LD4all Quest #6: Planetary Moon: Unfold your wings and fly!

/me gives fiver an ‘A’ :content:

intriguing experience. Reminds me of one of wolbs dreams, where he stepped through a painting in a museum :smile:

The BIG Quest Suggestion topic is here :smile:

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Ld- Some flying and snow - Apr 6, 2006

This dream startes really normal. Its in the night. I was in a old bistro-bar type house and it was made
of big round wood. They were a little bit of people , a counter , some table and a lot all made of wood
and some pub/poster.

I see a guy that look like black hair and black beard. We dont say a word , I just see it there and stare
at him.

So im almost not wondering and automaticaly its like im in a dream , so I go lucid.
At the same time I push the door and go outside.

All the world around me is changing. Im now on the coutyard of my friend house . A common place for
my lucid dream . Its fun because the bistro-bar looked a lot like my friend house.

So there is snow everywhere and im wondering why can I do while im lucid. I start to walk in the snow
but it was the shittiest snow of my entire life. Every feet walking I was doing , I was under the snow of
all my legs. It was so annoying , it took me age to move. Every feet I was always like tied together to
the snow.

So I think about a thing to do , and I remember the Spiritual Guide. So I try to see it. I close my eyes
and say to me , when I will open my SG will be there. I close and I almost lost the dream , it was
weird, I was starring at blank blackness (like in real life when you close your eye). I reopen it and
nothing happen . Im mad at me.

So I go flying head first , my best method! Im flying very fast , more faster than other experience of
this flying. I go flying on the road. I see the huge black sky above me. I try to go forward to it but
could’nt even do it a little. Every time I was trying I will fall more to the ground and fly less faster.

After that I wake up…

Ps: Any tips for flying higher to reach the sky ?

congrats on doing the Quest :happy: And you almost completed the SG quest as well ^^ Yeah, closing your eyes in a dream can cause you to wake up or lose the dreamscene. Another method is to look away and back again, or find a door and expect your SG behind it :smile:

Check the flying topic i mention in the first post for flying tips, i don’t want this topic to get cluttered with flying tips ^^

I know that my last dream was a normal dream, but does it count if you were floating around in low gravity?

does jumping REALLY high count?
1 kilometre or someting in the end
cos that’s what i did in my…



here it is:

i was in a struggle to look at my hands(in a poolhouse ), and i did,
i ran towards the door and tried to make it day(it was night), i succeeded(the moon moved faster, but not really fast) but when i stepped outside it was night again, i decided i wanted to fly, but it’s quite hard(and more like really large jumps) i wanted to go to the top of the mountain in 1 jump so i used the wind, rising above the city, and i “flew” down to the top of the mountain, i jumped to my right and the dream “snipped” to a spacecraft in which i was playing UT2003, after a while it “snipped” back to the poolhouse, i was playing in there, messing with people
i thought “hey, wasn’t i lucid before?” and i looked again, but as soon as i did the dream faded, it was great though

:hurray: congrats Sirius)(Black! :hurray:

Great first LD and cool you went flying the first time :happy:
It sounds like flying, those large jumps. Flying is a skill that can be mastered in so many ways in a dream. Now you have all moon to work on your flying technique :boogie:

Neol: for this one it is LD’s only ^^ since flying is also such a general dreamtheme for a lot of people, and this topic could then easily be cluttered with ND’s about flying.

Unless you feel your ND definately has to do with this Quest, then you can post. I’m strict, i know :grin:

GZ! :smile:


[kin=101] Kin 101: RED PLANETARY DRAGON
I perfect in order to nurture
Producing being
I seal the input of birth
With the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guide by the power of universal water

The Mexicasians Attack!

[ND]A party was being held in the courtyard area of my school. A band was playing near the gym, a rock group featuring Qin as its drummer. A large group of kids were playing Hacky Sack, and I went over to watch. (since I suck at Hacky Sack :tongue:)

One boy looked over at me. He was a very good dream pal of mine and gestured that I should play. I waved my hand and shook my head. He grinned that grin that I can never say no to and pulled me over by the arm into the circle. :mrgreen:

He tossed the sack into the air and I gave it a high kick that sent it sailing into the air. He raised his hand and caught it. “See? You can do it! It’d be even better if you were lucid.”[/ND]

[LD]teary eyes I love my Dream Friends. :touched:

Well, I couldn’t pass up that offer. Hmm… How to incorporate playing with my friend into the Quest. I looked to the wall and ran at it. Then, lifting my right leg up, I kicked off and into the air just as the sack came flying. Doing a flip in the air from about 5 meters up, I hit it and sent the bean bag going all the way across the courtyard. :cool:

I floated down to the oohs and aahs and applauding of the pals. With a bow and a smooth smile, I decided to explore the dream school a bit. (usually I’m at home with lucids) The band’s leader spoke into a microphone to tell everyone that in a few minutes a new song would be coming on and to just chill out while they took a break.

Qin was thin with long brown hair. He wore a broad smile on his face like everyone else at the party and gave me a little wave when I examined him. “HA!” I thought. “I beat my old record for new members in dreams!” :boogie:[/LD]

[ND]loss of lucidity for no apparent reason

I walked into the parking lot to look for my aunt and uncle. They weren’t in the Saturn, but a deep red XB instead. The windows were tinted, so I couldn’t see inside very well, only movement. Mona, of what I saw of her, looked different somehow. Her skin was darker, though I blamed the window color for that, and her eyes were pinched together somehow.

Uncle Ray jumped out at me from the left side of the XB and came towards me. He had long frizzy hair and the same squinty eyes and dark skin. It occured to me that something had happened to them… They had turned into blood-lusting Mexicasians! :eek:

He lunged at me, but I ran back towards the party where other people were so I could have some backup. :help: [/ND]

WHOO! Quest completion, guys! Sure, I almost got eaten by zombie relatives, but that’s nothing compared to what I’ve accomplished! :razz:

congrats wolbeh :hurray:
don’t you just love show off your LD skills to others in a dream? I know I do :grin:

GZ! on your quest completion, Wolf.

Yet, the envy consumes my heart even more after reading this.

Usually when I’m flying, I don’t fly like superman or use wings. It’s almost like I’m turning off gravity, and guiding my path with a big imaginary rubber band… My arms and hands are usually at my side.

I’ve done the flying in my lucid dreams before(And, only in my lucid dreams…) so it’s not really that hard. But, instead of having no apparent reason to fly, I’m going to try to have an apparent reason to fly. Ooo, wings.

Another attempt at this moon’s quest :content: … (there’s an interesting WILD moment before this that I wrote up too in my DD)

WILD attempt at “unfold your wings”

[LD]Before I knew it I was in the middle of a crowd of people and lucid … yay! I suddenly remembered to try out a different method of flying, for this moon’s quest and got some pretty intresting results.

I started off by trying the old jump and hope I start flying (which works sometimes) but only ended up on somebody’s roof … sigh… I decided to try flapping my arm’s like wings :tryfly: which kind of worked pretty well, however it was a little slow. Finally, I tried the old superman pose and proceeded to fly at stunning speed’s … forwards and backwards. Going backwards at superspeeds was uber fun :cool_laugh: … I might have to try that again :content:[/LD]

good luck with flying on your wings NullAshton!

:boogie: congrats on succeeding Freedom88! :cool_laugh:
I love how you flew backwards at high speed ^^

OMG This is kinda wierd I have been away for a like about almost 2 months (still been LD’ing though) and I had one last night and the first that came to my mind as I gained lucidity was its time to get back to the basics and fly. So I ran outside and leaped into the air and flew for several seconds and then fell. This happend about 4 more times before I woke up but it was odd but I am usually so good at flying but I think it was the fact that I had not done it in so long and combined with the fact that I hyped it up so much right before I did it my subconsiouse just would not let me do it.
P.S. I am offering an internet cookie for anyone remembers me.

I usually just relax, and float up slowly. This was a rare attempt to fly fast. :cool:

Prior to this afternoon, I never thought that I would have participated in a quest - but today I was proven wrong! :yay:

Approximatley six hours ago I woke up from my longest lucid dream to date. :yay:

If you want, you can read the whole thing right here.

Or…just read this excerpt from my dream diary:

This dream is definately going into my list of “famous” dreams - that is, dreams that are very memorable to me. I am simply speechless, and this makes me even more eager to have lucid dreams! :thumbs:

Two quests in one, I’m so cool! :cool:

what a marvellous dream bruno :happy:

The atmosphere is just beautiful. The statue of a woman holding a jar, where water comes out, reminds me of your Journey beyond the wall. (remember?)

So you found the secret garden? what a beautiful place :smile:

the yellowish stone organic argitecture screams for my attention, i have been there, but when and how (and where).

lol, the Q invades everyones dreams now. First in BB’s one, now in yours… :plotting: exellent… :ebil:

It is al part of my plan to convert ppl secretly to Qists! :ebil:

Now that you mention it, yes! I could draw this resemblance to it too! :happy: When I wrote the dream, the first thing I thought about was your goddess statue, but yes! I think it relates to my Garden Beyond the Wall!

You have no idea. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t find you, Moogle or Sandra there, though. :wink:

This calls for meditation. I’ll try to revisit the place, I’ll ask if you were ever there, and when, and how.

You know that, no matter what you do, I’ll always be a Siiwist! :cool: We get to wear cool glasses. :grin: