Teenager..First Lucid Dream

Ok…Dunno how to explain this. A few years ago I learned about lucid dreams and what-not. Anyway I totally forgot about it. Then last night.

I went to bed like I normally dude. Then, I’m in a car with a guy I hate. He was in the front seat and I was in the back. He leaned back and unlocked my door. Then he opened it. I realized that I was in a dream and was like oh hell no is he going to try and kill me so I unlocked his door, opened it, and pushed him out. Then I looked outside my open door and was afraid of falling out and woke up. Now if i was truely lucid then wouldn’t I know that no harm could come to me?

Also, this was ym first lucid dream. I have never waken up from a dream before until this one. Also, I can usually remember a dream or two through-out the early morning. But when I woke-up this morning I remembered 3 other dreams I had had. Also, the lucid dream happened after 2 hours of falling alseep. Now, after thinking about it, I don’t know if my other 3 dreams were lucid or not…I’m so confused. Should I try seeing if I can do it all again? What are some tips? Totally newb here. It would be cool if I had another lucid dream tonight…Also the dream I had after awaking from the lucid one was about a kid I knew in elementary school and had totally forgotten about!

After reading the site it said that some nutrition for lucid thingys are bananas and ice-cream. I had both before I went to bed…about an hour before.

Congrats mate on your first lucid. Not the last one to come either.

thats kinda a hard thing to say. Think about it this way, your in your own world where you know that everything is a creation of your mind. but its the first time that you have ever been in this world were you have known this. Suddenly there is a chance taht you will fall out of a car going really fast down the road. Even though you know its a dream, its all so real. you feel fear.

That is normal. :smile: even in some of my lucid dreams i still get a little scared about something. i mean to us it reall y is happening in our heads. practice and get used to the idea and you wont be scared anymore. just keep telling your self it is a dream and no probs.

you should def try again! trust me it is worth it.

here are a few links to places around the forum you should check out.

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and soon you will be posting in here as well :smile:

some of these are long, and they are basic as well, but take a look around the forum it will help. good luck

Congrats from me 2 :wink:
You know there’s several levels of lucidity, the level you were experiencing is when you know that you are dreaming but most likely dont have much power to control the dream.
Additionally you still accept some unreal things, so only more experience can increase your level of lucidity :wink:

Good luck!