Learning to fly

Flying is undoubtedly one of the favourite things for LD’ers to do. It is one of the easiest things to accomplish, but sometimes it can be surprisingly difficult.

I have had the problem that whenever I fly, it’s difficult for me to rise very high. Almost always all I can manage is to get about five metres off the ground. I have had very hard times trying to get to the roofs of multi-storey buildings. However, last night I solved my problem, and the solution was very simple. What I had been trying to do was I always aimed at the point I was trying to get. Last night, when I wanted to fly to a roof of a four-storey building, I didn’t aim at the roof but instead rose high enough well before the roof. When I was a bit higher than the roof, it was easy to land there. Maybe what boosted my creativity was the fact that I had taken a cute girl along to fly with me. :grin:

Have you had similar experiences of difficulties with flying? How have you solved them (if you have)?

I had something similar to this in my normal dreams when I was fairly little. When I dreamed of flying I could only get a few metres high. I don’t know what changed, but as I got older I found flying easier and easier and by the time I reached my early teens I had no problems anymore whatsoever.

My best estimate of what happened was that as I began to dream of flying more often, I think I began to get more confident about it. It never occurred to me to try and fly - I just did it because I knew I could. By the time I had my lucid dreams, I’d flown so often it was equally as simple then as it was in my normal dreams. :content:

I had my first flight in a LD not long ago, and the thing that was hard for me was to control the direction I was flying, not the height. I hope controlling direction is easier next time I fly.

This morning i had a LD, and the first thing that came into my mind was that of flying. I quickly lauch myself out of my uncle’s house and almost fell to ground(to potatoes actually) but recovered the flight and could fly some meters more shouting “YOO-HOOW”!
For me it has to be what do you expect is gonna happen, and/or your analytical percentage.

i always used to have trouble flying but these days when i have LDs i realised the trick is to not even think about it. Its alot easier then it sounds because the only thing stopping you from soaring into the air is doubting that you can. I just completely release any thoughts about flying being impossible in RL or even being a big deal and i just fly.
hope I could Help,

It seems to be a bit difficult for me to believe that I can actually do anything. :tongue:

Last night, however, I had wonderful flying practice. For something like ten minutes I just flew around this big city that I were in at the time I became lucid, reminding myself that everything is possible every time I had difficulties. That was great. :smile:

I remember when I used to have trouble flying in a lucid dream. I found I was putting the wrong kind of effort into it.
I was trying to fly by concentrating hard on flying, as if I was trying to levitate myself or something. But then one night, I tried flying as if I was doing any other action, like walking, or moving a limb, or talking. I didn’t think about the process of flying, I just did it.

Ever since then, I’ve had almost no problems :smile:


Jetpacks did it for :tongue: [/color]

I havent had an LD but the last dream I remember I could only fly as high as my freinds were and I was told that in the dream so since it was not an LD it was what I knew I could do so maybe when I finnaly have a LD it will be easy but I’m not sure. :peek:

i have always had probelms with flying, i mean right from the get go. i can do a lot of other things, but flying for me just doesnt seem to work. There are times when i have flown though, and to overcome it, i just… well practiced and practiced until i could lift off the ground and when i couldnt i yelled at the dream and blew it to peices :eek: . for me i think my problem is that i always try and feel where i want to be and not wherei am, so therefore i cant be where i want to be cuz i cant feel where i want to be and where i am at the same time… did that make any sense?

try the underwater swimming fly technique :happy:

This one came to me in a dream. Imagine you have swimming fins on your feet, like you have when you go diving or snorkeling.

Then imagine the air to be water and you are floating… move your feet to go forwards or upwards. This one has helped me a lot. I used to fall down all the time, or try to find high spaces, but with this technique i find i can rise easily.

I’m still afraid of going too high though…

well, when i cant fly i materialize something that can make my fly. for example:

i find myself in a situation where i cant fly. "damn… this isnt working. poof jetpack on my back. “this should do the trick!” vwoosh! off i go.

I was succsessful in flying in my 2nd ld My first attempts were failures though, just got a like a foot off the ground and sorta fell in slow motion, then i decided to try a diffrent method i just thought of how it looked when anime people flew…well i wouldn’t really call it flying it was more like jumping extremly high then useing the japanese style cloths i was wearing to glide a bit and jump off of the meteors falling down… lol cant rember much of that now though.

For some reason, I’ve never had a problem with flying. I look up, or where ever I want to go and then jump into flight. I feel natural flying. I will myself faster or slower and when I want to change direction I just do. I dont know how but I just do. :content:

I love to fly as high as I can. Once I made it into space and kept going past differant planets and stars. What a feeling :dream:

I did fly pretty well in a dream once…I was standing in a country side, in the middle of a patch of cabbage or something. I realized that I was dreaming, and I wanted to go to New York or any kind of big city and try to practice my shapeshifting/flying. I started running, and the country seemed to drop off into a sloping cliff. All I did was jump, flatten out in midair, and I was flying/gliding!

In a nutshell…

-Cliffs or similar ledges could work.
-Looking back, I realize I wasn’t thinking deeply about flying when I flew. Think of it as flexing your arm, you don’t think “pull this muscles, shorten this one,” you just do it! :smile:

hey thats a great idea thanks Q :happy: im gonna see what i can muster up tonight with that then :smile:

I think it was Pedro that first suggested the idea of making something to use for flight. Like a helicopter, cloud etc.

I use a bal point pen that drags me through the air at very fast speeds. Effective and fun!!!

I haven’t flown in my dreams for many many years. When I was little i used to fly in my dreams but i was always supported by wires like a marionette. It used to annoy me that the wires were always there. :confused: I wonder if i flew now whether they would still be there(the wires).

Flying was never hard to me. It was just like I expected it to be.
Which is exactly why it wasn’t hard, because I expected it to be easy.

I imagine the world around me moving instead of just me moving. I can fly pretty easily.