LD4all Quest #6: Planetary Moon: Unfold your wings and fly!

/me munches cookie. Ofcourse i remember you :happy: Glad to see you back. Your hidden telepatic ablities must have brought you back here just in time for this quest. :smile: Good luck next time you fly ^^

/me also munches a biscuit.

How could we forget you, Jeremy? You rule!

Heres a dream from last night. It is in my dream journal but since it relates to the quest I think I will add it here as well. I have just copied and pasted it, the flying bit is towards the end, when I actually became lucid. The whole dream is in the DJ but here is just the part that relates to the quest. https://community.ld4all.com/t/am-i-dreaming-no-but-i-was/16788 there is a link if anybody is interested in reading the whole dream. If your not, long story short, I was dreaming I’m in Los Angeles and I become lucid while running away from something. I explore for a little bit, and then the following happens.

I keep running and I am becoming tired of this industrial area so I tell myself there will be a road on the right, filled with interesting shops to look in. I make it to the road and on the other side are some shops that look good but the traffic is so heavy. I try and fly over but for some reason I cant get off the ground. I turn around and start walking along the road. I try to fly again and succeeed.

I am now flying over LA. I head to the hollywood sign on top of a big hill. I fly up to the top of the sign, sit on it, and pull a joint out of my pocket. I light up and sit and enjoy the breathtaking view, which really is amazing, while I am smoking a lovely tasting spliff.

By the way, I kind of use the superman technique. I just launch myself in the air and fly with my hands at my side. I dont put too much thought into it, I just do it.

Well you missed one rather nice flying tcnique that is the only one that works for me :razz:

you do like this. You run as fast as you can and when you are running start running uppwards… like if there was an invisibel hill or something :razz: I got like 150 feet up in the air and then i fell down again :razz:

An invisible step ladder, that sounds like it would be very fun to do.

I think I’m going to try that if I remember the next time I am lucid.

On one of my (sadly) few and far between visits to this site, I read the current quest. Just a couple of days later I had amazingly good dream recall including the the following dream:

Flights of Fantasy
I walk out of my parents house and look down the street. Immediately, I see that things are not as they should be. This is not the street outside my parents’ house, it is the street where we used to live. In that case, I really must be dreaming. I recall the quest immediately, and as flying is one of my favourite ‘lucid hobbies’ I set about it immediately. For some reason it is very windy in my dream, and I can remember that it has been like that in a few dreams recently.
I begin to float a few feet above the ground just by willing myself to (this is my usual flying technique). Now I lift up to about 10ft off the ground and fly along. As I fly, I think about trying some other methods I have read about. I start to use ‘breast stroke’ to move along in the air. This works, but it seems a lot of effort and I definately prefer my usual method. I have some trouble controlling my direction doing this. I give it up as a bad job!
Now I decide to grow some wings and try them out. I can instantly feel them on my back, joined with my shoulder blades. I have strong muscles which I use to move my wings. The wings are large and feathered and I have approx. 3m wingspan :happy: . As I fly, I gain height. I pass some buildings and I can see my reflection in the glass windows. I like flying like this, it feels so strong.
Now, I decide to try a superman style. I put my arms in front of me and shoot forward and upwards very fast. There is such a great feeling of speed, until I suddenly find there is a solid ceiling above my head :bored: This annoys me, and I know that it has happened in other flying dreams. In fact, I think there was a discussion on the forum about exactly this happening*. This time, I will not be defeated by it. It is still my dream, so I can decide what happens. I push my way through the ceiling. It does not crumble but I ‘squeeze through’ it. Now I am in an attic! Felix (my cat) sits there watching me! He seems unperturbed by my sudden appearence.
I am still determined to get out, so I start to push my way through the roof. I can feel the material warping round me as I squeeze through it and my body elongates as I pull up through the hole. Finally I am out. The hole closes up behind me.

*I don’t know if this was a real or false memory, but I thought I recalled discussing the problems of not being able to fly up past a certain point in an old topic quite a long time ago.

Bruno, your description of the goddess statue reminded me of this one outside Bath Abbey.

Sleepyhead, nice! The one in my dreams was actually carrying it on her shoulder, but it’s nice to see something real that resembles the statue in my dream… I think this helps bringing what I saw in the dream closer to reality, making it even more vivid in my head… :smile:

:content: Thanks. The statue came instantly to mind when I read your dream (it is one that I often walk past without even a second glance).

I tried this moon.

I managed to levitate and get on the roof the first try, but no more.

The second time, I did it. It was really cool. I just started walking quickly, and climbed an imaginary staircase, and I was flying!!

:fly: :fly:

Most of the time, I just fail. Either i become lucid indoors, or there are too many trees about. :help: :sigh:
I somehow cannot walk through a mirror. The mirror can bend, but I JUST CAN’T WALK THROUGH
!!! :mirror:

I’ve got an idea!!
I’m a Computer game programmer so this might be a trifle weird
Go to your computer and turn on the monitor.
A picture (preferably an aerial photo) comes up. Dive into the monitor and you should be flying. The way i got this idea is that I became lucid inside. I go over to my computer and there is my Maya 7 screen with a city all finished in it. I press the render button and become absorbed into the image. Cool! :fly: :fly:

Dude are you allso dreaming about 3D moddeling :tongue: I usualy have nightmares about it :razz:

But annyway i got lucid yesterday but it was pretty lame only lasted for a short time.

I did it! :yay:
Here is the dream, right from my DJ :smile:

Gasp The first time I can post in this section… because I finally did the right thing at the right time! :fly:

I had one LD yesterday (or this morning) and one LD the night before too, and in both I was flying! I usually fly in my LD’s though, it’s just automatic for me… mostly because when I suspect I’m dreaming, I tell myself that if I am dreaming, I will be able to fly, so the first thing I do is fly!

Both of the dreams were unusually long for me, and the first one (the one 2 nights ago) I had after only 1 and a half hours of sleep… so I guess it couldn’t have been that long at all, but it felt long.

I guess I’ll post them both (I don’t have a DJ here on LD4all so I’ll post them here) - so yeah, sorry about the long post.

This is from my “personal” DJ:

"I just had one of the most awesome and one of the longest LDs I’ve ever had. Now, I’m not sure lucidity was very high, because there were swacks here and there, some things don’t add up, but it was like an amazing LD adventure where I could control so much… and throughout the whole time I kept telling myself it’s a dream. The WHOLE time.

It was so long I can barely remember all of it, though I’m writing it down seconds after awakening. I don’t remember how it started - or how I got lucid. But I flew at first, just flew around (I think) and then I started being insane… I was going to change everything and do anything.

Oh I wish I could remember all the details… I know I tore down the school and created a new castle. I got Hermione to be my friend. And whenever I’d start losing lucidity I’d be thinking “it’s just a dream”.

It was extremely sunny in my dream, such a happy setting, and in the end, when my castle was built (instead of the school) a beautiful song was heard, and I was thinking how I’d like to remember the song when I awake, but how I might not. I was thinking I should read the chapter in Patricia Garfields “Creative Dreaming” about keeping a DJ…

I was flying A LOT, sometimes it was hard to start, and sometimes it was hard to go very high, like I came to a limit.

Although some of the scenario things don’t make sense, I was clear with the fact that it’s my dream, and at times I even said to other DC’s that whatever happens, happens because of my mind and how it’s all in my brain and effected by my expectations.

The new school castle had little blue flags… like 2 ropes attached to the castle with flags on them, and I was flying inbetween the ropes. I think it was some kind of ceremony, I think it was the new school opening.

I accidentally freaked one of the DC’s out, and he was kicking me, but I flew up high and he was stunned.

At one time me, Cazzie and Layna (two of my friends) were diving down into a very deep pond, and at the moment I think I knew it was a magical world, but I doubt there was any lucidity back then.

Damn, it’s too long to grasp all of it… and it’s fading quickly. So much flying though. When I woke up I think I felt something like euphoria. AND it must have been in my first REM period too, because we went to bed at 1 am and it was around 2:30 something when I woke up and decided I had to write it down on Layna’s computer.

Oh, it was beautiful… heavenly…"

The second dream (the one from last night) is much more personal actually, so I’ll just tell you the parts I want to reveal :razz:

I had just moved into a new neighbourhood with my family, and I was walking along a road, when I see a bear in the forest. At first I didn’t really react to it, I just thought “aww what a cute bear”. It was night, and as I walked a little further, I saw a whole bunch of little bears… somehow, the lights went on so I could see better, and then I saw something resembling a wolf… but when I looked closer, it was in fact a rabbit the size of a wolf. Then I instantly knew I was dreaming. I jumped into the air and flew away.

There was a meadow there, and the sky was dark again. There were lots of stars brightening up the meadow, and I could see everything perfectly without straining my eyes. The meadow was kind of like a stage… everything happened there. DC’s walked or flew in, and THEN I would interact with them. I also kept circling it, flying around the meadow, almost continuously. For a while, I settled down on a roof, where my friend Cazzie was, and I told her she was in my dream. She was very happy for me :smile:. Then I flew out on the meadow again and just continued flying around… there was no difficulty in it.

Yes, from there the dream turns too personal and too weird. :content:

congratulations Am I Dreaming? :boogie: I love how you went and sat on top of the Hollywood sign. I find it intriguing you flew over a real life setting :fly:

congratulations Sleepyhead :boogie: I love how you went and practiced different techniques! I especially liked your wings :cool: Interesting how you encountered the ceiling and how it ended up in your attic. (for me the attic represents my subconscious mind).

congratulations joecool94 :boogie: was that the first time you succeeded to fly? :fly: way to go! :thumbs:
we might have another time where all quests will be unlocked and you can have a go again at the mirror quest too :mirror:

congratulations Josh :josh: :boogie: great practicing there, funny how you became lucid in a gym (which is a kind of practice area irl) and then practiced your flying skills afterwards :fly:

congratulations OlesiaTheDreamer :boogie:
what a beautiful dreamworld you have, i can almost picture myself in there :smile: I especially love the last dream, it sounds so mystical and peaceful :smile:

:wink: will this be the start of a LD4all DJ? :colgate: :dream:

For those of you who want to join us in this moon’s Quest, there are still 7 days (nights) more to try and fly :fly:

Good luck everyone!

I’ve been coming to this site as a guest for some time and I decided to join you folks. :smile:
I can lucid dream quite often and I fly a lot, but last night I had one of the best flying LD ever.

Here’s what happened:
I’m home when I realize I’m dreaming. My mum and sister are there and I say I have to go now. (Of course - I’m not about to sit at home, when there’s dreamworld waiting to be explored!). My sister says she wants to come with me and I say ok. I take her by the hand and we start to levitate and we go out through a window.
The city disappears and we are surrounded by trees and lush vegetation. Everything is very vivid, colourful. We are on top of a hill and start to fly downwards. Slowly and then faster. As we are flying I notice that every colour has a bluish tone in it, as if we are under water. At that point I also see beautiful tropical fish »swimming« around. Amazing. It’s as if we are in the air, but at the same time under water. I don’t feel water, I hear wind buzzing around my ears. We turn our bodies around so that our backs are facing ground instead of our fronts and we fly like “backwards” for a while. I often fly like that cause it feels so much better than ordinary flying.
Then my other sister appears out of nowhere. We all levitate there for a while as they argue who’s going to fly with me. But I silence them and take them both, each on one side and we continue to fly.
We see a gorge with small houses underneath. The houses are as colourful as everything else and we head for the george. But before we are able to reach them, I wake up.
O, man! Coming down to those houses would’ve been interesting, maybe meeting some of the people, talking to them. Too bad I woke up!
Nevertheless, it was just beautiful. Like being in a fary tail. I woke up full of energy. :hurray:

I did it :happy:

Here it goes:

This LD begun after a WILD try… I’m not sure if it was IRL, or if i dreamt i was trying, because i can’t remember what happened before that, and because it worked too easily and too fast. Anyway, I find myself in my room. I look around, all seems real. So, I get a book, read a page and re-read… the text changed. I was sure, that was a dream, and remembered this quest. Then, I shifted myself into an eagle, flew to my window, but it was closed. I noticed i was a little too anxious, maybe enough to wake up, and shifted into my human self. So, everything begun to fade… I tried rubbing my hands, but that didn’t seem to work. I awoke… that was actually a FA, but i only noticed that later, when i had a real awakening.

Not bad for a novice, huh?


That sounds like it could have been a dream WILD, to me. It’s happened to me on a couple of occasions, I find the concept to be interesting. A false WILD! What next? Nice work on turning into an eagle, by the way. I haven’t done too many transformations yet, you’ve given me inspiration.

Ah… this one sounds great, but it’s the last day of this moon… :sad: Can I try to dream it tonight and post about it tomorrow? I don’t know if I’ll even manage to LD. :tongue:

congratulations and :welcome: lucid nick! :happy:

what an incredible flying adventure! I hope next time you will be able to visit those houses :smile:

congratulations WolfJsr! :happy:
how cool you transformed into an eagle to fly. Well done! :smile:

Neko: hope you succeeded :wink:

This Quest remains open for the rest of the moon for those who wish to evaluate.

Thank you everybody who joined and another congratulations for everyone who completed this moon’s quest. I hope you had a nice flight and will fly with us again :cool:

Congrats to everyone who managed to fly!

pasQuale, I didn’t succeed. :tongue: