The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXV

:welcome: Hello Spamtek and Ijuuin Enzan, welcome to LD4all :grin:
I love your avatar Spamtek :yay:

I was never plagued by nightmares, probably why i didn’t experience a LD until I was in my twenties.

You should post the dream that was definitely lucid in the sticky “My First LD Collection” topic in the dream diary forum LINK

I hope you both enjoy being members of LD4all and gather a lot of information while here to help you on your lucid quests :cheer:

Why hello there, Mr. Ijuuin. ^^

Mmm, that’s what I supposed as well. Surprisingly, that article was quite well-recieved (even on NSider, which seems to be a gathering of stereotyping/generally immature people.)

That was fun. XD

Yeah… it’s funny how dreams have a nasty habit of slipping away from you.

Anyway, glad to see you here. ^^


Greetings, I’m Half Soul, and I’ve been keeping a proper dream diary for 65 days now. I have had lucid dreams as often as not, but would still like to have even more than this.
I turn 16 in 9-10 days. The last few weeks have been hard lucid-wise. Not only have I been depending on them too much, I bought a cheap brand of light bulbs - they flicker, fall from the ceiling, and burn out just like that. :dark: :universe:
So, my usual form of reality checks failed… And now I am just really stressed from my personal life. I am relying way too much on lucid dreams to help me out of this situation, so now they are not coming at all.
Otherwise, usually while lucid I hae basically only flown through the sky, beyond it into space, and done a bit of exploring. Nothing hectic, all peaceful…
Except when I start to run, something always starts chasing me - I usually wake up if this happens.

:welcome: Half Soul

You could make a DJ in here to share your dreams with us.

Never forget to do backup RCs. Maybe you could try another RC?

Try to relax, I know it’s easier said than done, but just try. Don’t want those lucid dreams to much, but don’t want them to less either.

You expect that something will start chasing you when you start to run, so now something will start chasing you when you start to run. Try to think this won’t happen.

I hope you’ll feel better soon :hugs:

I’m a newbie as well! It’s nice to finally join in after about 6 months of casually visiting this site and attempting on my own to have Lucid dreams.
I have succeeded on three occasions to my recollection. In all three I attempt to fly first, only able to get about 2 feet off the ground each time. I always thought it was strange til I listened to that icast with that lady telling of her 20 something years of experience. She mentioned not to be frustrated if you’re just

[/color]… so i’m not. :cool:

Inverted Sense - In my last LD I had a similar experience happen. I had just floated down into my bathtub when things started going dark and fuzzy around me, then in the middle of my LD, I saw my eye open from the inside. It was very strange because my eye opening was so big in relative size to the imagery of my dream. Then everything went black around my eye and I woke up.

So needless to say i’m glad to finally become apart of the crew. I will be able to perfect my LD’s here and talk to people about their cool and crazy dreams too. And that’s very exciting! :happy:

Welcome SereneSeraph

It’s nice to see a lurking person behind the shadows in the spot now :smile:

You could post your first Lucid Dream in the big collection <-- link

Flying is a great thing to do. Every moon we have at LD4all a lucid quest. This time it’s unlocking all the quests. One of them is flying. You could share your next lucid flying dreams there too, whether you feel suceeded or not.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them :content:


:wave: hello Half_Soul and SereneSeraph … welcome to LD4all :grin:

I agree with blackAngel, it is a good idea to have more than one thing that you use for RCs. :yes:

Stress is bad for lucid dreaming and even dream recall in general. Have you tried to meditate to relieve it a little?

I do hope you decide to start a dream journal here :hyper:

And congrats to both of you on your LDing successes so far :yay:

Hey peeps

Im Gregg aka super2goten, newish to the forums but i’ve been on LD4all for a while. Erm im 15, im English livin in Wales. Im still tryin to get a LD but im a slight insomniac :content: . I have 2 cats and 2 great danes.

Thats pretty much me summed up :razz:

Hey hey welcome super2goten :smile:

Im back after a long break :razz:( about 6 month ).
I have just finnised my first year on university, needed to
concentrate on that, but I think im ready to continue working on my lucid dreaming.
Im back at square one again but I think I’ll manage to go back to my 3-4 LDs/month

take care all

Hello guys… I’m 18 yo ,male, student… this is my first visit to this site… Since I’m on college holiday for 2 months, I decided to work on my first lucid dream… right now I’m writing a novel where the main character have the ability of lucid dreamers… while I’m doing a research about lucid dreams in net,I thought it will be great if I experienced it myself rather than reading from other people’s story…


I know, it was absolutely irrational. I suppose it was only a low level of lucidity, because while I was consciously aware of my dream, I was still bound by my assumptions of the dream world’s reality. It never crossed my mind that I could make my monsters disappear or turn into clowns (or, as the case more often was, turn them into something other than clowns) or whatever.


You may really be luckier than me. I theorize that since my first experiences with lucid dreams was to immediate get away from and out of them, that my brain learned to stop having them, withholding them from me even now that I want to. It is interesting that my nightmares subsided along with my LDs: to date, I haven’t had an LD that wasn’t merely the closing episode of a nightmare, and I haven’t had a real chase-you-down-the-halls nightmare since elementary school.

Or maybe I just enjoy overanalyzing things.


Thanks, I made them myself three-four years ago. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t make them again even I wanted to - I’m way too out of shape.

Welcome Kokonoka :welcome:
All the best with your attempts at lucid dreams. It’s helpful to start a dream diary, use some induction techniques, and have a thorough read through the different sections of the forum to get a feel for the place.

Welcome :smile:

Hi I am new to this site. I have had several ld’s in the past and now I am trying to get back on the path to ld’s on hopefully a weekly if not nightly basis. I distinctly remember how confident and powerful ld’s made me feel the next morning. Ld’s gave me the true feeling that I have alot more control on how the real world goes than I thought I did. You may not be able to do every and anything you want in the real world, but you can control everything you do within you power. In other words no flying to work to save gas in your car lol. Anyone who has helpful tips please contact me I am looking for some ld buddies be safe

Hi, My name is Grace, I am 16 years old, and live in the U.S.A.

Recently a penpal of mine turned me on to lucid dreaming, and ever since I’ve been recording my dreams (about 10 nights so far, not very long, but I’ve remembered at least 1-2 dreams every night). I find dreams to be very interesting, especially the aspect of controling them. After I started recording my dreams reality and my dreams began to mix together, sometimes I can’t remember if something happened in my dream, or in real life. I hope to find friends, and advice on this site.


Hi all,

I found this site when I was at Cliff Pickoff’s site The Galactic Question Center. The Galactic Question Center. … chive.html

He had information about lucid dreams and a link that lead me here. (his site is a blog…lots and lots of interesting questions)

I love my dream time. I have so much fun, often more fun than awake! LoL For instance, once I had some good news but no one to tell with out picking up the phone…which is alright to do but I needed someone in person. So, when I was asleep I dreamed I told someone all about it! LoL I think I even told the person (don’t remember who!) I’d needed someone to tell.

That is what my dreams are, entertainment. And I’ve had a small amount of lucid-ness about them and I don’t know how far I want to take that… I like really knowing about my dreams, experiencing them and having fun. I suppose little by litle I could enjoy being lucid in them. I also like the feeling it’s my subconscious playing…so don’t want to take that part away. Know what I mean? How do you allow your subconscious be in control if you become aware you’re dreaming?

Hi, im a man and im 17. Im studieing Sound Production at colledge just now.

I live in Kirkintilloch which is in scotland.

I was reading about sleep and dreaming on wikipedia when I came across the Lucid Dreak Wiki text book.

Ive had two Lucid Dreams in the past and im hoping to have more :smile: even though I tend to sleep less than I really should. But when I do I tend to have really weird dreams. Even the ones boardering on nigtmares I enjoy thinking about the next day.

Im looking forward to swiming about in my own head. :tongue:

Hi, I am a 18 year old male, I live in Norway with my parents and a dachshound, but I am moving this fall.

Like Peachey I read the Wiki Book and I had my first LD that nigth. Did a reality check and my left hand had only four and a half fingers. Weird. Unfortunately I woke up not long after, guess I should try flying, not the hard stuff.

This forum looks really cool.

Welcome to LD4all :welcome: legendarylogan78, Grace, Artist_Soul, Peachy and med4tall! :happy:

Welcome everyone I missed! Always good to have new faces around here. (Wait, this is a forum…) Er, always good to have new members I mean.