Learning to fly

Whenever I have to do something in a lucid dream that is hard, I imagine consentrating really hard and making an indention in the material of the dream itself, like pressing down really hard while writing. Whenever I LD now, I like to have a wand with me, because it makes things easy. If something is hard to do with the wand, I press down. It usually works.

I first learned to fly in a ND where a group of kids were having a flying tutorial down the street from my house. It was kind of like learning to ride a bike–only twenty feet up without a bike or padding…I crashed through someone’s room window. :happy:

My friend who is much better at this stuff than me told me to imagine the force of gravity to be pulling up instead of down when i told him I could only fly so high.

It never worked for me, but maybe it’ll help some of you guys.

I was about to suggest something similar to pasQuale’s swimming idea: in one of my nightmares, I had to excape something bad, so I jumped in the water and started swimming. I took some disctance from whatever something bad was and dived, and then, moments later accidentaly found myself flying. So if you can’t fly, try to swim, I think as we don’t need to breathe in most dreams, the subconscious read swimming and flying as the same thing.

I’ve only tried to fly twice in lucid dreams. Once, I raised a few centimetres of the ground and then fell down and the other time, I jumped off of a ledge, fell down and woke up.

Does anyone have any tips for flying?

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I moved your new topic into an already existing topic on flying techniques. I hope you get some good tips :smile:

I normally never fly, maybe i should try it some time. I never have. I usually just jump.

Today I flew using a jetpack. It worked fine until I thought I could jump from a building and use the jetpack to land softly. Simple plan. But I couldn’t activate it and woke up when I hit the ground.

plans on trying Bruno/Q’s idea

I’ve had an old guy teach me to fly, not that I’m that good yet. I can fly extremely well in NDs, but as soon as lucidity hits, I’m grounded. :neutral: Mikeh’s helped me fly before, though.

I love my SG. ^^

Thanks, moogle.

I think I got this idea from a guide/tutorial on Dreamviews somewhere, but I always picture, for a moment, what the landscape would look like from above.

I think it has something to do with the human subconscious/brain having problems processing an image by itself…

Yeah I would advise not thinking about it very much. In my second LD I was in some house talking to a guy and after a while I was just like Screw This and I dove through the window and started flying away. I didn’t really think about it at all.

I love flying in my dreams. I want to fly so badly in real life that there have been several time when I fly in a dream that I think I have finally done it for real!

I have two different techniques that I use. One is a running start followed by a forward dive. This gets me coasting about 3 feet off the ground; and I usually go 50 feet or so before slowly landing. :tryfly:

The other technique is levitating. I just think myself up in the air. I usually have some lateral mobility, but I still don’t like to get too high.

Flying is also one of my Dream Signs. If I find myself flying, I know I’m dreaming.

I haven’t had a real LD or at least a long one…because when i was flying (in my normal dream) i realised and as soon as i said to myself i was having an ld i fell from the sky …then i lost lucidity and started flying again…arrrgggh so annoying

Last night I had my first real LD!!! :partying_face:

After I realized I was dreaming I tried flying for the first time, and all I did was fall flat on my face, (and it actually hurt :eek: ) However, I could make super human jumps really easily. I think my problem was that I would concentrate really hard, (like close my eyes and think nothing but flying) and then try to lift off.

Also after realizing I was’nt getting anywhere concentrating on flying, I tried to materialize a jetpack on my back and I found that I could’nt do that either. Is that a skill that gets better with practice?

I picked up flying in dreams when I first jumped off a swing from a hill–I sort of floated and never came down–it was an amazing, and scary feeling–hard to put into words because it seemed so real. You know that feeling I’m talking about? :smile:

And now–now I sometimes feel like I can fly IRL. It’s so cool. :cool:

Interesting to see people’s learning to fly experiences :smile:

I actually had a series of dreams where I would try to learn to fly - I would climb up on trees, roofs of houses, etc, and try to float across to another one. From there I would have practice flying dreams too. It’s become an ingrained skill now, lucky me :content:

Here’s a nifty website with incubation techniques and flying techniques. It is a nice little guide for you novice dream pilots out there.

I have the opposite problem as some of you: I tend to fly incredibly fast and lose control. Turning becomes difficult sometimes. It’s probably because of my technique: I fly like superman, except I imagine a burst of energy coming from my legs and pushing me ahead. I basically turn myself into a rocket. :smile: Anyone else out there have this problem?

I have also shapeshifted into birds or dragons before, or just grew a set of wings. Some people have trouble shapeshifting, though. The thing with that is, I am such a big fan of shapeshifting that I have developed a couple techniques that seem to work pretty well. Anyway, I tend to fly slower and keep control better when I shapeshift. Even then, that is not always the case.

Yeah I, too, did have some problems with flying like Treader said. I tend to get out of control and slammed down back on the ground(lol), sometimes I even got thrown into outer space and into darkness. Not fun.

Watching Spiderman gave me an idea to land. When I got rocketed away, I’d do the sort of gesture Spiderman did when he wants to stick onto things. Works fine by me.

Later I’ve learnt to really fly. The trick is imagining you are floating, as if the air is water. Most of the time being unable to fly means you think it is impossible to do that. Nothing is impossible in an LD, tell yourself that.

Had problem breathing underwater in LD before, I thought I was gonna drown for sure :eek:

Yes, a lot of LD’ers couldn’t fly when they first tried and they learnt to do it.