LD4all Quest #6: Planetary Moon: Unfold your wings and fly!

LD4all Quest #6: Planetary Moon: Unfold your wings and fly!

Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

13 Moon Calendar

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This Quest has been suggested by Bruno and Sandra (BlackAngel) in the Quest suggestion topic, but it is also one of the favourite things to do in LD’s.

So, after a whole moon of time traveling, it is time to relax!

If you have never flown in a LD, this is the time to start!
If you already can fly, this is the time to hone your flying skills, or try a new flying technique :fly:

most of all, this Quest is one of enjoying your freedom as you fly trough your dreamworld.

In your next LD:

  • FLY! :fly:

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Already decide on what your goal will be. For example wanting to see how high you can fly, or how fast, or what technique you want to try.
  • You can also try to summon a teacher to teach you flying.

Flying techniques* Flap your arms like wings.

  • Fly like superman
  • Use giant imaginative swimming fins to swim through the air as if you were under water
  • Fly like you have wings like an angel.
  • Transform into a bird and fly.

For more techniques and inspiration check this topic.

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic, whether you feel you succeeded or not.

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

note: Planetary Moon is from april 4 2006 until may 1 2006

Yay! :content:

This shall be ultimate fun!

And I foresee I’ll get a lot of flying NDs and plane dreams this Moon.

I just had a flying LD last night!! Well, sort of anyways! I tend to float around rather than fly.

This should be a good easy one for everybody!! :content:


:angel: :angel_fly: :fly: :fly:

This time it’s not a hard quest, I hope a lot of people will post their Lucid Flying Dreams in here :boogie:

I’ve already had an ND where I flew this month.
I fly in most of my dreams, usually Superman style. Sometimes I also have dreams where I have large, bat-like wings on my back; in those I go between Superman style and flapping the wings. For the past year or so I’ve been having trouble controlling my flight, particularly turning, stopping, changing speed, and going high. That’s been pretty frustrating. It’s sometimes even extended to when I’m just walking around, I’ll slide around as if I have no traction at all. Other times I float a few inches above the ground.

I’ll be sure to try some new tricks and post them here. :content:

I’ve flown multiple times, but this is the most memorable…

I entered the dream standing in the front lawn, when it occured to me that I was dreaming. I wanted to visit a big city to work on walking up walls (For some reason I favor cities for testing things over anywhere else) so I decided to fly.

I kind of jumped really high and fast in a forward direction and put a lot of power behind me and streaked over a countryside (that doesn’t quite exist IRL near my house) with my arms to my sides and legs straight, like a human arrow or something. (Or if you’ve seen an episode of DragonBall Z, you can refer to that, minus the magic glowy streak-type thing. o-o ) What was cool was that my subconscious decided to place tornadoes conviently near my path, and I just willed them away. :slight_smile:

I realized I was dreaming on the side of my house, and walked to by back lawn. I remebered a previous LD where I had tried to fly just by jumping, but to no avail. This time, I just fell backwards and believed I was going to fly. I fell back, but never hit the ground. This began my flying. :fly: I did not do anything physical to fly, but rather just moved my body consciousness upward(body consciousness is basically just the awareness of your body), and began to fly. I directed myself in the air by moving my body consciousness left or right, up or down. Very fun! :gni:

Note: I don’t know if this will work for everyone. I have had experiences in the past where my body consciousness left my body, and my physical body became an anchoring point for this consciousness. Because of these experiences, I am very aware of my body consciousness. I don’t know if a person who is less aware could control theirs in this way, but try it out.

I haved many flying Lucid dream and its the main thing that I do usually while in lucid. I just cannot think about other thing to do in lucid position.

Usually im in a flapping your wing position, it help me goes higher but the speed decrease , when im head first or superman position it get me faster but its weird , I usually loss altitude like an helicoptere.

Some day I even tryed in a sitting position and it worked well.

In my next LD , I will just try to transform in a bird and fly , im sure its a another feeling.

to make things clear: it is not the idea to post any previous flying LD’s or flying ND’s you have had.

The object of the Quest is to have a flying LD during this moon, and post the dream in this topic :fly:

:peek: well, post it in your DJ too ofcourse :wink:

if you have tips on flying, please post in the topic i refer to in the Quest description :smile:

that way we keep this topic for Quest experiences – and the reactions on those – only :smile:

I’m in, this will be easy, I always fly in my dreams anyway :content:
Actually, I’m doing a flying project with my dream group as Sea Life as well :smile:

:eek: we can fly in LD ´s ?

:grin: hahaha just kidding… but thats cool quest im gonna pass it :cool: i think…

That sounds like a quest I’m not passing on! Hand me a RedBull and give me wiiings! :fly:


I’m getting better a WILD, so that sounds like something fun to try. My lucid dreams have been occurring less frequently than normally, but I’ll manage it during this moon. :yes:

I had my first LD on the 2nd of April, and literally about five seconds in I was flying, no joke…

A few things I experienced related to flying:
-As soon as I realized i was dreaming, i got off the couch, jumped over it like i was diving through a hoop or something, and glided over to the staircase and went upstairs. (It was like an indoor flying if you will)
-When I got outside. I kind of did the same thing, except I jumped at an angle, and was able to do the same thing, but faster and with more control. I was controlling it with my mind I guess, and it felt like that was directly connected to the feeling of flying, I wasnt doing much physically, but at the same time, my mind felt more like a body part such as a leg or an arm then a brain.
-Later one, while escaping from a legion of cats attacking me, I jumped off of like a one hundred foot tall tree or so, and dived straight down, as I was about to hit the ground, I became paralell about 10 inches above it, and gained an INSANE amount of momentum. I was basically flying a few inches above the ground at like 80mph. It felt absolutely incredible(like being strapped to the bottom of a ferrari.)
-When i was doing the technique just above the ground, at times i would start to lose height/speed, and would let myseld slowly make contact with the ground, when i was about to hit it, I’d do like a cheetah kick type thing, as in i pushed off with my arms, and kicked the ground, which significantly boosted my momentum again, and send me going like I was before. I did that a few times before the sequence ended.

All in all, it was a VERY rewarding first LD, and luckily for this quest, FILLEd with flying.

sweet i am in. that is if i can fly anymore, eveytime i try i end up line jumping agian… guess i hate moving places slow even in my dreams! mmm wonder why i havent just tried flying faster :eek: why did i not think about that till just now! oh man that sucks. ok i will post for ya when i fly :wink:or face plant im a bit rusty on the old lucid dreaming… give me a week

I’d try this… If I could go lucid enough to do it… :sad:

you wont have to be lucid just run off a cliff n see what happens! u will prob go lucid after that :wink:

yay my favourite thing to do in a LD :grin: … coincidently I had a LD about flying today, it took a few giant leaps before I took of and flew to some island, superman style :content: Pretty fun I must admit, oh and I remember the island being hmm “painted” like oils and a painted Halo character “mastercheif” trying to shoot me down … fun times :content:

Ooooh, YAY, I like this Quest! :boogie: Mikeh shall have to be there though, I mostly moon jump when he isn’t around. :content:

Where was the Quest Suggestion topic? :help:

Two nights ago I may or may not have fulfilled the quest. Everything around me, including the ground, was a two dimentional painting, so I got the impression that I was floating in front of it, but there was a ‘ground’, it just wasn’t visable. I remembered the quest and tried to fly toward the painting, but there was a resistance and I kept coming back down. I don’t remember after that, because the dream faded after that, but at the end, I saw myself in third person and it looked as though I was flying.
I guess I get an ‘A’ for effort.