I wanted the orcestra music to stop and so it did. But when I tried to walk my feet felt all strange. So, in reality, I moved them (in bed I mean) and I woke up. Here is what the strange happens: I start to tell my mum about my LD and all. Just as I had tell her, I wake up again! Me telling my mum about LDing was just a dream too! Perhaps, I did, what I just did a couple of nights ago, dreamt about having a LD! And now, when I am thinking of my “LD”, I have a very bad memory of it and it just feels like a ordinary dream. If this was a LD, it was my first so I don’t know how it’s supposed to feel.

Long text, a little help please. :wink: