The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part III

Hi Alvin !
Did you wake up just after your LD’s, or did you lose your lucidity and did your LD’s transform into normal dreams?

hey everyone, i was just wondering if this was a dream.
I was walking to shcool and there were heaps of cars then my dad ran up to me and said DAN you just missed the red hot chili peppers. i was pissed and then i waited out the front of the school and anthony came out and i started to talk to him. i asked him if john chad and flea were their and out they came then i realised hold on. so i held my nose and i could breathe through it. I started looking around and started to hover but i stopped because i still wanted to talk to john frusciante then we talked for the rest of the dream. why did i stop?

I didn’t wake up at once when I realized was dreaming… but it did happen in some of them. It was like I was half-asleep and half-awake or something like that.

And I don’t think they ever really went back to NDs since I’m pretty sure that all through the rest of the dreams, I still ‘knew’ that I was dreaming. But as I said, they felt the same like NDs. I didn’t feel any awe or wonder at what was transpiring.

:wave: hello danokeefe, welcome to LD4all :welcome:
the reason why you stopped hovering is probably that the desire to chat to john was greater than your desire to hover.

Enjoy your time at LD4all :smile:

thanks …but thats where the problem comes in because when im talking to people who i’d like to meet or act as my role model, i feel more involved in the dream and that leads to the start of an LD. than the times when im just dreaming randomly.

Last night’s dream:

So, the professor gave the gun back to the terrorist, and I was thinking, “Why in the world would he do that!? Is he nuts!?”

The terrorist aims the gun at me, pulls the trigger, a bullet flies out, at a speed a little higher than the bullet in the Matrix. In the end, I dodged all of them. “This is a bit unusuall”, I think, “maybe I am really dreaming?”

Everything already starts to fade away, the terrorist is not where anymore, then I did a RC. I looked at my watch but I didn’t actually read the time, like I was in a hurry. But then I did it again properly to verifly that I am dreaming.

So I did, and attemped flying, but I end up in a white space of nothingness, and I don’t know what to do next, so I lost lucidity.

Well, there was a lot more going on before what I have posted, but the question is, was I really lucid? My memory of it is a bit vague, as in not much in details… or did I thought that I had lucid where I haven’t?

it sounds lucid to me… you knew you were dreaming and decided to have a go at flying.
if a LD is low lucid, the memory can feel a little fuzzy when waking. Try to remember to increase lucidity next time before trying to do anything. Commands work well Increase Lucidity just spoken out loud once or twice works wonders :yes:

Hey, everyone.

I’ve heard about lucid dreams a few years ago, but my dream recall was very poor - about 1 dream/month and i didn’t knew how to improve it. Last week i found this website, read all that I could about LD and ND, started a dream diary. My DR improved immediatly to 1-2 dreams/night :eek: .

2 days ago I had a dream and I’m not sure was it LD. Could you help me? I never had an LD before. This was my dream: I am standing in an open field, opposite to me was standing a witch. When I look into her eyes I realised that it is a dream, I realised that I can do whatever I want. I turned away from her. I decided to change te season to winter, I looked at the nearby forest, but it was already winter. Then I moved towards the trees and the dream ended. Then I tried WBTB, but with no efect. I thought that it was an LD but i had a strange feeling that i was only dreaming about becoming lucid in a dream, i felt like it wasn’t my decision to change the season.

The same is with today’s dream : I am standing on the roof of a 10-floor building and I know this is a dream and nothing will happen to me if i jump. I jumped and i didn’t hit the ground because I awoke. I think I was dreaming about being lucid, I couldn’t stop the jump.

When I went to bed I was telling myself “I will remember my dream” etc…, I did no RC’s.

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language, but I’m doing the best I can.

I would guess it was lucid since you said

it all depends on your internal thoughts at the time. if the dream is low lucid you can sometimes take some time to decide if it was lucid or not.

i would go with your original thought …

Yea I had that feeling that I was dreaming about having a lucid dream…

Could it be possible that when we dream, a different part of our brain is active and acts like a different mind then the mind when we are when awake?

The most probably, when we are low lucid, some parts of the brain are inactive, so that we don’t have the connection with our waking ego. Thus we act sometimes like we had a different mind, a different personnality and different memories.

Hello there.
I’m new to LD, just started to read about it yesterday (but I’ve known of it and some other similar subjects for some time now).

Well, it was getting late (around 3-4am), and I was about halfway thru the “Techniques” part on wikibooks. I decided to get asleep, and decided to try a combination of methods. (sorry I don’t remember the names of them).
I made my thoughts chaotic and “unreadable” (hundreds of thoughts alternating and changing as fast as possible), aswell as I tried to listen to my tinnitus sound. I gave up the chaotic thoughts, and relaxed my whole body. Then it felt like the pressure in the temple increased, aswell as my eyeballs got heavy or something (can’t remember), and that buzzing sound became louder. The next thing i know is that I woke up by my alarm clock about 4 and a half hour later, turned it of, and fell straight back to sleep… and then awoke 2:15pm or something. :confused:
Obviously I can’t remember any of my dreams.

Anyways, I continued reading about LDing, and after a while I remembered two things:

Many weeks/months ago, I had a dream where I think I was aware of I was dreaming. I was jumping around in a darkblue space, on silvery chrome platforms (anyone ever played rayman, here?), which actually were notes. I was going fullspeed ahead, jumping from note to note, and every time I touched a note in this socalled darkblue “notesheet”… I can’t remember what instrument it was now, but atleast: I composed music. I’ve never heard it before, but it was truly the BEST piece of music I’ve ever heard. (orchestral, I think o.o (and I’m a trance-guy…))

Was this a real lucid dream, you think? I saw composing music and writing poetry was on the hard-to-do list in wikibooks…

also, another thing I suspect to be a LD:
Just some days ago, maybe weeks, I woke up, and fell asleep while being aware that I was lying in my bed… I was like… both dreaming and being awake at the same time. And as far as I know, I had many dreams during that time. I’d guess I had over 5 dreams…

I think I’ve had several more dreams that could’ve been LD’s, but these are the ones I remember right now…


  • Nuky.

Edit: I forgot to mention that after a while, the music-composing dream went from first person to third person, but it was still as fun as ever. :slight_smile:

Hi Nuky!

I think the first dream you relate may have been lucid. But it was probably a low lucid dream. If it weren’t, you would have noticed when you woke up that it was very special !

I wouldn’t say composing music and writing poetry in LD’s is hard, but it’s very rare. I suppose you have to be very interested in music or poetry IRL to do this. By the way, I tried once to do poetry. It was an horror! :happy: I think it’s easier to hear music or read poetry than to compose it.

This state when you don’t know you are awake or asleep has been sometimes called “intermediate state”. It’s not really a LD, but you can enter a LD from it.

You should start to write a dream journal. If you don’t you’ll certainly forget LD’s you have had! :cry:

This morning, I was briefly waken from the sound of a phone call… but I didn’t pick up the phone call, I just fell straight back to asleep.

I wasn’t thinking about LD at all, I just want to sleep a little more, than I had a dream.

Then something weird happened, for no reason at all, I attemped to do a RC, and I look for my watch, but I don’t have one, so I asked my Dad to do it for me.

Well, I usually do NOT wear a watch anyway, but I always have one when I am dreaming that I can do a RC on; but not this time.

And it so happens, the watch my Dream Daddy wears, is the same one I wear in my other dreams, and he actually knows what RC is!

The strangest happens last, I said to my Dad, “Screw it, I’ll just wake up…” and then I did wake up!!! And I questioned myself, was it LD?

Errr… Good question. :bored: I think you quite realized you were dreaming, since you said “I’ll wake up”. But it looks more like a lucid moment than a lucid dream. Did the RC work? And if it did, how did you react?

Actually, I didn’t wait for the RC to finish, I just said “I’ll wake up.” and just wake up, and I think to myself, why would I do that?

But I think, in my previous LD, I usually knew that it is a dream then do a RC, because I always try to do a RC as quick as possible…

Anyway, I think that I wake up simply because I know I had enough sleep… (More than 10 hours.)

I think you’re right Sunnz. By the way, I think one of the reasons why first LD’s are often very short is that people have them when they just wake up. Parts of the brain which are asleep are progressively activated, so that their consciousness looks more like an awake consciousness, they remember that they have to realize they’re dreaming, but it’s too late, they wake up.

I can make do if someone can answer me this question… Is a full-blown high-level LD instantly recognizable? You know how people say that when you are truly in love… you would definitely know it. Under the same line of reasoning… if I had a very high-level LD, then would I ‘know’ it was an LD without too much doubt in my mind?

You don’t need to have a very very high level of lucidity to recognize a LD as a LD. This problem only occurs in very low levels of lucidity.

I’ll give you an example: I was flying then I lose my energy and had to land. I was near a cliff and thought I could fly by jumping from the cliff edge. But as soon as I landed, I wondered whether I was in a dream or not. Thus my level of lucidity became very low. By the way it was a conscious dream yet no more a lucid dream cause I didn’t remember it was a dream (though I was flying just seconds before!) By chance, I thought of performing a RC, it worked, I realized it was a dream and jumped. Performing a RC increased my lucidity level, I knew it was a LD without a doubt (or else I wouldn’t have jumped from the cliff! :wink: ) but I don’t think it was a very high level of lucidity.

Does this answer to your question?

I know I’ve had low-level LDs already… what I was asking was that if I suddenly had a high level of lucidity in a dream… then I would instantly recognize that I was not only having an LD, but that I was also having it with a high level of lucidity.